Moon – Astrological Characteristics of Moon

The Moon

The Moon is on Number two in Planets in Astrology. Moon is the nearest divine body to Earth, and it has the most profound effect upon human life. Truth be told, profundity is the thing that Moon is about with regards to its prophetic understanding. It is the portrayal of our inward significance, our feelings, impulses, temperament swings, conduct, and how we feel about things and individuals.

Energy Type Feminine
Time Spent in every Sign 2.5 days
Element Water
Nature Cold; passionate and Calm
Ruler of the Sign Cancer
Ruler of the House Fourth house
Astrological Characteristics of Moon

Astrological Facts About Moon

Gemstone Moonstone, Labradorite, Opal. Pearl, Carnelian, Milk quartz, Amber
ColorWhite, Blue, Creamy
Ruling Body PartBreasts, Heart, Tube feeding
Status in Imperial Queen
Friends Sun, Mars, Jupiter
Neutral Mercury, Venus, Saturn
Own SignCancer
Exalted inTaurus 10 Degree
Debilitated in
Scorpio 10 Degree
Mool TrikonCancer
Mahadasha Period10 Years
ProfessionsLiquid, dairy products, cotton textile, shipping, navy, sculpture, water-related, music, poetry, beauty, drawing, etc.
Astrological Characteristics of Moon

Signification of Moon in Vedic astrology

Likewise, the Sun oversees our spirit and soul, Moon is the thing that administers our psyche and internal identity. Moon in Vedic soothsaying is the silver goddess that touches us from the earliest starting point as our mom. It is the portrayal of womanliness, parenthood, care, sympathy, love, and affectability. Individuals having noticeable chandra in the horoscope are frequently passionate creatures with a supporting mentality. Locals with Moon in Cancer frequently end up being the best guardians on the planet.

Astrological Characteristics of Moon

It is the characteristic satellite of Earth and takes around 28 days to finish its circle around Earth and this cycle is additionally connected with ripeness and gentility. Moon’s gravitational power is the thing that causes the tides in the sea, which is additionally reminiscent of our enthusiastic nature, as inconceivable as the dark blue sea.

It is 3,84,403 km far away from Earth, yet the nearest planet to us. The chandra never goes retrograde as it circles around the Sun alongside Earth. Moon remains in every zodiac sign for around 2.5 days.

The Centrality of Moon in Indian Vedic Astrology

Moon in Vedic Astrology is accepted to produce a quiet and female vitality. It is the sovereign among the nine royal stars and rules our brain and feelings. This quickest earth comes and goes much of the time, halfway the explanation of our emotional episodes and irascibility. Moon is the thing that adjusts the furious vitality of the Sun with its quieting and supporting properties. The Chandra in actuality mirrors the daylight around evening time to keep us from the widely inclusive haziness.

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It likewise governs over fluids and water, the crucial needs to support the planet and develop. Individuals who are conceived when the Chandra is waxing are normally outgoing people and strong while those conceived in fading chandra are self-observer and agreeable. It is the disappearing and waxing of the Moon that is related to our enthusiastic disposition, state of mind swings, climatic changes, maritime tides, fruitfulness, and feminine cycle. In this way, its effect upon individuals is both mentals and physiological.

An emphatically set Moon in a horoscope makes the individual intellectually and sincerely solid. Such an individual has a decent fixation and ability of enthusiastic association with individuals. Locals with solid Chandra are generally sympathetic and supportive. They as a rule think about others’ prosperity first than addressing their own needs. Such individuals are normally associated with their environmental factors on an enthusiastic and mental level.

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A frail Moon in horoscope mirrors an individual who is genuinely feeble, cries a great deal, chuckles a ton, and isn’t in charge of their affectability. Such individuals face a ton of challenges on an enthusiastic level because of their unstable cosmetics. They can likewise confront mental misery and issues. Besides, their well-being is additionally gets influenced. Such individuals need to carry on with a quiet life, away from the unsettling influences, might be near a water body for the most relieving impact. Since chandra is associated with ripeness and organic liquids, its negative impact on the horoscope can cause medical problems identified with blood, lungs, bosoms, milk, chest, hack, and regenerative framework.