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Moon In Different Houses

Meaning of Moon in all twelfth houses

Moon is the second planet that I am going to discuss with you today. In this article, I’ll explain everything about the moon. I’ll tell you the meaning of the moon in different houses.

Moon in lagna / Ascendant / First House

First House is called self-house, it is related to ourselves, our personality, our general health condition.
Planet Moon is related to home, environment, emotions, feelings, mind, local governance, milk, and water. Moon is also the significator of Mother in the chart.
Let’s explain how the moon behaves in the first house. In the first house, the moon forces your mind to think about yourself. The peoples having moon in the first house think about themselves first than others. They are very attached to home and family, especially to their mother.

They have a lot of influence of the mother on their personality. Mother has an important and unforgettable role in their life. These peoples are very sensitive and emotional. Sometimes they become more selfish.
In First house moon aspects 4th, 7th and 10th house. It is good aspects for property, mother, home, vehicles, and career but in marriage, they may have some emotional problems in marriage life.

Moon in Different houses — Second house

The second house is related to finance, money, social values, family, speech, and throat.
The Peoples who have moon in the second house may be extravagant, they are attached emotionally with family and wealth. These peoples are lucky in earning but it difficult for them to save money because they love to spend more money on themselves as well as their family.

They have ups and downs in finance. They have no permanent source of income, sometimes they earn a lot and some time nothing. This position of the moon bestowed a beautiful voice to the person and they will become a very good singer.
Aspects of the 8th house can become them curious about in-laws property and hidden/ occult things.

Moon in Different houses — third house

The third house is related to Short distance travel, skills and hobbies, inner courage, things related to business, information and communication skills, marketing skills, and younger siblings.

This position makes a person curious to learn everything. The third house is related to collecting information so these peoples are true learners and they tried to get more and more information about anything. They are business-oriented people and not much like to do a job under others. Because of emotions of the moon make their mind unstable. It’s really hard for these peoples to focus on one thing.

The third house is the house of mercury so these peoples have great communication skills and they become successful marketing experts or salesmen. This is also a very good position for businessmen.
Moon in the third house is good for a younger sibling, they’re very attached to younger siblings.

Moon in Different houses — fourth house

The fourth house is related to home, mother, vehicles, property, peace of mind, homeland, and school friends.
Moon in the fourth house becomes the peoples emotionally attached to the mother. Mother’s teachings and lessons mean a lot to them. The fourth house is also related to the mother so when the moon came into the fourth house it increases the energy and influence of the mother.

In a career, these peoples are really caring, emotional, and loving so they can become very good nurses, doctors, caregivers, or teachers. They can take care of others more than them. They also love to help others so these peoples will be the head of trusts or NGOs. The property, real estate, agriculture or vehicle business are also looking good for them.

Moon in 5th house

The fifth house is related to intelligence, stack market, education, romance, kids, sports, creation and innovation, gambling, and happiness.
This position of the moon shows famous peoples in the education field. The fifth house is the house of intelligence and romance and kids. Here the moon acts differently, sometimes these peoples use their intelligence and creative skills in a positive way and become highly successful and famous, and sometimes this position makes them lonely too.

For children they are highly attached to their kids emotionally, they love to spend more time with their kids. They love to teach their children and play with them. They have a lot of interest in art, and they become a good writer or painter.
The mother will be really helpful for them in education and learning. Early education is very good and memorable for them and they miss their childhood, especially school memories.

Moon in 6th house

The sixth house is also called dushtana house and also upachaya house. This house is related to enemies, legal issues, obstacles, debts, routine life, disputes, colleagues, and diseases.
This placement of the moon shows the struggle in career, suffering from debts, problems from enemies. Peoples with the moon in 6th house becomes the person extravagant. They get loans and spends on unnecessary things which can create trouble for them. They also have to face legal issues because of this. These peoples may suffer because of enemies, enemies can create obstacles and problems for them.

