Planets in Astrology

Characteristics and Attributes of Planets are in Astrology

Planets in astrology are the most significant factors in evaluating the horoscope. Contingent upon where they are put comparable to one another, an individual’s planets can choose essential issues throughout everyday life, for example, satisfaction in marriage, the quantity of kids they will have, and the sort of profession they will seek after.

Planets in Astrology are the most significant factors in evaluating the horoscope. Contingent upon where they are put comparable to one another, an individual’s planets can choose essential issues throughout everyday life, for example, satisfaction in marriage, the quantity of kids they will have, and the sort of profession they will seek after. While every planet speaks to a scope of issues, they each have a center emblematic significance.

Venus, for instance, means love in the individual’s life. A Venus that is all around set will bring affection and satisfaction. A Venus which is related with malefics or awful houses will acquire more difficulties the affection life. The thought here is that solid planets realize great outcomes in the everyday issues they rule while tormented or feeble planets achieve awful outcomes.

In Modern Vedic Astrology there are various guidelines for evaluating planetary quality. Here is a concise “bluffer’s guide” to some of them. To start with, it’s critical to recall that Vedic isolates planets into benefics and malefics. Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury are considered commonly benefic, while the Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are viewed as malefic. There are various special cases here however that is the beginning stage.

Additionally Vedic astrologers separates the houses into good and troublesome houses. Fundamentally, planets managing or put in houses 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, and 10 are viewed as ideal, while planets administering or put in houses 6, 8, 12 are viewed as malefic. The third and eleventh houses are viewed as impartial despite the fact that there are numerous exemptions. By and by, they can be viewed as extensively great if their rulers are solid and unafflicted. Come down to its minimum necessities, the fundamental standards for planetary quality could be condensed as follows:

  • On the off chance that a planet is conjunct or aspected a benefic planet, at that point it’s acceptable or solid.

  • On the off chance that a planet is conjunct or aspected by a malefic planet, that is terrible or harassed.

  • In the event that a planet is conjunct or aspected by a planet that leads a decent house, at that point, it’s acceptable/solid.

  • In the event that a planet is conjunct or aspected by a planet that administers an awful house, at that point, it’s terrible/beset.

  • On the off chance that a planet is set in a decent house, at that point it’s acceptable/solid.

  • On the off chance that a planet is set in an awful house, at that point it’s awful/distressed.

The Sun

Energy Type – Masculine
Time Spent in every Sign – 30 Days approximately (one month)
Element – Fire
Nature – Hot and dry; passionate and fiery
Ruler of the Sign – Leo
Ruler of the House – Fifth house
Imparts – Health, warmth, life, ability to deal with challenges, authority, attractiveness, ambitions

Astrological Facts about Moon

Direction: East
Metal: Gold
Gem: Ruby
Day: Sunday
Color: Orange
Temperament: Hot
Gender: Male
Ruling Body Part: Heart, bones, eyes, hair, head, and overall health
Status in Imperial: Stars
Friends: Jupiter, Moon, Mars
Enemies: Venus, Saturn
Neutral: Mercury
Own Sign: Leo
Exalted in: Aries 10 Degree
Debilitated in: Libra 10 Degree
Mool Trikon: Leo 20 Degree
Mahadasha Period: 6 Years
Relation: Father
Professions: Government sector jobs, gold, copper, physicians, politicians, medicines, wheat, and ruby related.

The Sun – the existence supplier, the guide of light…

Sun is on Number one in Planets in Astrology. The Sun is the existence provider, as it is the light supplier.Western and Vedic Astrology lay preeminent accentuation on the Sun, wherein it is considered as one of the significant planets, answerable for giving shape, character and future to an actual existence or an occasion.

The planet of Sun is otherwise called an illuminator and a star in Astrology, and is said to speak to oneself, a person’s character and sense of self, the soul, and the uncommon, interesting attributes, which make an individual one of his sort known to man. The Sun is known to make one’s character and face. According to Vedic Astrology, the Sun likewise connotes one’s innovative capacity and the ability to address the ordinary difficulties that life delivers.

