Signs on Palm Lines

What is the meanings of Signs and Symbols on Palm Lines?

These are many signs on palm lines that appear with the time on the different areas on palms. These signs and symbols have great importance in palmistry readings. Because if a palmist ignores these signs, he can’t predict accurate things. These signs and symbols represent different types of things which I will explain later in this article.

There are different types of signs and symbols that you can easily find on your palms also. These symbols can indicate both good and bad things, depends on the place where these signs appear. Deep and clear lines considered good in palmistry. Major Lines and some of the minor lines are present at the time of birth, but their shape and the signs and symbols on them are changing with the time.

For example, a person wins a lottery in the age of 21, a star will appear on his mount of sun or sun line, which indicates a financial boost through gambling. So, the star will appear just before it happens. It could be some weeks or months before winning the lottery. There are a lot of things like this need to explain but now I’ll start my article.

There are the main seven types of symbols you can find on palms.

  • Island
  • Circle
  • Dot
  • Net Sign
  • Star
  • Cross
  • Square

Island Signs on Palm Lines

Island is considered an unlucky sign in palmistry. I can spoil the qualities of lines or mount where it appears.

For example, A island on the lifeline indicates the chronic disease or complication in health. And we can find the date of that disease with the age of lifeline when the island appears on the lifeline.

An island that appears on the headline indicates that the person will have mental issues, like depression, stress, or some other dangerous mental disease.

If an Island appears on the heart line, it represents the heart weakness. If it is placed below the sun mount on the heart line it indicates heart problems, like a heart attack or other heart problems.

The fate line is one of the most important lines in palmistry. If an island appears on the fate line it represents that the person will have financial loss or job loss. It also indicates the problem in career or instability in finance.

Island on the Sun line represents the loss of reputation. The person will lose his reputation in the social circle. The person will be humiliated in society because of some scandal.

An island on the health line indicates a dangerous disease. If it appears on the upper side of the health line and the nails of the person are small and in round shape, it means the person will have lungs or chest problems, like asthma, etc. If nails are small and moon on the nails, it indicates that the person will suffer from heart or blood problems.

Island on the mount of the moon shows kidney or gall bladder problems. Even an island appear on any line or mount can create problems and it is an unlucky sign.

Circle Signs on Palm Lines

The circle is only considered good on the amount of sun. It is also an unlucky sign on all other lines and places on palms. Circle on the mount of the moon represents the death that occurs from drowning.

Dot Signs on Palm Lines

The dot suspends the qualities of the lines temporarily where it appears. For example, if a dot appears on the headline, it represents a tragedy or brain injury. On the health line, it represents a fever or sickness. But on other lines, it doesn’t have any specific meanings.

Net Signs on Palm Lines

Net on any mount on palm represents delay, obstacles, and struggle. It depends on the mount. If it appears on Jupiter’s mount it represents a problem in studies or leadership. If it appears on the mount of mercury, it indicates a problem in communication and business. The net can delay and remove the qualities of the mount where it appears.

Star Signs on Palm Lines

The Star is an important sign in palmistry. It is considered anywhere in the palm except in place.

Star on the mount of Jupiter represents power, respect, authority, and leadership.

The star appears on the mount of the sun represents a lot of wealth and fame in the social circle.

On the mount of mercury, the star represents the success in business and extraordinary success in the science and technology field. It also shows that the person will be a soft-spoken and very good communicator.

Star on the mount of mars, below the mount of Jupiter indicates high status, the person will get fame and high status in war. This person will contribute to war and will be successful, and it will make him very famous like Wellington in Waterloo.

If the star appears on the mount of mars below the mount of mercury, it represents that the person will get a lot fame because of his hard work. These peoples can become part of the local government, like MPA, counselor, social worker, or municipal administrators.

The star on the mount of the moon represents the person who will get fame and honor because of his creative skills and inventions. These peoples can become very good writers, painter, scientists, or artists.

Star on the mount of Venus also represents success. The person who has the star on the mount of Venus will be highly attracted to the opposite sex. These peoples will have a lot of friends from the opposite sex.

The Star on the mount of Saturn is not considered good, it is an unlucky sign. The person who has this sign will have no control over his luck. The person is just like a toy in the hands of luck. These peoples can suffer because of enemies, cheaters, and traitor’s whole life. This person’s life ends in a terrible tragedy. Probably a king ruled by disaster and destruction. 

Cuts Signs on Palm Lines

Cuts are also mostly seen on palms. It is considered good only on the mount of Jupiter. It will be a lucky sign if it appears on Jupiter’s mount.  On the mount, it represents blessings that come from love and relationship. It is also an indication of a love marriage. All other places it is not considered good.

If it appears on the mount of Saturn it represents sudden or accidental death.

Cut on the amount of the sun represent the loss of wealth and reputation.

The Cut on the mount of mercury indicates that the person will be the cheater and dishonest.

If it appears on the mount of mars, below the mount of mercury. It shows a very strong opposition against the person.

If it appears on the mount of mars, below the mount of Jupiter. It shows a lot of quarrels and physical fights in a person life. And he may lose his life in some fight.

It creates ominous effects on the creative skills of the person if it appears on the mount of the moon. These peoples mostly cheat themselves and their death will occur because of drowning.

Cut on the mount of Venus represents ominous effects on love life and relationship.

If a cut appears on the brain/ headline it indicates the brain injury.

And the cut on the heart line represents the sudden death of the lover.

Square Signs on Palm Lines

Square is known as the savior of dangers, it is also the sign of protection. It indicates the protection from hazards.

If it appears on the lifeline, it represents that the person will be safe from danger at that age.

Square on the fate line protects the person from financial loss and disasters.

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