Aura Colors

What are the Aura Colors???

As indicated by numerous mystical specialists and devotees, aura colors are brought about by vibrations. Each iota and atom known to man makes an interpretation of itself into designs. The examples radiate from the body as vibrations, and the natural eye can be prepared to see these vibrations as hues.

Similarly as we can’t hear sound waves with the human ear, emanation hues are noticeable just to a minority of individuals. In any case, the natural eye is step by step picking up the ability to see atmosphere hues, as indicated by Gerald Heard, in his exemplary 1939 book Pain, Sex and Time.

The aura colour wheel comprises of seven principle hues: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Seeing an Aura Colors

In the event that this is your first time endeavoring to see somebody’s atmosphere, position the individual before a white foundation.

Focus on one spot of the individual’s face, ideally the center of the temple, for in any event 60 seconds.

Without taking your eyes off the temple, filter the external edges of the head, shoulders and arms. On the off chance that the white around these territories is more splendid, you have recently seen the nearness of an atmosphere.

Try not to stress on the off chance that it doesn’t occur for you the first run through. This strategy takes impressive fixation and tolerance.

Feeling the Aura Colors

It’s a mess simpler to detect an individual’s atmosphere. Standing eye to eye with the individual whose quality you are going to feel, place the palms of your hands six to eight inches from the highest point of the individual’s head. Keep on keeping that separation and gradually move your hands down the body, along the edges, yet additionally around the whole body. Inevitably, you will perceive a little feathery impact as you work your way down the body.

It will feel practically like you are crushing your hands into a quill light pad. This is the electromagnetic vitality.

All in all, on the off chance that you can feel the air, yet you can’t see it, how would you know what the atmosphere shading is? The accompanying 10 inquiries from this concise air shading test will put you on the correct way.

Emanation Aura Colors Test

Pick just one response for every one of the accompanying inquiries. Choose the one that best depicts you, or is nearest. The letter you pick the most will help decide your emanation shading clarification.

Which of the accompanying most intently depicts your character?

  • Energetic and mighty
  • Thoughtful and circumspect
  • Healthy and cordial
  • Sociable and extrovert
  • Caring and supportive
  • Spiritual and humble
  • Tender and thoughtful

What are the meaning of Different Aura Colors???


Yellow Aura individuals are explanatory, consistent and exceptionally clever. They will in general exceed expectations in professions that include educating and study and make great creators and scientists.They can tend to buckle down and can undoubtedly turn into an obsessive worker placing their work above close to home relationships.Yellow Aura individuals are superbly cheerful in their own organization and don’t endure forlornness. They are inclined to emotional well-being pressures, however and can become pulled back and discouraged when stressed.

The Yellow Aura individual is a splendid communicator and can show their abilities on a balanced premise and before huge groups. These peoples are sure about their capacities to get their thoughts and messages across and will motivate others.Yellow Aura individuals have awesome perception aptitudes and can peruse individuals without any problem. They have very great recognition. As a result of this they don’t put up with imbeciles happily and will pick their couple of companions cautiously. Any companions they do have should coordinate the Yellow Aura individual’s mind and intellect.

The Yellow Aura individual will in general put their head over their heart when confronted with troublesome decisions and dynamic. They are strange and unpredictable masterminds and not reluctant to explore different avenues regarding various thoughts and unique ideas. To some the Yellow Aura individual can appear to be somewhat flighty with strange interests and leisure activities. They are pulled in to anything which is considered cutting edge, scholarly or unusual.The fundamental shortcoming of an individual who has a prevalent Yellow Aura is that they can be excessively reproachful of themselves as well as other people.


Red Aura individuals are excited and vigorous people, perpetually keeping watch for new undertakings. They are courageous with nourishment, travel and sexual accomplices. The mantra of the Red Aura shading individual is “I’ll have a go at anything once.” Because of their nonchalant way to deal with life they regularly wind up in boiling water. Red Aura individuals rush to outrage and can lose their temper over the scarcest thing. Be that as it may, on the upside they are liberal with their time and vitality when called upon for help.

They are typically solid in body and mind and don’t capitulate to physical or psychological maladjustment without any problem. In view of their powerful wellbeing and wellness the Red Aura singular likes to be physical and will exceed expectations in sports. Individuals with an overwhelming red Aura shading can undoubtedly get exhausted and need to proceed onward to various interests, ventures and connections. In view of this they leave bunches of incomplete endeavors afterward. Be that as it may, on the off chance that they set their focus on an extend and can adhere to it, they will have wonderful achievement and can turn out to be very wealthy.