The Sun is considered as a quick-moving planet and an individual planet in astrology when perusing the developments of the planets and the Horoscopes. It is called a quick-moving planet as it requires some investment to cover the Zodiacal circle. The Sun takes roughly 30 days to finish its stay in every Zodiac Sign. The Sun and its situation in one’s Horoscope (just as the Moon) is a powerful apparatus, utilized by the Astrologers for ages, to peruse and comprehend a person’s brain science and character – the qualities, the shortcomings, and so on.

One’s normal dad, spouse, authority figures and other significant male impacts are additionally said to be managed by the Sun. Additionally, an individual’s introduction to the world youngsters are implied by the Sun. The Sun’s vitality is viewed as commanding and powerful. What’s more, it favors an individual with characteristics like position, the capacity to lead and imaginative quintessence. Normally, the Sun additionally implies an individual’s inward embodiment, their center being. Through the desire of this planet, we can figure out how to show ourselves on the planet.

The Sun is lofty, and with regards to its glorious air, it rules sovereignty and higher office. This circle additionally rules over our well-being and prosperity. The Sun’s brilliant shine is a crucial life power which instills us with quality, vitality and a will to succeed. The Sun invigorates different planets, which is the reason this planet involves a key job in Vedic.

The Moon

Zodiac Sign: Cancer
House: the fourth
Anatomy: the stomach, breasts, uterus and the lymph
Colour: white, cream, silvery grey and to a lesser extent green
Metal: silver
Gemstone: all iridescent stones: moonstone, labradorite, opal.
pearl, carnelian, milk quartz, amber
Day: Monday

Astrological Facts about MoonPlanets in Astrology

Transit in each sign: 2.5 days
Direction: North-west
Color: White
Temperament: Cold
Gender: Female
Ruling Body Part: Bodily Fluids
Status in Imperial Stars: Queen
Friends: Sun, Mars, Jupiter
Enemies: None
Neutral: Mercury, Venus, Saturn
Exalted in: Taurus
Debilitated in: Scorpio
Mool Trikon: Cancer
Mahadasha Period: 10 years
Relation: Mother
Professions: Liquid, dairy products, cotton textile, shipping, navy, sculpture, water-related, music, poetry, beauty, drawing etc.

Signification of Moon in Vedic astrology

The Moon is on Number two in Planets in Astrology. Moon is the nearest divine body to Earth, and it has the most profound effect upon human life. Truth be told, profundity is the thing that Moon is about with regards to its prophetic understanding. It is the portrayal of our inward significance, our feelings, impulses, temperament swings, conduct, and how we feel about things and individuals.

On the off chance that Sun oversees our spirit and soul, Moon is the thing that administers our psyche and internal identity. Moon in Vedic soothsaying is the silver goddess that touches us from the earliest starting point as our mom. It is the portrayal of womanliness, parenthood, care, sympathy, love, and affect ability. Individuals having noticeable Moon in horoscope are frequently passionate creatures with a supporting mentality. Locals with Moon in Cancer frequently end up being the best guardians on the planet.

Galactic Facts about Moon

It is the characteristic satellite of Earth and takes around 28 days to finish its circle around Earth and this cycle is additionally connected with ripeness and gentility. Moon’s gravitational power is the thing that causes the tides in the sea, which is additionally reminiscent of our enthusiastic nature, as inconceivable as the dark blue sea. It is 3,84,403 km far away from Earth, yet the nearest planet to us. Moon never goes retrograde as it circles around the Sun alongside Earth. Moon remains in every zodiac sign for around 2.5 days.

The centrality of Moon in Vedic Astrology

Moon in Vedic Astrology is accepted to produce a quiet and female vitality. It is the sovereign among the nine royal stars and rules our brain and feelings. This quickest earth comes and goes much of the time, halfway the explanation of our emotional episodes and irascibility. Moon is the thing that adjusts the furious vitality of Sun with its quieting and supporting properties. The Moon in actuality mirrors the daylight around evening time to keep us from the widely inclusive haziness.

