Venus – Astrological Characteristics of Venus


Venus / Shukra is on number five in Planets in Astrology. It is about wants, the craving for riches and wealth, the longing for erotic joys, the craving to see the world from rose-tinted glasses, the longing to be encompassed by magnificence and imagination, and last yet not least, the craving to be romanced and share every one of these delights with somebody exceptional.

Transit in Each Sign28 days
TemperamentHot, Passionate
Ruling Body PartPrivate parts, reproduction, semen
Status in Imperial StarsAdvisor
Astrological Characteristics of Venus

Essential Details about Venus

Friends Mercury, Saturn
EnemiesSun, Moon
NeutralJupiter, Mars
Own SignTaurus, Libra
Exalted inPisces
Debilitated inVirgo
Mool TrikonLibra
Mahadasha Period20 Years
ProfessionsLiterature, performing arts (music, drama, dance), jewelry, vehicles, luxury items, diamonds, cinema, art forms, perfumes, silk, etc.
Astrological Characteristics of Venus

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Venus is love exemplified, it is about enthusiastic connection, physical fascination, marriage, association, organization, workmanship, culture, inventiveness, joy, enthusiasm, and all that is delightful. Shukra instructs us to acknowledge what is best in others; it additionally gives a drive towards material solaces. It runs over how you mingle and enjoy.

Venus frets about the delights related to five detects, smell (the aromas), relish (liberal nourishment), sound (music), sights (excellence, workmanship), and contact (extravagance surfaces). Appeal, balance, style, amiability, and culture additionally go under the area of this impeccable planet.

Astronomical Facts about Venus

Venus is the third most splendid heavenly body and it is the second nearest to the Sun after Mercury. Likewise, it is the nearest planet to Earth with the briefest separation consistently being 40 million km. From the Sun, it is similar to 108 million km. It finishes one circle around Sun in 225 days and turns around its own pivot in 243 days. And It is the most sweltering planet as well. It likewise seems, by all accounts, to be retrograde at regular intervals and its retrogression period is around 40 – 43 days. Shukra in Hindu Vedic takes around a year to finish one hover around the zodiac belt and remains in one sign for around 28 days.

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Signification of Venus in Vedic astrology

Venus isn’t simply connected with materialistic inclinations. It is likewise an otherworldly instructor, that is it can take the individuals who have tumbled from the finesse of otherworldliness because of realism back to the correct track. It is a solid marker of riches in a horoscope. A benefic nearness of Venus in a horoscope gives the local a decent stylish sense and imaginative tendency.

Such an individual is probably going to be skilled, particularly in an innovative field. An all-around situated Venus transforms the local’s affection into commitment and fellowship into reliability. In any case, when excessively solid, Shukra can likewise give exorbitant fleshly wants and a materialistic mentality. Such an individual might be excessively disposed toward recreation and delights of numerous types.

On the off chance that Venus is distressed or crippled in a horoscope, the local battles to appreciate the wealth of life. Such an individual needs mental harmony and fulfillment, which may lead the local towards satisfaction of erotic wants as a compensatory mean. The powerless arrangement of Shukra can likewise make the individual weak or battle in descendants matters, particularly if under the solid burden. A harassed Venus can likewise give medical issues like diabetes, thyroid, strong shortcoming, vocal strings and throat-related issues, heftiness, and an inclination to over-enjoy.