Rings in Palmistry

How Many Rings are in Palmistry?

There are three important rings in palmistry. The first rings in palmistry is found on the mount of Jupiter and in this manner it is known as the ring of Jupiter (or otherwise called the ring of Solomon). The second rings in palmistry is found on the mount of Saturn and in this manner it is known as the ring of Saturn (or otherwise called the ring of Saturn). The third rings in palmistry is found on the mount of Sun and in this manner it is known as the ring of Apollo (or otherwise called the ring of Apollo). The individuals who have this ring are pioneers, people in power. The line which encompasses the Mount of Saturn in the base of your center finger.

Now we will discuss all these rings in more detail…

Ring of Solomon — Rings in Palmistry


Ring of Solomon is the first ring in rings in palmistry. On the Mount of Jupiter situated at the base of the forefinger, there is a line bowing marginally upward and focusing on the Mount of Jupiter, which is known as the Ring of Solomon, additionally alluded to as the Ring of Jupiter. It speaks to the psychological state in quest for mystery. The Ring of Solomon can show up in an orderly fashion or semi-circle. The line is identified with the Judgment of Solomon.

ring of solomon -- rings in palmistry

On the off chance that you have the Ring, you are clever, instinctive and baffling; like to concentrate a wide range of puzzle science, have the sharp intuition and the solid open capacity, and completely comprehend the human instinct; likewise, you are skilled in craftsmanship and can get a place of power. Since the Ring of Jupiter speaks to insight and illumination in theory, it will be appropriate for you to fill in as an educator, legal counselor, and judge, or take part in mental guiding, religion and numerology. Likewise, the Ring is typically found on the regarded or the position. On the off chance that you have the Ring, it demonstrates you are as yet youthful and astute. Also, the Ring is a characteristic of good karma and suggests you can generally find support from others surprisingly once you are in a tough situation.


In the event that you have the unmistakable and complete Ring of Solomon, it symbolizes the exact diagnostic and judgment capacity, the great perception of embodiment of things, the understanding into other’s personalities, and the good karma of finding support from others; regardless of whether you are in harm’s way, you can generally transform sick karma into great and take advantage of the lucky break and good karma to carry on with a superior life. What’s more, you will have good karma with the other gender and locate a delightful and effortless accomplice because of your accentuation on physical appearance and interesting understanding.

Investigation OF RING OF SOLOMON

  • On the off chance that the Ring of Jupiter is profound and clear, it demonstrates you have high insight and intense sense, and you can show it in the scholarly and creative attempts to accomplish the high popularity and position.

  • In the event that the Ring of Jupiter is in semi-circle, it demonstrates you regularly show your feelings all over, you are capable in execution and can make incredible achievements in music.

  • In the event that the Ring of Jupiter is light and unobvious it shows the knowledge and otherworldliness are not solid and the premonition isn’t sharp.

  • Twofold Rings of Solomon: If you have two Rings of Solomon, it demonstrates you are fortunate and can generally transform the evil karma into the great regardless of what number of disappointments or questions you experience.

  • Specifically, you are profoundly quick and can investigate the idea of others, examine everything admirably and gloat the high intuition. The two Rings of Solomon are regularly found on the palms of certain celestial prophets, numerologists and clinicians.


Since the Ring of Jupiter assumes a critical job in one’s karma while the normal individuals have no such a Ring, you can wear a ring on your forefinger to frame the fortunate sign and improve your karma. The ring can be either gold or silver and will be better whenever implanted with a jewel.

Ring of Saturn — Rings in Palmistry


Ring of Saturn is the second ring in rings in palmistry. Situated at the Mount of Saturn, Rings of Saturn is the short semi-circle line which encompasses the center finger at the base. Individuals possessing this line as a rule don’t have the foggiest idea how to appreciate life, are slanted to be one-sided against certain people, miserable in many occasions, and significantly bound to end it all.

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Ring of Saturn is an unfavorable line which speaks to detainment, limitation, trouble, deterrent, disappointment, etc, and demonstrates you will be obliged by condition to show your capacity. Despite the fact that you individuals with such a line are very shrewd, you are single, barbarous, egotistical, biased and partial, and absence of get a kick out of life. Likewise, you are tranquil and unusual tempered, and frequently lost in contemplation and dream, yet absence of research and practice soul.

By and large, your words are not coordinated by deeds and you talk all the more however do less, subsequently think that its difficult to make pragmatic accomplishments. For the most part, you are pitiful and don’t care to connect with others, subsequently neglect to find support, carry on with a hard life and even end it all. In the event that you have the Ring of Saturn and the short head line, it demonstrates you are progressively odd and desolate.

ring of saturn

Regarding wellbeing, you individuals with the Ring of Saturn are inclined to hot temper, mastopathy, hepatopathy, and neuropathy. You may endure ametropia, nearsightedness and other eye sicknesses.


In the event that the Ring of Saturn is clear and profound, it shows you are smart, peaceful and reluctant to proclaim your assessments on anything. In spite of the high perfect, you absence of diligence and regularly neglect to accomplish the perfect; or you are stubborn and hard of hearing to companions’ recommendation, in this manner have barely any personal companions, poor relationship with family members, submit botches over and again and fall into the pit of transgression. For the most part, the ring is seen on the palms of crooks and suicides.

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In the event that the Ring of Saturn is shallow and muddled, it shows you are uncommunicative and whimsical, such as living alone yet detest tolerating the sincere goals of others. You will think that its difficult to get hitched. Be that as it may, it is better than the unmistakable and profound line endorsed above and you won’t perpetrate a wrongdoing or suicide.

On the off chance that the Ring of Saturn is broken, it demonstrates the less genuine impact and you won’t experience huge difficulties if the head line is acceptable and the thumb is solid.

On the off chance that the Rings of Saturn isn’t a semi-circle yet a fork, the head line is badly characterized and the thumb is powerless, it shows you are stubborn, cynical, unsociable and unpredictable and can’t withstand the extraordinary difficulties. Likewise, you regularly come to nothing and outrage others, may kick the bucket of mishap or end it all.

Cures or Healing

Despite the fact that the Ring of Saturn is an unpropitious line, just a couple of individuals have such a line while the reasonable and very much characterized line is even less observed. Relax on the off chance that you have the ring. For whatever length of time that you improve the self-development, expand your psyche, keep up an idealistic state of mind, speak with others more, abstain from going into an impasse, have more sympathy and resistance and change your character, the ring will get shallow and vanish.

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Ring of Apollo — Rings in Palmistry

Location of Ring of Apollo

Ring of Apollo begins among rings and center fingers and curves to rings and little fingers. In another manner, it is the circle line situated at the base of ring finger and encompassing the whole Mount of Apollo.

ring of apollo

Ring of Apollo is in the last of rings in palmistry and it is extremely uncommon. It speaks to obstacle and dissatisfaction to the characteristic response and idealistic nature, restricted gratefulness to wonderful things and stifled imagination. Be that as it may, the extraordinary endeavors to take a stab at creation and the uplifting demeanor can cause the ring to vanish. The masterful motivation can be invigorated with social exercises.