It likewise governs over fluids and water, the crucial needs to support on the planet and develop. Individuals who are conceived when moon is waxing are normally outgoing person and strong while those conceived in fading Moon are self observer and agreeable. It is disappearing and waxing of Moon that is related with our enthusiastic disposition, state of mind swings, climatic changes, maritime tides, fruitfulness and feminine cycle. In this way, its effect upon individual is both mental just as physiological.

An emphatically set Moon in horoscope makes the individual intellectually and sincerely solid. Such an individual has a decent fixation and ability of enthusiastic association with individuals. Locals with solid Moon are generally sympathetic and supporting. They as a rule think about others’ prosperity first than addressing their own needs. Such individuals are normally associated with their environmental factors on an enthusiastic and mental level.

A frail Moon in horoscope mirrors an individual who is genuinely feeble, cries a great deal, chuckles a ton and isn’t in charge of their affect ability. Such individual faces a ton of challenges on an enthusiastic level because of their unstable cosmetics. They can likewise confront mental misery and issues. Besides, their well-being additionally gets influenced. Such individuals need to carry on with a quiet life, away from the unsettling influences, might be near a water body for the most relieving impact. Since Moon is associated with ripeness and organic liquids, its negative impact in the horoscope can cause medical problems identified with blood, lungs, bosoms, milk, chest, hack, and regenerative framework.


Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius, Pisces
House: 9 – 12
Anatomy: Liver, large Intestine, Kidney, Fat
Colour: Golden
Metal: Gold
Gemstone: Topaz and Yellow Sapphire
Day: Thursday

Essential Details about Jupiter Planets in Astrology

Transit in each sign: 1 year 1 month
Direction: North-east
Temperament: Cold, Benevolent
Gender: Neutral
Ruling Body Part: Liver, large Intestine, Kidney, Fat
Status in Imperial Stars: Minister/Advisor
Friends: Sun, Moon, Mars
Enemies: Venus, Mercury
Neutral: Saturn
Exalted in: Cancer
Debilitated in: Capricorn
Mool Trikon: Sagittarius
Mahadasha Period: 16 Years
Relation: Teacher, Elderly People, Grand Parents
Professions: Teaching, preaching, law, judgment, banking, finance, philosophy, occult, advisory, and healing.

Signification of Jupiter in Vedic astrology

Jupiter is on Number three in Planets in Astrology. It is the watchman of the reasoning individual, the leader of higher mind, the exemplification of woman karma, and means profound intelligence. Jupiter speaks to your belief system throughout in routine life. Also, in otherworldly terms, it leads over confidence, religion, theory, and the quest for a definitive truth of life. Jupiter administers your inborn interest to discover the appropriate responses, and investigate the world all the while, in this way outside movement goes under the space of this planet.

Jupiter in Vedic is viewed as the most kind all things considered, in this way normally connected with karma, fortune and riches. Its benefic nearness can go clothes to newfound wealth. While Saturn is the instructor, Jupiter is all the more a cohort that assists with developing and perceives how you prosper and track on the correct way. It is an adjudicator who guarantees that you remember your qualities simultaneously. While this benefic planet gives us with astuteness and riches, even from a pessimistic standpoint, it can give up to dormancy, sloth, and extravagance.

Galactic Facts about Jupiter

Jupiter is the greatest planet in astrology of the nearby planetary group. The nearest it has ever been to Earth is 588 million kilometer. Jupiter has 63 normal satellites as Earth has Moon as its own. It takes around 11.86 years to finish one insurgency around Sun. Jupiter turns retrograde each year, and its retrogression period is around 110 days. Jupiter takes around 12 years to finish one hover around the zodiac. Furthermore, it remains in one zodiac sign for around 13 months. Since it takes an extended period of time to travel signs, its effect is regularly profound and enduring.

Basic Details about Jupiter

Jupiter is the “Master”, planet in astrology, it takes us from obliviousness to the light of knowledge. It speaks to information, otherworldliness, religion, higher learning, inquire about, reasoning, positive thinking, and significantly more. Jupiter in Vedic Astrology is related with kids just as it is the “Putrakaraka”. Jupiter basically is about ‘development’. It extends the zone where it is put in a horoscope. For instance, on the off chance that it is set in eleventh place of salary and increases, it for the most part grows riches and success. Jupiter is the karaka of wealth, liberality, exemplary nature, characteristic goodness, and knowledge.

