Suits of Pentacles

What are the Meanings of Pentacles Cards?

In the Tarot, the Suits of Pentacles (regularly depicted as Coins) is related with issues of security, dependability and riches. It’s additionally associated with the component of earth, and accordingly, the bearing of North. This suit is the place you’ll discover cards that identify with professional stability, instructive development, speculations, home, cash and riches. Similarly as with the Major Arcana, the Pentacle suit includes implications if the cards are switched; in any case, remember that not all Tarot card perusers use inversions in their understandings.

Coming up next is a fast outline of the considerable number of cards in the Pentacle/Coin suit.

Ace or One of Pentacles

Prosperity and bounty are on their way. It’s the ideal opportunity for fresh starts.


An inversion of fortune in your funds could be coming. Likewise may demonstrate a sentiment of inward void, and winding up in a sorry situation.

Two of Pentacles — Tarot Suit of Pentacles

You might be shuffling assets around – acquiring from Peter to pay Paul, as it’s been said. Try not to stress – help is in transit.


The circumstance might be wild, so give yourself a touch of adaptability.

Three of Pentacles

It’s an ideal opportunity to be remunerated for a vocation very much done. A raise or some other award might be on its way.

Reversed Meaning

Delays and fights can leave you baffled.

Four of Pentacles

Hard work can prompt frugality. You might be worked hard for your check, however don’t be parsimonious with your well deserved cash.


You might be careful or shaky about budgetary dealings since you’ve been scorched previously. Do whatever it takes not to let this cloud your judgment

Five of Pentacles — Suits of Pentacles

Financial misfortune or ruin. May likewise show, at times, otherworldly misfortune.


Financial misfortune has just occurred, and may cause you to feel defenseless. Move beyond it by assembling things back.

Six of Pentacles — Tarot Suit of Pentacles

If you’re giving endowments, do as such for the delight of giving, not on the grounds that it will make individuals like you.


Unfair treatment identifying with a type of security issue – a claim, hearing, or employment matter.

Seven of Pentacles — Suits of Pentacles

Enjoy the products of your own work – it’s acceptable to be remunerated for your endeavors!


You might be keeping up for later, however quit being so parsimonious towards yourself – treat yourself to something pleasant every so often.

Eight of Pentacles

You’ve gotten a new line of work you appreciate as well as are acceptable at. Utilize these abilities to your own advantage.


Your abilities need some tweaking. Practice your abilities, and transform them into a fruitful profession resource.

Nine of Pentacles — Suits of Pentacles

Security, easy street, and bounty encompass this card.


Manipulation and savage techniques – may demonstrate that somebody is attempting to live over their methods.

Ten of Pentacles — Tarot Suit of Pentacles

There is cash and riches accessible to you – don’t let openings cruise by.


Disharmony is happening in a home or occupation that is regularly content. Stop the negligible quarreling.

Page of Pentacles — Suits of Pentacles

Favorable luck. This is a dispatcher card, and regularly shows that you’ll meet somebody who is an understudy of life.


News or data about your activity or funds is in transit.

Knight of Pentacles — Tarot Suit of Pentacles

Share your favorable luck, and utilize your encounters to help other people succeed.


Step on an excessive number of individuals as you ascend the professional bureaucracy, and you’ll get yourself alone at the top, with no companions or supporters.

Queen of Pentacles

This is the Earth mother, somebody who is nice and profitable. May show wealth of numerous sorts, including pregnancy.


Someone who overcompensates for their despondency by pursuing monetary prosperity.

King of Pentacles — Suits of Pentacles

Indicates a man who is caring and liberal. In the event that he offers you money related exhortation, you’d do well to tune in.


This individual is extremely shaky about his position, and needs consistent approval from others.

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