Red Aura individuals are immediate, to the point and blunt and are not reluctant to come to their meaningful conclusion of view heard. They don’t typically have concealed motivation or ulterior intentions. What you see is the thing that you get with the open and forthright Red Aura individual.Above all else the Red Aura singular should be number one. Their serious nature and need to succeed will drive them towards incredible achievement throughout everyday life. They are bad cooperative individuals and won’t take orders from others. In view of this they will like to maintain their own small time business or be in places of power over others.


Pink Aura individuals are naturally cherishing and giving. They love to be adored as well. As a result of this they assemble around them dear loved ones at each chance. They like to have family occasions and are liberal of their time. They have a high respect for their wellbeing and will care for their bodies with great eating regimen, nourishment and exercise.

Pink Aura individuals are sentimental and once they have discovered their perfect partner will remain unwavering, cherishing and faithful forever.

The Pink Aura individual is a characteristic healer, exceptionally touchy to the requirements of others and has solid clairvoyant capacities. They likewise have innovative thoughts and solid minds. Due to these character qualities the Pink Aura individual makes incredible scholars of books, verse or tune verses.

The Pink Aura singular detests shamefulness, neediness and clashes. They endeavor consistently to improve the world a spot and will make individual forfeits in the quest for this ideal.Pink Aura individuals are solid willed and profoundly taught and will anticipate exclusive expectations from others. They have solid qualities and ethics and only occasionally veer off from them. In view of their trustworthiness and amiable nature they are esteemed as representatives yet in addition make astounding bosses on account of their feeling of decency.


Green Aura individuals are exceptionally innovative and persevering. They make progress toward flawlessness in all that they do. They have an exceptionally decided and rational nature and won’t permit whimsical dreams and ridiculous plans to shading their world.Their inventiveness appears as handy issues, for example, planting, cooking and home brightening. The Green Aura individual has a fine eye for excellence and will guarantee their appearance and garments, home and environmental factors are both down to earth and wonderful.

Green Aura individuals will in general be extremely famous, appreciated and regarded. They make for effective representatives and can make a lot of riches and success for themselves. Green Aura individuals like security, steadiness and equalization in their lives. Any plans they make an all around considered and along these lines, they only sometimes commit rash errors.

Dear companions of Green Aura individuals will be blessed to receive liberality, steadfastness and handy guidance. Green Aura individuals do nit put up with idiots readily and pick their companions cautiously. Individuals with a dominating green Aura will in general be somewhat wellbeing cognizant and guarantee their eating routine is nutritious; wellbeing giving and delicious. They are very receptive to nature and love nature.


Orange Aura individuals are gregarious, liberal, social spirits. They love to be in the organization of others and wouldn’t fret being the focal point of consideration or simply one more face in the group. These peoples need to satisfy others and are frequently the best blessing providers, being astute and generous. The Orange Aura individual is ordinarily acceptable hearted, kind and fair.

They are very receptive to the feelings of others and can detect and sympathize with their agony and delight. Orange Aura individuals can be exceptionally beguiling, yet some portion of their appeal is in their affectability to other people. They can cause everybody to feel calm in their company.The Orange Aura individual can be hot headed and brisk to lose their temper. In any case, on the positive side they rush to forgive and never look back if an earnest conciliatory sentiment is offered and acknowledged. They don’t hold grudges.Orange Aura individuals are sure of the impression they make on others and can utilize this to further their potential benefit. They will in general lead effective and upbeat lives.

On the drawback Orange Aura individuals will in general be anxious and will in general hurry into undertakings, connections and encounters too rapidly. They regularly need to act promptly and consider the results later.


Purple Aura individuals are exceptionally mystic, receptive to the feelings and states of mind of others and delicate. Individuals who have a transcendent measure of purple in their Aura are viewed as baffling and secretive.The Purple Aura individual has a philosophical, enquiring and natural brain. They love to learn and never quit investigating and enquiring into new subjects and zones that premium them.

In light of this they will in general be amazingly fascinating and proficient people.The Purple Aura individual doesn’t have a wide hover of numerous companions. Yet, the companions they do have are held close and are regarded, appreciated and adored. Individuals with an overwhelming purple Aura will in general be unfortunate in affection however once they have discovered their ideal perfect partner are steadfast and adoring forever.