Jupiter in Vedic is known to be a provider, and is the most liberal of all planets as it grows without desires. It’s situation in a graph characterizes the otherworldly perspectives, twisted of brain, sort of confidence and religion and materialistic remaining of an individual.

A solid Jupiter is usually found in the outline of ministers, evangelists, educators, strict pioneers, judges, and scholars. At the point when very much set, Jupiter in horoscope shows achievement, flourishing, uplifting disposition, and otherworldly tendency, higher feeling of equity and uniformity, and great connection with educators. Such individuals are generally well-wishers of the entire network. Be that as it may, a too solid Jupiter can some of the time lead to an excessively hopeful individual, along these lines issues throughout everyday life and otherworldly stagnation.

At the point when Jupiter is pitifully set in a horoscope, it causes the individual to pick a misguided course throughout everyday life. Such an individual may not get the gift of a gatekeeper or their educator might be exploitative or derisive to him. Individuals with powerless Jupiter for the most part experience the ill effects of absence of fixation, certainty and confidence.

They have a cynical perspective on life and are excessively materialistic and profoundly visually impaired. Individuals with feeble position of Jupiter in horoscope frequently face money related challenges throughout everyday life. Conditions stop up their psyche to be ignorant of profound quiet. Harrowed Jupiter may likewise recommend offspring troubles. Additionally, it might prompt issues, for example, stoutness, diabetes, and issues identified with liver, pancreas, feet and hips.


Transit in each sign: 25 days
Direction: North
Metal: Lead
Gem: Emerald
Day: Wednesday
Color: Green
Temperament: Mixed
Gender: Neutral
Ruling Body Part: Nervous System and Skin
Status in Imperial Stars: Prince

Essential Details about MercuryPlanets in Astrology

Friends: Sun, Venus
Enemies: Moon
Neutral: Saturn, Mars
Own Sign: Gemini, Virgo
Exalted in: Virgo
Debilitated in: Pisces
Mool Trikon: Virgo
Mahadasha Period: 17 Years
Relation: Sisters
Professions: Writing, literature, communication, insurance, math, astrology, media, consultancy, publishing, accounts, railway, trading, Mercury and Emerald related.

Mercury in on number four in Planets in Astrology. Mercury is an impartial planet in astrology, administers over your objectivity, observation, and conclusions. It decides your capacity to arrange, organize, think, comprehend and process data. It oversees your capacity to adjust and alter, to communicate what is in your brain adequately, and to utilize word usage admirably. On the off chance that Mercury is solid in a horoscope, the individual is probably going to be a decent communicator having capacity to convince. This winged marshal of the heavenly circle requests that you put rationale into things, address your bit of leeway and presents us with astuteness and discernment to do everything.

At the point when you are Mercurial, there is an inclination to be fretful and consistently moving. Life transpires at the speed of light. Transportation, short excursions, talk with neighbors, visit to companions, all go under the area of this cunning planet. Mercury requests that we investigate, both, our internal identity and capacities just as the external world.

Astronomical facts about Mercury

Mercury is the nearest to Sun in the heavenly circle. Mercury finishes one circle around Sun in 88 days and finishes one turn on its hub in 58.65 days. When seen from Earth, it never has all the earmarks of being in excess of 28 degrees from Sun. Mercury likewise turns retrograde for a time of around 20 to 24 days generally, and retrogression happens at regular intervals. At the point when retrograde, individuals under the solid impact of Mercury face correspondence disappointments frequently. Mercury remains in one sign for around 25 days and takes around 10 months generally to travel through the entire zodiacal belt.

The signification of Mercury in Indian Vedic

Mercury is neither manly, not ladylike; it obtains the persona of the sign it is put in. Since Mercury enables one to segregate and rule over language, it’s terrible impact influences it to a more profound level. It likewise governs over youth, play, relaxation, sports, and group of friends. Like Moon, Mercury additionally speaks to the mind, however it manages the investigative side while Moon is worried about the intuitive.

