Solar Eclipse 2020

What is going to happen in 21st June 2020???

The central course of the 2020 June annular solar eclipse 2020 passes through components of the African continent inclusive of the Central African Republic, Congo, and Ethiopia; south of Pakistan and northern India; and China. A partial eclipse will be visible in the north and east Africa, within the south-east of Europe, most of Asia (besides the north a part of Russia) and within the north of Australia just earlier than the sunset. In Europe, the partial eclipse will be seen for places southeast of the road more or less be passing through Perugia, Miskolc, Lviv, and Yaroslavl. For Oman and India, it is going to be the second annular solar eclipse 2020 6 months after the December 2019 eclipse.

An annular solar eclipse is a rare occurrence and has been observed from Pakistan in the latest past on January 15, 2010, and September 1, 2016, respectively. The most recent solar eclipse came about closing 12 months on December 26. This year the solar eclipse could be on June 21, followed via one on December 14.

Time of Annular Solar Eclipse

The annular solar eclipse 2020 will be first visible on June 21, 2020, round 9:26 AM PST, till around 12.46 PM PST. It will be on it peak at 10:59 Am on 21at June 12, 2020. The eclipse will be seen from components of Africa, Pakistan, India, and China. People living in these regions will see the feature ring of fire. Relying on favorable weather conditions at the time.

In the case of a complete eclipse, the disk of the Sun is completely obscured by using the Moon. However, in partial and annular eclipses, the most effective part of the Sun is obscured. June 21 will witness an annular eclipse.

During annular solar eclipses, a ring of fire is formed across the moon’s periphery and it’s far distinct from a total eclipse.

A sun eclipse constantly takes place approximately weeks before or after a lunar eclipse. In most cases, two eclipses arise simultaneously however some instances there also are three at some stage in the equal eclipse season. This is the second eclipse this season. The first eclipse of this season became on June 5, 2020, and the other will follow on July 5, 2020, each penumbral.

What is an annular solar eclipse?

A solar eclipse is a celestial occasion observed whilst the solar, the moon, and the Earth are in alignment only for the duration of a brand-new moon phase. The moon blocks out the solar thereby casting a shadow on Earth’s floor causing a complete, partial, or annular eclipse.

A total solar eclipse takes place while the sun, moon, and Earth are in a right away line, so the moon completely blocks the solar. During a partial solar eclipse, the solar, moon, and Earth aren’t precisely in an ideal line so the moon casts most effective a small shadow on the Sun’s surface.

An annular solar eclipse is similar to a complete solar eclipse as the sun, the moon, and the Earth should be in perfect alignment. According to NASA, an annular solar eclipse occurs when the moon is farthest faraway from Earth which causes the moon to seemingly appear smaller.

As the scale of the moon is smaller than that of the sun, for the duration of the eclipse, the outer edge of the sun appears as a ring across the moon. The ‘ring of fire’ and the dark moon paperwork the shape of an annulus or the region between two concentric circles.

Another astronomical phenomenon called a transit occurs when one celestial body passes between a larger celestial body and a 3rd one. As Earth is the 0.33 planet from the Sun, we can look at transits of both Mercury and Venus.

In Pakistan and India, there are numerous myths and superstitions related to solar eclipses, and it’s far widely believed that in any sort of eclipse, there are some dos and don’ts which you must observe. Here are a number of broadly observed beliefs and some medical facts as well.

Best Things to do in Solar Eclipse time

  • It is better to stay home and inside the rooms during the solar eclipse time.
  • Try to avoid eating anything during the eclipse hours.
  • Different religions have different remedies for Solar eclipse, Like Muslims offer Namaz-e-Kasoof at the time to the solar eclipse and Hindus use tulsi leaves in foods and water to block the evil effects of the solar eclipse.
  • It is better to keep yourself clean in solar eclipse hours.
  • Do pray according to your religions is also good in the solar eclipse.
  • Pregnant ladies are strictly advised to stay indoors otherwise solar eclipse can affect them or their baby.

Things never do in Solar Eclipse time

  • Try to avoid starting any new or auspicious work during the solar eclipse.
  • Never try to watch the solar eclipse with naked eyes. it could be very harmful to your eyes.
  • Telescopes, Optical camera viewfinder with filters, and binoculars must be used to watch the solar eclipse.
  • A normal telescope or binocular can harm your eyes. 

Method of Namaz-e-Kasoof

نماز کسوف ادا کرنے کا طریقہ

Solar eclipse 21 june 2020, namaz e kasoof ka tariqa

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