Purple Aura individuals interface well with creatures and nature. They are sensitive to creatures and can detect their feelings and sentiments. Purple Aura individuals will in general take in and care for strays as their adoring and caring nature makes it hard for them to dismiss strays.


Having a transcendent blue Aura or vitality field encompassing you can highlight various character characteristics. Absolutely blue Auras are very uncommon yet can appear as one of the boldest Aura hues in individuals with solid personalities.Blue Aura individuals are the ace communicators of the world. They can pass on their contemplations, thoughts, perspectives and ideas smoothly and magnetically.

They make for great scholars, writers and politicians.Blue Aura individuals are likewise profoundly savvy and instinctive. These peoples unquestionably have the head and heart adjusted in settling on troublesome choices and decisions. They are amazingly acceptable coordinators and can propel and move others.People who have a prevalent measure of blue in their Auras are peacemakers and can serenely smooth out furious circumstances. They prize honesty, direct correspondence and clearness in all their relationships.The drawback of the Blue Aura character is that they can take on something over the top, become obsessive workers and disregard their own connections.


Gold Aura individuals are admirers of excellence and have an aesthetic energy. They welcome the better things throughout everyday life and like to embellish themselves and their homes with things of flawless excellence. These peoples love to engage and incline toward the organization of many. They don’t feel suggested by being the focal point of consideration – the polar opposite in truth as they like to be the shining jewel in a dazzling crown.The Gold Aura people are exceptionally appealing and love to stand out, love and deference from heaps of individuals. In view of this the Gold Aura individual will have many, numerous companions. Be that as it may, they are not only takers of time, fondness and consideration; the Gold Aura individual will give of their time, vitality and love liberally.

The appeal and charm showed by the Gold Aura character adds to their allure. They are incredible audience members and can cause anybody to feel good, significant and intriguing in their company.Gold Aura individuals hate to be scrutinized and can’t stand any of their defects uncovered. Their primary imperfection is that of being excessively luxurious. They like to dazzle and give the most liberal blessings and host the most amazing get-togethers, regardless of whether their spending limit won’t permit this.They are exceptionally pleased and furiously autonomous and incredibly hesitant to request help from anybody.


Silver Aura individuals are particularly skilled. How they utilize their endowments shrewdly is their life exercise. Silver Aura people are offered with affectability, instinct, mystic capacity and common sense. They can utilize their profound comprehension in down to earth ways. Due to this they can identify with numerous individuals and are regularly found in educating, coaching or guiding jobs.

Silver Aura individuals have colossal flexibility and versatility and are equipped for taking advantage of for all intents and purposes each open door throughout everyday life. Their high acumen empowers at that point to settle on the correct choices rapidly and finish activity.

Individuals who have prevalent silver Auras are viewed as exceptionally alluring. They draw in numerous admirers. In any case, Silver Aura individuals are exceptionally observing and pick their companions cautiously and their darlings cautiously.

Silver Aura individuals will in general be all around favored in looks, character and ability and as such are viewed as fantastically fortunate individuals. Achievement appears to come effectively to Silver Aura individuals.

RED AURA COLORS MEANING: Relates to the physical body, hart or circulation.The densest shading, it makes the most erosion. Grinding pulls in or repulses; cash stresses or fixations; outrage or unforgiveness; tension or anxiety

Dark Red: Grounded, sensible, dynamic, solid determination, endurance arranged.

Muddied red: Anger (repulsing)

Clear red: Powerful, enthusiastic, serious, sexual, energetic

Pink-brilliant and light: Loving, delicate, touchy, arousing, masterful, warmth, immaculateness, compassion;new or revieved sentimental relationship. Can demonstrate clairaudience.

Dull and cloudy pink: Immature or potentially exploitative nature

Orange Red: Confidence, innovative force

In a decent, brilliant and unadulterated state, red vitality can fill in as a sound self image.

ORANGE AURA COLORS: Relates to regenerative organs and emotions.The shade of essentialness, energy, great wellbeing and fervor. Heaps of vitality and endurance, innovative, beneficial, bold, fearless, active social nature; right now encountering pressure identified with apetites and addictions;

Orange-Yellow: Creative, astute, meticulous, stickler, logical.