At the point when Mercury is unequivocally set in a horoscope, it makes the individual scholarly, savvy, objective with powerful discourse, and interest to learn. Correspondence is the solid territory of such an individual. Be that as it may, when Mercury is excessively solid, it stifles the passionate side of the character. Such an individual attempts to place rationale into circumstance that should be managed feelings. Mercury when under the impact of malefic planets, can be both ideals just as negative for the local. Local having a solid Mercury may have solid insight yet they may use in astute manners if under torment.

A malefic Mercury gives the individual an insecure brain, absence of reason-ability, discourse issue, poor verbalization, learning troubles, skin issues, issues identified with the sensory system, memory issues, just as issue in comprehension and picking up inside and out information. Such an individual normally battles in social circumstances because of poor articulation and correspondence bungles.


Transit in each sign: 28 days
Direction: South-east
Metal: Silver
Gem: Diamond
Day: Friday
Color: White
Temperament: Hot, Passionate
Gender: Female
Ruling Body Part: Private parts, reproduction, semen
Status in Imperial Stars: Advisor

Essential Details about VenusPlanets in Astrology

Friends: Mercury, Saturn
Enemies: Sun, Moon
Neutral: Jupiter, Mars
Own Sign: Taurus, Libra
Exalted in: Pisces
Debilitated in: Virgo
Mool Trikon: Libra
Mahadasha Period: 20 Years
Relation: Partner
Professions: Literature, performing arts (music, drama, dance), jewelry, vehicles, luxury items, diamonds, cinema, art forms, perfumes, silk etc.

Venus in on number five in Planets in Astrology. It is about wants, the craving for riches and wealth, the longing for erotic joys, the craving to see the world from rose-tinted glasses, the longing to be encompassed by magnificence and imagination, and last yet not the least, the craving to be romanced and share every one of these delights with somebody exceptional.

Venus is love exemplified, it is about enthusiastic connection, physical fascination, marriage, association, organization, workmanship, culture, inventiveness, joy, enthusiasm, and all that is delightful. Venus instructs us to acknowledge what is best in others; it additionally gives a drive towards material solaces. It runs over how you mingle and enjoy. Venus frets about the delights related with five detects, smell (the aromas), relish (liberal nourishment), sound (music), sights (excellence, workmanship), and contact (extravagance surfaces). Appeal, balance, style, amiability, and culture additionally go under the area of this impeccable planet.

Astronomical Facts about Venus

Venus is the third most splendid heavenly body and it is second nearest to the Sun after Mercury. Likewise, it is the nearest planet to Earth with the most brief separation consistently being 40 million km. From the Sun, it is similar to 108 million km. It finishes one circle around Sun in 225 days and turns around its own pivot in 243 days. And It is the most sweltering planet as well. It likewise seems, by all accounts, to be retrograde at regular intervals and its retrogression period is around 40 – 43 days. Venus in Hindu Vedic takes around a year to finish one hover around the zodiac belt and remains in one sign for around 28 days.

Signification of Venus in Vedic astrology

Venus isn’t simply connected with materialistic inclinations. It is likewise an otherworldly instructor, that is it can take the individuals who have tumbled from the finesse of otherworldliness because of realism back to the correct track. It is a solid marker of riches in a horoscope. A benefic nearness of Venus in a horoscope gives the local a decent stylish sense and imaginative tendency.

Such an individual is probably going to be skilled, particularly in an innovative field. An all around situated Venus transforms the local’s affection into commitment, and fellowship into reliability. In any case, when excessively solid, Venus can likewise give exorbitant fleshly wants and a materialistic mentality. Such an individual might be excessively disposed toward recreation and delights of numerous types.

On the off chance that Venus is distressed or crippled in a horoscope, the local battles to appreciate the wealth of life. Such an individual needs mental harmony and fulfillment, which may lead the local towards satisfaction of erotic wants as a compensatory mean. Powerless arrangement of Venus can likewise make the individual weak or battle in descendants matters, particularly if under solid burden. A harassed Venus can likewise give medical issues like diabetes, thyroid, strong shortcoming, vocal strings and throat-related issues, heftiness, and an inclination to over-enjoy.


