Saturn – Astrological Characteristics of Saturn


Saturn / Shani is on number six in Planets in Astrology. There are times when you feel why my life is so troublesome when I am doing everything right. This is the thing that Saturn is intended to accomplish for you. It is about order, troubles, delay, obligations, dealings, and dissents now and again.

It needs you to buckle down, put in your earnest attempts, gain from your errors so when you experience achievement, it despite everything keeps you humble and grounded, notwithstanding having an abundance of information. Saturn is accordingly a severe instructor, who is grim yet just to assist the understudy.

Transit in Each Sign2.5 years
GemstoneBlue Sapphire
TemperamentStrict, Sorrowful
Ruling Body PartLegs, nervous system, chronic diseases
Status in Imperial StarsAdvisor
Astrological Characteristics of Saturn

Essential Details about Saturn 

FriendsMercury, Venus
EnemiesSun, Moon, Mars
Own SignCapricorn, Aquarius
Exalted inLibra
Debilitated inAries
Mool TrikonAquarius
Mahadasha Period19 Years
RelationServants and Elderly People
ProfessionsMining, labor, oil, petroleum, agriculture, freezing, coal, leather goods, butchery, lead, blue sapphire.
Astrological Characteristics of Saturn

It is tied in with being trained, dealing with your time, fulfilling time constraints all while remembering the limitations. Saturn can anyway not be named as a negative planet for its positive impact makes wealth from clothes. Be that as it may, what it requests that you do is stand fearless in the hardest trial of time. Shani likewise relates itself to old, the finesse of mature age, customs, regular methodologies, and authority. It rewards you for your persistence and rebuffs for alternate routes and anxiety.

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Astrological Characteristics of Saturn

Saturn is the second greatest planet of the heavenly circle after Sun. This ringed planet is 1.35 billion km. from Sun (nearest separation). It is a moderate moving planet and takes around 29.5 years to finish one upset around Sun and around 10 hours 40 min. to pivot around its hub once. Like Earth has Moon as its satellite, Shani has its 62 own satellites. It likewise seems retrograde each year for a time of around 135 days. Saturn takes around 30 years to rotate around the zodiacal circle and remains in each sign for about 2.5 years.

Significance of Saturn in Vedic Astrology

Saturn forces confinements and sufferings in the outcome of our previous existence karmas, and through these, it encourages us to perceive our missteps and shortcomings, adjust, and at last assume liability. Where Shani is set in the horoscope characterizes the territory the individual may need to battle throughout everyday life. By and by, its quality in the horoscope characterizes whether the individual will be sufficiently able to handle the hardships or inclined to breakdowns.

Individuals with solid Saturn in the horoscope are commonly dedicated, fit for working constantly to seek after their objectives. In addition, such individuals will in general be steadfast with a higher feeling of obligation. They have a restrained methodology throughout everyday life, are somewhat genuine and severe in nature.

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Saturn’s pain in a horoscope extends one’s failure to confront difficulties throughout everyday life. Idealist inclinations of such people further exasperate issues as Saturn needs you to buckle down. Powerless Shani in the horoscope may prompt mental trouble, detachedness in character, addictions, and even interminable ailments now and again. In the event that you give up and fall prey to alternate ways to avoid suffering, troubles may escalate.

The most ideal route is to follow a taught approach throughout everyday life and buckle down which would steadily prompt refinement and the quest for the genuine self throughout everyday life. Individuals with tormented Saturn ought to comprehend that Shani is a moderate planet so its belongings stay for quite a while. When you move beyond the time of persistence and difficult work, there will be rewards both in otherworldly just as other senses.