Lottery winning signs in Palms

How do you know if you are lucky in Gambling or Lottery???

First of all, I want to suggest to you all that don’t run away behind the easy money like lottery or gambling, because it is not a consistent way of income. A slow and steady way of earning is a much better option. If you win a big lottery or a big amount it is a maximum chance that you will lose it very soon. it has many reasons, first one is karma and another is greediness. because when we earn a lot of money in minutes, we will become greedy to get more and more and mostly peoples lost their money like this.

There are some special signs in hands which can tell us that how can our luck work in gambling and lottery. These days it’s really tough to earn money, maximum peoples are looking for easy methods to get a lot of money fast. Winning a big lottery can make a person a millionaire in one night.

But it is not easy for everyone to win this. In the world, only 1% of lucky peoples have still able to win big lotteries. And 99% of people’s lost their money in this race. In this blog, I am going to discuss some very important signs and symbols of your palms which can indicate how much you lucky in gambling and lottery.

Here are the Signs that indicates to win a Lottery

  • Ring Finger Equal to the Middle Finger
  • SunLine Starts from the Fate Line
  • Star on the Sun Line
  • Money Triangle on Palm
  • Business Line Branches
  • Lucky Signs on Palms
  • Invisible worry lines

Ring Finger Equal to the Middle Finger

The ring finger is related to planet sun. This finger indicates luck, fame, arise, wealth, and boost in income. A long ring finger makes a person risk-taker and gambler. These type of pf persons love to take risks.

The middle finger is related to planet Saturn. Saturn is a planet that brings delays, struggle, disappointments, unexpected things, ups and downs in life, and grief. in the case, if Saturn is strong it will bring very good luck to you. A long Saturn finger makes a person crooked, gangster, gambler, selfish, and tricky.

Now comparison of these two fingers: if we see it astrologically, we can say when both fingers are equal it means both planets have equal strength in your birth chart. Sun brings fame and wealth and Saturn brings ups and downs and delays. Planet Saturn mostly gives some good effects at a later age. when these both fingers will be equal in a hand it brings a lot of wealth from any unexpected source. This source could be a Lottery, gambling, receive gift or inheritance, etc… But it is confirmed that the person who has equal these both lines will get huge wealth in an unexpected way

Note: For this sign both fingers must have good length.

Sun Line Starts from the Fate Line

As I discuss Sunline indicates luck, fame, arise, wealth, and boost in income, and Fate Line indicates destiny.

If the fate line is clear, good, deep, and free from any breakage or afflictions. And sun line starts from the fate line and it is also deep and clear and reach on the sun mount it brings a lucky boost for the person. This person can get huge wealth with Lottery or gambling in that period.

Star on the Sun Line — Lottery Sign

A star that appears at the end of the sun line also indicates good luck and wealth. Star is considering a very good sign in palmistry in most places. On the sun line, it indicates an unusual and unexpected way of income or financial boost. it also shows that the person will get money from marriage or career. But still, there is a chance to win a big lottery or get a big advantage from the local government like scholarship, a loan or something else.

Money Triangle on Palm — Lottery Sign

A line arises from the fate line and reaches to the headline and fate line is also long enough to reach the headline and make a triangle is called Money triangle.

Now the question is how can this sign gives a person wealth and good luck. Lines arise from the fate line and go upwards are the positive signs in palmistry. These signs indicate good luck, getting a job, getting money, and a financial boost.

When a line starts from the fate line and goes upward to the headline. It shows that the person will get huge benefits from his/her brain and skills. Now when fate line also reached the headline and make a triangle it makes this sign more beneficial and luckier. It is a lottery winning sign in the palm. The amount of money depends on the size of the triangle.

Business Line Branches — Lottery Sign

A Vertical line with the fate line is called the business line. If a business line starts from its normal position and reaches to the mount of sun and a branch arises from the business line on the mount of sun and reached on the mount of Saturn indicates a boost and flow of income. It could be because of some big and beneficial orders or a lottery.

Lucky Signs on Palms

Some Other Lucky signs also show a financial boost and get huge wealth with lottery or gambling. I have discussed all these signs in another post you can read this post here…

Invisible worry lines — Lottery Sign

Horizontal lines start from the Venus mount and reached from the other side of the palm are called worry line. These are also called a negative sign on the palm. These lines indicate a struggle, worriedness, lack of money, and peace.

If these lines have not appeared on hand it is a good sign and brings good luck and good money and peace in life.

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