Transit in each sign: 2.5 years
Direction: West
Metal: Iron
Gem: Blue Sapphire
Day: Saturday
Color: Blue
Temperament: Strict, Sorrowful
Gender: Male
Ruling Body Part: Legs, nervous system, chronic diseases
Status in Imperial Stars: Advisor

Essential Details about Saturn – Planets in Astrology

Friends: Mercury, Venus
Enemies: Sun, Moon, Mars
Neutral: Jupiter
Own Sign: Capricorn, Aquarius
Exalted in: Libra
Debilitated in: Aries
Mool Trikon: Aquarius
Mahadasha Period: 19 Years
Relation: Servants and Elderly People
Professions: Mining, labor, oil, petroleum, agriculture, freezing, coal, leather goods, butchery, lead, blue sapphire.

The Saturn is on number six in Planets in Astrology. There are times when you feel why my life is so troublesome when I am doing everything right. This is the thing that Saturn is intended to accomplish for you. It is about order, troubles, delay, obligations, dealings, and dissents now and again. It needs you to buckle down, put in your earnest attempts, gain from your errors so when you experience achievement, it despite everything keeps you humble and grounded, notwithstanding having an abundance of information. Saturn is accordingly a severe instructor, who is grim yet just to assist the understudy.

It is tied in with being trained, dealing with your time, fulfilling time constraints all while remembering the limitations. Saturn can anyway not be named as a negative planet for its positive impact makes wealth from clothes. Be that as it may, what it requests that you do is stand fearless in the hardest trial of time. Saturn likewise relates itself to old, the finesse of mature age, customs, regular methodologies, and authority. It rewards you for your persistence and rebuffs for alternate routes and anxiety.

Astronomical Facts about Saturn

Saturn is the second greatest planet of the heavenly circle after Sun. This ringed planet is 1.35 billion km. from Sun (nearest separation). It is a moderate moving planet and takes around 29.5 years to finish one upset around Sun and around 10 hours 40 min. to pivot around its hub once. Like Earth has Moon as its satellite, Saturn has its 62 own satellites. It likewise seems retrograde each year for a time of around 135 days. Saturn takes around 30 years to rotate around the zodiacal circle and remains in each sign for about 2.5 years.

Significance of Saturn in Vedic astrology

Saturn forces confinements and sufferings in the outcome of our previous existence karmas, and through these, it encourages us perceive our missteps and shortcomings, adjust, and at last assume liability. Where Saturn is set in the horoscope characterizes the territory the individual may need to battle throughout everyday life. By and by, its quality in the horoscope characterizes whether the individual will be sufficiently able to handle the hardships or inclined to breakdowns.

Individuals with solid Saturn in the horoscope are commonly dedicated, fit for working constantly to seek after their objectives. In addition, such individuals will in general be steadfast with a higher feeling of obligation. They have a restrained methodology throughout everyday life, are somewhat genuine and severe in nature.

Saturn’s pain in a horoscope extends one’s failure to confront difficulties throughout everyday life. Idealist inclinations of such people further exasperate issues as Saturn needs you to buckle down. Powerless Saturn in the horoscope may prompt mental trouble, detachedness in character, addictions, and even interminable ailments now and again. In the event that you give up and fall prey to alternate ways to avoid suffering, troubles may escalate.

The most ideal route is to follow a taught approach throughout everyday life and buckle down which would steadily prompt refinement and the quest for the genuine self throughout everyday life. Individuals with tormented Saturn ought to comprehend that Saturn is a moderate planet so its belongings stay for quite a while. When you move beyond the time of persistence and difficult work, there will be rewards both in otherworldly just as other senses.


