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Marriage line (likewise relationship line or friendship line) chiefly mirrors the circumstance of your marital life, love relationship, marriage time just as your disposition towards affection. It is situated underneath the base of the little finger simply over the heart line. The quantity of the marriage line varies with various individuals. A few people have just one line and some may have numerous lines. Likewise some may discover there is no marriage line for them. The longest queue is typically utilized as a reason for judgment.

The length, shape, forks, islands, chains and quantities of the line uncovers various implications for your marriage life. Follow the examination beneath to discover what your marriage line rely on. Kindly don’t be disturbed on the off chance that you discover the line isn’t perfect. The line generally changes with the more you experience. Regardless of what sort of line you have, a sound marriage needs you to oversee cautiously.

marriage lines


Straight Long Marraige Line

A straight long marriage line shows profound and long love. It shows you are energetic, delicate and for the most part have an upbeat family. In the event that you just have one marriage line which is profound and long, near or contact the Sun line, it shows you couldn’t just appreciate a cheerful marriage yet in addition make incredible progress in vocation after marriage.


On the off chance that your marriage line is short, it demonstrates unresponsive to the other gender. On the off chance that it’s additionally shallow, you generally do not have the tolerance to seek after the other gender and difficult to fall profound when become hopelessly enamored. In many occasions, on the off chance that you own this sort of line, you are probably going to get hitched of late.


Bending Downwards

On the off chance that your marriage line goes downwards toward the end, it is anything but a decent sign. It predicts your accomplice will bite the dust sooner than you. In the event that it bends downwards abruptly, your accomplice may experience the ill effects of coincidental demise. Another circumstance is that it bends downwards and contacts the heart line. This shows marriage emergencies and character conflicts with your accomplice. In this way, a partition or separation might be occurred.

Bending Upwards

On the off chance that the line bends upwards toward the end, it demonstrates consistent in affection and a settled marriage life. You ordinarily don’t have stresses over your fund and can have a rich existence with your accomplice. Likewise, you could arrange each other well along these lines appreciate a cheerful marriage. The more risen your marriage line, the more joyful you are.


  • If the line is forked toward the start with a state of “Y”, it is anything but a decent sign. It demonstrates split-up or separate. In the event that the fork isn’t large, the circumstance isn’t so terrible as it just represents separating for some timeframe. Along these lines, somewhat, it additionally implies re-association after partition.

  • If the line has part closes, it shows marriage emergencies and detachment. You may go through the entire time on earth in disarray. You may likewise experience the ill effects of heartburn. What’s more, fortune for your profession is generally not fulfilled before 55 years of age.


The wrecked marriage line shows you are anything but difficult to meet misfortunes in affection or marriage. The significant circumstance is that you have numerous fights with your accomplice and end in separate. The more drawn out the wrecked part is, the more genuine the circumstance is. In the event that the break is short, that is not all that much issue. You have opportunity to make up at last.


Island shows mental inconsistency with your accomplice or family struggle.

  • If an island shows up toward the start of the line, it shows you may not go easily infatuated relationship before marriage.

  • An island in the center shows exciting bends in the road in affection.

  • If the island shows up toward the stopping point, it demonstrated hindrances after marriage.

  • Many islands demonstrate negative love relationship and marriage.


X sign in marriage line is in favorable in palmistry. It normally is an indication of difficulty in marriage life and love issues. You are anything but difficult to have debates, differences, squabbles or partition with your accomplice. Or on the other hand, you may fall into an affection triangle which makes your marriage life brimming with squabbles.


Grilles implies that there are extraordinary good and bad times during your marriage life. You may have a lot of anomalous sexuality. The singles having this sort of marriage line is elusive a decent accomplice and the wedded are anything but difficult to separate during the middle age.

Covering OF LINES

In the event that you have multi confused covering lines with various lengths, it shows you were unable to have a perfect love relationship or marriage. It’s difficult to meet a decent darling and simple to go through the entire time on earth without marriage. In the event that you are hitched, it shows your accomplice is normally meddled by the outsider. Particularly after the middle age, the existence will be hard for you. During your later year, you are anything but difficult to endure hypertension or diabetes.


On the off chance that there are short lines above or beneath the marriage line, it demonstrates numerous squabbles, hard love relationship and a difficult character of you. You are additionally simple to become ill.


In the event that your marriage line is waved or binded, you are anything but difficult to experience scalawags and endure passionate or marriage emergencies. You are typically difficult, merciless and not wistfulness which cause you to isolate even separation after marriage. It’s difficult for you to get incredible accomplishment during your life.


No Marriage Lines

On the off chance that you don’t have marriage line, it implies that you want to cherish. You are not inspired by or couldn’t be pulled in by the other gender. You for the most part don’t give a lot of consideration on marriage and might be sexless. Rather, you like to concentrate more on your diversions or vocation. On the off chance that you are more youthful than 20, you may don’t have a marriage line. As you become more established and contact more with other gender, the marriage line may show up. On the off chance that you previously wedded and don’t have the line, the most case is that you don’t have enthusiasm for your accomplice.

Just a single Marriage Line

In the event that you have just a single marriage line which is clear, you could locate a perfect love to wed and carry on with a cheerful existence with your accomplice for the entire life after marriage. On the off chance that the line is long with no surplus lines, it demonstrates a sound and enduring marriage.

More Than One Marriage Line

When all is said in done, the vast majority of the individuals have marriage lines mutiple. It’s not precise to think one will have how often of marriage as indicated by the quantities of the line.

Two Marriage Lines

A few people clarify that two marriage lines implies one have two relationships. Truth be told, it’s wrong. The majority of the individuals have two lines. For whatever length of time that the lines are profound, clear with the red shading, the individuals could even now have a sound marriage.

  • If you have two marriage lines running corresponding with a similar length, it shows a convoluted marriage. Additionally, individuals who separate with his/her accomplice for quite a while and rejoin for the most part have this sort of marriage line.

  • If the two lines running corresponding with various lengths, you are anything but difficult to fall into affection triangle circumstances.

  • If the two lines (one short and the other long) are not equal, it demonstrates separation or detachment.

Three Marriage Lines

Three lines mean blended feelings and a frail idea of virtuousness. In the event that you have three marriage lines, you may have a poor origination of life. You are typically gifted, sentimental and enthusiastic to the other gender. On the off chance that you were unable to use your shrewdness, there would be inconveniences in adoration life.

Four Marriage Lines

On the off chance that you have four long and slender marriage lines, it shows you have a sentimental character. You for the most part are not happy with an uneventful life. In this way, you are inclined to have many love illicit relationships.

In the event that there are more than six marriage lines and there is nobody can be viewed as a significant one, it shows a mind boggling marriage life. On the off chance that the lines are long, it shows a cruel term to choose the marriage accomplice. You as a rule have a high necessity for your affection and have an incredible weight throughout everyday life.

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