YELLOW AURA COLORS MEANING: Relates to the spleen and life vitality. It is the shade of enlivening, motivation, insight and activity shared, innovative, fun loving, hopeful, agreeable.

Light or light yellow: Emerging clairvoyant and otherworldly mindfulness; good faith and cheerfulness; positive fervor about new thoughts.

Splendid lemon-yellow: Struggling to keep up force and control in an individual or business relationship; dread of losing control, renown, regard, as well as force.

Clear gold metallic: sparkly and splendid: Spiritual vitality and force actuated and stirred; a roused individual.

Dull tanish yellow or gold: An understudy, or one who is enduring considering; excessively analitical to the point of feeling exhausted or focused on; attempting to compensate for “lost time” by getting the hang of everything at the same time.

GREEN AURA COLORS MEANING: Relates to heart and lungs.It is an entirely agreeable, sound shade of nature. When found in the quality this generally speaks to development and equalization, and a large portion of all, something that prompts change.Love of individuals, creatures, nature; instructor; social

Splendid emerald green: A healer, additionally an adoration focused individual

Yellow-Green: Creative with heart, open

Dim or sloppy woods green: Jealousy, disdain, feeling like a survivor of the world; accusing self or others; uncertainty and low confidence; absence of understanding moral obligation; touchy to saw analysis

Turquoise: Relates to the safe system.Sensitive, caring, healer, advisor.

Meaning of Blue Aura Colors: Relates to the throat, thyroid. Cool, quiet, and gathered. Mindful, adoring, love to help other people, delicate, natural.

Delicate blue: Peacefulness, lucidity and communication;truthful; natural

Splendid imperial blue: Clairvoyant; exceptionally profound nature; liberal; on the correct way; new open doors are coming

Dim or sloppy blue: Fear of things to come; dread of self-articulation; dread of confronting or talking reality

INDIGO AURA COLORS MEANING: Relates to the third eye, visual and pituitary gland.Intuitive, delicate, profound inclination.

VIOLET AURA COLORS MEANING: Relates to crown, pineal organ and apprehensive system.The generally touchy and most shrewd of hues. This is the natural shading in the quality, and uncovers mystic intensity of attunement with self.Intuitive, visionary, modern, hopeful, masterful, supernatural.

LAVENDER AURA COLORS MEANING: Imagination, visionary, daydreamer, etheric.

SILVER AURA COLORS MEANING: This is the shade of wealth, both otherworldly and physical. Heaps of splendid silver can reflect to a lot of cash, and additionally arousing of the infinite brain.

Splendid metallic silver: Receptive to new thoughts; instinctive; supporting

Dim and sloppy dim: Residue of dread is amassing in the body, with a potential for medical issues, particularly if dark bunches found in explicit regions of the body

GOLD AURA COLORS MEANING: The shade of illumination and perfect assurance. When seen inside the quality, it says that the individual is being guided by their most noteworthy great. It is divine direction. Assurance, astuteness, inward information, profound psyche, natural mastermind.

Dark AURA COLORS MEANING: Draws or pulls vitality to it and in this manner, changes it. It catches light and devours it.Usually shows long haul unforgiveness (toward others or another) gathered in a particular region of the body, which can prompt medical issues; additionally, entitities inside an individual’s quality, chakras, or body; previous existence harms; unreleased sorrow from premature births on the off chance that it shows up in the ovaries

WHITE AURA COLOR MEANING: Reflects other vitality. An unadulterated condition of light. Frequently speaks to another, not yet assigned vitality in the aura.Spiritual, etheric and non-physical characteristics, extraordinary, higher measurements. Virtue and truth; saintly characteristics.

White shines or flashes of white light: holy messengers are nearby;can show that the individual is pregnant or will be soon

EARTH AURA COLORS: Soil, wood, mineral, plant. These hues show an affection for the Earth, of being grounded and is found in the individuals who live and chip away at the outdoors….construction, cultivating, and so forth. These hues are significant and are a decent sign.

RAINBOWS: Rainbow-shaded stripes, standing out like sunbeams from the hand, head or body: A Reiki healer, or a starperson (somebody who is in the primary manifestation on Earth)

PASTELS: A touchy mix of light and shading, more so than fundamental hues. Shows affectability and a requirement for quietness.

Messy BROWN OVERLAY: Holding on to energies. Weakness.

Messy GRAY OVERLY: Blocking energies. Guardedness.

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