Transit in each sign: 45 days
Direction: South
Metal: Copper
Gem: Red Coral
Day: Tuesday
Color: Red
Temperament: Hot, Malefic
Gender: Male
Ruling Body Part: Bone marrow and red blood cells
Status in Imperial Stars: Defense Minister

Astrological Facts about Mars – Planets in Astrology

Friends: Jupiter, Moon, Sun
Enemies: Saturn
Neutral: Venus, Mercury
Own Sign: Aries, Scorpio
Exalted in: Capricorn
Debilitated in: Cancer
Mool Trikon: Aries
Mahadasha Period: 7 Years
Relation: Siblings
Professions: Surgery, farming, property, weapon dealing, police, military, sports, mathematics, defense, law, mechanics, automobile, mining, technology, explosives, red grams, iron and steel, and corals.

Mars is on number seven in Planets in Astrology. Mars is a savage super-hot planet and its vitality can’t be contained. This vitality should be discharged, as a rule through activities and physical methods. Mars causes us to take up difficulties, battle head-on, and win notwithstanding the chances, with boldness and a serious soul.

It speaks to all types of physical energies, including sexual. This is the planet that orders you to ascend and take care of your life than pausing. It appears that the expression “activities talk stronger than words” was inferred remembering Martian vitality. Mars surely assists with beginning something without any preparation and make it into something significant, and all because of the soul and aspiration it soaks up in the individual.

Mars in Indian Vedic is synonymous with power. It gives you the drive to win and become the best, be it grinding away or play-field. In any case, remember that Mars makes you warrior-like, not war-like. Its vitality can be both valuable just as damaging, contingent on how it is utilized, and where Mars is put in a horoscope.

Astronomical Facts about Mars

Mars is a sweltering planet, fourth from Sun and gives off an impression of being red in shading when seen from Earth. It is around 56 million km a long way from Earth. Mars rotates around Sun and finishes one insurgency in 687 days. Mars turns retrograde, seems to go in reverse from Earth. Its retrogression period is around 60 to 80 days and happens after around like clockwork. What’s more, Mars takes around 45 days in each sign and about two years to finish its hover of the entire zodiac belt.

Signification of Mars in Indian astrology

With fire as its component, Mars in Indian Vedic is a manly planet implying quality and amazingness. The positive impact of this searing planet is related to mental fortitude, eagerness, movement, youth, essentialness, dynamism, certainty, commencement, advancement, and inventiveness. Its negative impact hints presumption, sense of self, outrage, hardheadedness, narrow-minded disposition, and foolishness. Mars in horoscope can be both positive and malefic relying on its arrangement. It can help beat difficulties, topple rivalry, and prevail upon foes. Then again, its vitality can act naturally damaging also causing hurt, injury, wounds, mishaps, and extreme sexual inclination to the local.

An all around put Mars in horoscope can be sure as it makes the individual a righteous warrior. Such an individual as a rule has high qualities and is an equity adoring soul sponsored by aspiration and boldness. They have a decent authority over their forceful senses and use it astutely. Individuals having Mars in Ascendant are typically alluring and look more youthful than their age. Such an individual for the most part has successful organization and authority abilities.

Then again, a distressed Mars can make the individual hesitant and frightful and if Mars is excessively solid in the diagram, it can make the individual savage and inclined to pointless hostility. Tormented Mars can likewise make the individual ambition-less. Such an individual may battle to center their energies the correct way. They may likewise experience the ill effects of loss of imperativeness and stamina, strong shortcoming, aggravation, migraine, high fever and so on. In general, Martians are touchy, love to offer their assessment and win contentions, are very intelligent and actually solid.

In Vedic Astrology, Mars arrangement is significant in horoscope coordinating as it causes Mangal Dosha.


Transit in each sign: 18 months
Direction: North lunar node
Metal: Lead
Gem: Hessonite
Day: Wednesday, Saturday
Color: Black, Smokey
Temperament: Unpredictable
Gender: Neutral
Ruling Body Part: Upper body

Essential Details about Rahu

Own Sign: Cancer
Exalted in: Taurus
Debilitated in: Scorpio
Mahadasha Period: 18 Years
Relation In-laws: Ancestors
Professions: Speculation, stock brooking, diplomatic work, physiotherapy, poisons, alcohol trade & manufacturing, photography, Xerox, homeopathy, information technology, politics etc.

