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During the lockdown because of the corona, many of us feel a natural urge to slow down. Everyone is getting bored, spend more time at home, and enjoy a good movie in the evening. Here is the list of some really good spiritual movies that can help you to enjoy your downtime and feel uplifted.

Awakening the Zodiac

1h 40min | Crime, Drama, Mystery | 9 June 2017 (USA)

More than a long time since the notorious Zodiac executioner threatened occupants of San Francisco and encompasses, three individuals discover hand crafted movies of a portion of his killings. They at that point set out to follow him down.

10 Questions for the Dalai Lama

1h 25min | Documentary | 1 May 2006 (USA)

How would you accommodate a pledge to peacefulness when confronted with viciousness? For what reason do the poor frequently appear to be more joyful than the rich? Must a general public lose its conventions so as to move into what’s to come? These are a portion of the inquiries presented to His Holiness the Dalai Lama by producer and pilgrim Rick Ray.

Beam looks at a portion of the crucial inquiries within recent memory by weaving together perceptions from his own excursions all through India and the Middle East, and the insight of a remarkable profound pioneer. This is his story, as told and shot by Rick Ray during a private visit to his religious community in Dharamsala, India through the span of a while.

Included is uncommon verifiable film just as film provided by people who at extraordinary individual hazard, recorded with shrouded cameras inside Tibet. Part memoir, part theory, part experience and part governmental issues, “10 Questions for The Dalai Lama” passes on more than history and more than answers – it opens a window into the core of a motivating man. In the event that you had just a single hour, what might you inquire?

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Dying to Know: Ram Dass & Timothy Leary

1h 35min | Documentary, Biography, History | 26 August 2016 (USA)

Dying to Know is a close representation praising two complex questionable characters in an epic companionship that formed an age. In the mid 1960s Harvard brain science teachers Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert started examining the edges of awareness through their trials with hallucinogenics. Leary turned into the LSD master, approaching us to have an independent mind, touching off a worldwide counter-social development and arriving in jail after Nixon called him ‘the most hazardous man in America’. Alpert traveled toward the East turning out to be Ram Dass, an otherworldly educator for a whole age who proceeds in his 80s showing administration through empathy. With interviews traversing 50 years the film welcomes us into the future urging us to consider inquiries concerning life, drugs and the greatest riddle of all: demise.

Awake: The Life of Yogananda

1h 27min | Documentary | 10 October 2014 (USA)

This film utilizes genuine film and meetings to recount to the tale of the Hindu swami Yogananda, who carried yoga and contemplation toward the West during the 1920s.

Gandhi — Spiritual Movies

3h 11min | Biography, Drama, History | 25 February 1983 (USA)

Starring Ben Kingsley, this show accounts the life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who was the pioneer of India’s peaceful development contrary to British principle of the nation.

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The Five People You Meet in Heaven

3h | Drama, Fantasy | TV Movie 24 April 2005

When a janitor understands he is caught in limbo, the best way to get out is to go up against five individuals from quite a while ago.

Happy — Spiritual Movies

1h 16min | Documentary, Drama, Family | 3 July 2013 (Belgium)

From the narrows of Louisiana to the deserts of Namibia and the towns of Okinawa. Happy investigates the insider facts behind the feeling of being glad and the stuff to look after it.

I Am — Spiritual Movies

1h 35min | Drama | 18 September 2010 (USA)

Filmmaker Tom Shadyac, the imaginative power behind the Hollywood blockbusters Ace Ventura, Liar. And Bruce Almighty, discusses his recuperation after a terrible cycling mishap. Through his excursion, he rises with another feeling of direction, resolved to share his own enlivening. And to take a gander at how he (and we all) can improve the manner in which we live on the planet.

Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awe-some-ness

22min | Animation, Action, Short  | TV Series (2011–2016)

Follow the excursion of the panda Po Ping as he turns into the Dragon Warrior. Loaded with exemplary profound lessons framed in hijinx and humor. These are most loved family motion pictures that grown-ups and children will both appreciate.

Peaceful Warrior — Spiritual Movies

 2h | Drama, Romance, Sport | 23 June 2006 (USA)

Olympic confident Dan Millman meets a service station orderly who shows him another vision for living and contending.

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The Way — Spiritual Movies

2h 3min | Comedy, Drama | 19 November 2010 (Spain)

Directed, created, and composed by Emilio Estevez and featuring his dad Martin Sheen, this film praises the Camino de Santiago, the 1,000-year-old strolling trail in Spain prized by explorers.

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