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Year of the Rat 2020

Rat is the first in the twelve-year pattern of the Chinese zodiac. The Years of the Rat incorporate 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020, 2032…

Rat Year 2020 – Chinese Astrology

In spite of the fact that individuals consider the rat not lovable, and it even advances into unfavorable dialects, it positions first on the Chinese zodiac signs. It has qualities of a creature with soul, mind, sharpness, delicacy, adaptability, and essentialness.

  • Natural Branch of Birth Year: Zi
  • Wu Xing (The Five Elements): Shui (Water)
  • Yin Yang: Yang

Years of the Rat 2020

Year of the RatStart fromEnd
1924Feb 5th, 1924Jan 23rd, 1925
1936Jan 24th, 1936Feb 10th, 1937
1948Feb 10th, 1948Jan 28th, 1949
1960Jan 28th,1960Feb 14th, 1961
1972Feb 15th, 1972Feb 2nd, 1973
1984Feb 2nd, 1984Feb 19th, 1985
1996Feb 19th, 1996Feb 6th, 1997
2008Feb 6th, 2008Jan 25th, 2009
2020Jan 25th, 2020Feb 11th, 2021
2032Feb 11th, 2032Jan 30th, 2033

Fortunate Signs for People Born in Rat Year:

  • Fortunate Numbers: 2, 3
  • The fortunate Colors: gold, blue, green
  • Fortunate Flowers: lily, African violet, lily of the valley
  • Fortunate Directions: southeast, upper east

Things Should be Avoided:

  • Unfortunate Numbers: 5, 9
  • The unfortunate Colors: yellow, earthy colored
  • Unfortunate Direction: west

The character of the Rat — Year of the rat 2020

Individuals conceived in the Year of the Rat are instinctual, intense, and alert in nature which makes them be splendid specialists. They can generally respond appropriately before the most noticeably awful conditions happen. And they are additionally modern and well known in the social association. They are enthusiastic and truly versatile, being mainstream with others.


Versatile, brilliant, wary, intense, alert, positive, adaptable, active, merry


Shy, insecure, difficult, critical, absence of perseverance, peevish

Love Compatibility of the Rat

Best Matches: Ox, Dragon, Monkey

They can coexist with Ox, Dragon, and Monkey accomplices, and their relationship will be very much kept up as new as in the past. There is no huge ascent and fall in their lifetime, however, will never be an absence of sentiment and energy.

Awful Matches: Horse, Rooster

On the off chance that they get together, there will be unlimited squabbles. They are for the most part sharp in words, and only here and there make settles. Exacting in one another’s issues, they can’t be open-minded, which prompts their last uniqueness.

Employment and Careers — Year of the rat 2020

  • Best Jobs: Artist, creator, specialist, instructor…
  • The Best Working Partners: Ox, Monkey, Dragon
  • Best Age to Start a Business: Between 35 to 45
  • Best Career Fields: Finance, Service Industry, and Economy Field

Fortune in Year of the rat 2020

In 2020, individuals conceived in the time of Rat have quite favorable luck in riches and profession. Their compensation may increment and they may get advanced and breeze through some capability tests and get the declarations. In the part of wellbeing, they may have some respiratory framework sickness and heart issues. With respect to love and relationship, the single Rats will begin a relationship in the event that they make a decent attempt to pursue somebody or look for help from the seniors. They are prompted not to drink excessively and go to diversion places.

Rat’s Personality by Western Astrology Signs

Their attributes are particularly dependent on 12 western mysterious signs with Chinese zodiac signs, for instance, sure Aries, yearning Taurus, liberal Gemini, agile Cancer, eager Leo, concentrated Virgo, expressive Libra, touchy Scorpio, attentive Sagittarius, logical Capricorn, courageous Aquarius, and gifted Pisces.

Rat’s Personality by Blood Types

Blood classification O: They are certain, kind, and thoughtful. Individuals respect their uprightness and standards.

Blood classification A: They are intense and mindful, for they can generally detect the unpretentious changes of others. Clean and methodical, they can generally make the living spot agreeable and comfortable.

Blood classification B: Straightforward and active in nature, they are unwavering companions in others’ eyes. In addition, they are faithful and steady seeing someone.

Blood classification AB: Humor and humility are their shinning focuses, and for that, they can make a ton of companions. They are self-assured, having various experiences from their own point of view.

Which Type of Rat Are You?

Individuals conceived in various long stretches of Rat show differed individual characters when tallying the effect from the customary Chinese Five Elements (Wu Xing).

TypesYears of BirthPersonality Traits
Wood Rat1924-1984conforming to traditional ideas., Independent with a proper pride
Fire Rat1936-1996Capable, clever, but lacking a sense of discipline.
Earth Rat1948-2008strong adaptability, A sober and contented mind
Metal Rat1960-2020Persuasive with ready tongue, Sensitive with strong self-awareness;
Water Rat1912-1972Clever with high reasoning staff, yet moderate by and by.

Rat Zodiac Eminent Personalities

George Washington, John F. Kennedy, Wolfgang Mozart, Katherine McPhee, Kelly Osbourne, William Shakespeare, Charlotte Bronte, Truman Capote, Catherine I, Mata Hari, Prince Harry, Prince Charles, Jude Law, Diego Armando Maradona, Zinedine.Yazid.Zidane, Cameron Diaz, Avril Lavigne, Gwyneth Paltrow, Alyssa Milano, Ben Affleck, Eminem, Katy Perry, Scarlett Johansson, Denise Richards, Mandy Moore, Du Fu (an acclaimed Chinese artist in the Tang Dynasty 618 – 907), Zhuangzi (a powerful Chinese Taoist logician in the Warring States Period 475 – 221 BC)

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