In career, peoples with the moon in the fourth house can become very good doctors, lawyers, and military personnel. they also become good healers.
This position of the moon is not looking so good for the mother, especially in the career of the mother. The mother may be a jobian, business person, volunteer, or social worker.

Moon in 7th house

The seventh house is related to Spouse, marriage, partnerships, marital happiness, and market place.
The seventh house is the best placement of the moon, because the moon in mind and think about himself but when it is in seventh it is in opposition sign which can able the person to watch on his enemies. This is a good position for politicians because they can deeply check their opposition tactics and react on time.

This position show business minded person. They can become goof merchants or traders; they can do the business over the seas. The mother of the person can also become a good businesswoman and she has very good bargaining skills (like all ladies).
7th house is the house of spouse and marriage so these peoples are emotionally very attached to their spouse. They give a lot of love, respect, and care to their spouse and share everything with him/her. They listen to their spouse and the opinion of spouse matters a lot to them.

Moon in 8th house

8th house related to death, re-birth, in-laws, secrecy, occult or hidden things or knowledge, shared properties, or wealth with spouse and transformation.
8th house is related to obstacles and ups and downs and it is not a good placement for the moon. Peoples having moon in 8th house may suffer because of ups and downs in life and this can make them emotionally stressed. The mother of this person has to suffer from the same things too.
In early life, they have to struggle emotionally but with the time they realize the reality of life and after the age of 30-35, they are able to overcome this situation. They become a good healer, spiritual trainer or guru, Hakeem, doctors, and also a good astrologer.

Moon in 9th house

The ninth house is related to philosophy, religion, and beliefs, teachers and gurus, knowledge and wisdom, spirituality, house of fortune, law, and faith
In this position, the moon will become a person religious. Because this is the house of religion, spirituality and karma and moon are really concerning to learn about philosophy and religion. The person having a moon in the ninth house desire to become a more successful and knowledgeable person than his/her gurus. They tried hard to learn more and more. They also become good teachers who want to teach every word of their knowledge to their students. Its is such a good sign because many peoples hide their knowledge from others.

They practice their religion a lot, no matter they are Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, or Christians or from any other religion. They learn a lot, they practice and lot and they preach a lot and this thing makes them the head of their religious places (Mosques, Mandirs, Church, Gurdwaras).
This Position shows that their mother may be highly educated too. And they learn about religion from their mother in childhood which made them more curious to learn.

Moon in 10th house

10th house is related to government, king, self-esteem, ego, career, father, top position and higher authorities
Moon in the tenth house makes a person restless till they don’t get a big achievement and authoritative position in career. They tend to get fame and a higher position in life. And they get their peace of mind when they achieve all their goals.
The 10th house is related to father, so here father has a great influence on the person. Father will also be helpful in career. Father will be caring just like the mother. These persons always think about society, that what they think and saying about them and how is their image in the public or society.

Moon in Different houses — eleventh house

11th house is the house of gains, it is also related to income, elder siblings, social circle, friends, income, earning, huge and large companies and firms.
Moon in 11th house becomes a person entrepreneur. These persons earn from social circle, networks, friends, or friends of friends. Here mother will be very helpful and become a source to gain more wealth, mother relatives will be helpful.
Business is a good idea for the persons who have the moon in the eleventh house. This position makes a person a successful entrepreneur.
These peoples have to set higher goals to achieve to serve humanity.

Moon in Different houses — twelfth house

12th house represents foreign lands, losses, expenses, hospitals, jails, isolation, and Asylums.
This is called the houses of losses, so every planet even exalted planet also doesn’t give good results here.
Moon in the house of foreign lands, losses, and isolation, as you know the moon is representative of homeland and home. So, when these peoples reach foreign lands, they can’t forget their homelands too.

They remember their home and homeland a lot especially when they are alone. They become a good writer, they write about their homeland or journeys.
This placement of the moon makes a person highly imaginative and thinker. Sometimes if the moon is weak these peoples become stressed and lonely and they use lots of alcohol and drugs. This position shows isolation from mother and health issues related to mother.

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