Rahu – the dragon’s headPlanets in Astrology

It is on number eight in Planets in Astrology. Rahu is a reference point in the sky, not a real planet like Sun or Mercury. Notwithstanding not having real physical nearness, its effect is profound and ground-breaking. Rahu represents realism and fiendishness. It speaks to interest with remote, travel abroad, specialized callings, older individuals, burglary, hypothesis, unfortunate propensities, progressive inclinations, black market, and smoke. At the point when Rahu is negative in a horoscope, it causes disappointment, materialistic inclinations, fears, contorted mental cosmetics and dreams. Rahu and Ketu are the shadowy planets in astrology.

Astronomical Facts about Rahu

Similarly as Ketu, Rahu doesn’t have a physical shape or mass like a planet. It is a point in the sky, where Sun’s evident way converges with Moon’s track in the divine circle while moving from North to South heading. Then again, when Moon crosses ecliptic during its development towards North, the purpose of convergence is called Ketu. These focuses are not still in the sky, there is a slight development in their situation on yearly premise, roughly 19 degrees and 30 min. Rahu is known as the North hub of the moon and the leader of the mythical beast in Hindu Mythology. It takes around 18 years to finish its transformation around the zodiacal circle and remains in each sign for around 1 ½ years.

Significance of Rahu in Hindu astrology

Rahu identifies with oblivious wants, desire, delights, dread and uncultured conduct. It works a lot of like Saturn and can bring unforeseen misfortunes, adversities, disappointment and dissatisfactions throughout everyday life. This planet is bestial in nature. It grants the individual with common solaces, sudden achievement, gains, wealth, influence and quality.

When situated emphatically in a horoscope, it gives triumph over foes and resistance as well. Yet, the issue is that there is constantly a feeling of disappointment. Rahu makes you perpetually discontent with your aspirations, gains, achievement, cash and way of life. There is an unquenchable yearn for additional. It suffocates the local into oblivious wants, which he can’t fathom yet tenaciously seeks after. This prompts addictions, fanatical conduct, excessively eager nature, ridiculous desires and dreams.

Rahu is firmly connected with mysterious sciences. Additionally to the clouded side of human character. It is progressive in nature, remains against the standards and shows. It speaks to the unlawful and the dull. The component of remote additionally becomes an integral factor. Rahu likewise identifies with profound vitality on the other hand. It gives information on the higher parts of life, the mysterious and otherworldly. It gives solid instinct and top to bottom comprehension of brain research.


Transit in each sign: 18 months
Direction: South lunar node
Metal: Lead
Gem: Cat’s Eye>
Day: Saturday, Tuesday
Color: Smokey Grey
Temperament: Hot, Furious

Ketu – the dragon’s tailPlanets in Astrology

It is on number nine in Planets in Astrology. Ketu in Vedic is a Chhaya Graha, a shadowy planet. On one hand, Ketu identifies with Karma, gives the consequences of the deeds you acted in previous existence and on the other, it identifies with otherworldliness, freedom, and dominance over mysterious and secrets of life. It is the planet of separation; it removes things. Be that as it may, there is a more profound importance to what we have said here. Rahu represents materialistic inclinations while Ketu is about unadulterated separation and freedom from the illusionary satisfaction of life. At the point when negative, Ketu can cause mental disarranges, peculiar inclinations, lunacy, unhinging, tension, strain, criminal propensities, etc.

Astronomical facts about Ketu

Ketu isn’t a genuine planet. It is a reference point in the sky, which doesn’t have a physical personality yet resembles a dark gap. At the point when Moon is proceeding onward its course from South to North, where it meets with the ecliptic, the Sun’s obvious way that point is alluded to as Rahu. What’s more, when Moon is on its southerly path, where it crosses the ecliptic is called Ketu. These two focuses are not stationary but rather moving consistently, around 19 degrees and 30 minutes yearly. The total upheaval around the Earth takes as much as 18.5 years. The Ketu in Vedic is likewise called the South Node of the Moon and in Hindu folklore, it is alluded to as the tail of the winged serpent supposedly.

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