Tea Leaves Reading: How to Read Coffee or Tea Leaves to Predict Future

Reading Tea Leaves

Also known as tea leaves reading or reading coffee, tasseography is a practice of divination dating back thousands of years. Over this time, many unique symbols and interpretations have been built up.

While it is also very important to note that the specific question or any wish made by the querent is necessary to uncover the real meaning of each symbol, there are some general instruction also to the meanings of different symbols found in your cup of tea or coffee cup during a coffee reading or tea leaves reading.

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Common Tasseography Symbols and Their Meanings

Aircraft (such as airplanes or Flying balloons)Air Craft indicates unsuccessful projects
AnchorAnchor means good luck in business and well stable love life and relationship (Note: If this symbol is Blur or cloudy in appearance, it should be interpreted as the opposite.)
AngelAngels always mean good news, especially in a relationship or love-related matters. They also indicate guardian angels.
ApplesSymbols like apple meanings long life and success in educational matters or business.
ArrowsArrows indicate bad messages or bad news from the directions in which the arrow points.
AxeAxe means problems comings towards you.
BirdsBird’s symbol means good luck, possibly a happy and successful journey.
BoatsBoats indicate a visit from a friend in tea leaves reading.
BouquetIt means very good luck and good helpful friends. It also means success, and happy love life in tea leaves reading.
BridgeYou will have a good journey if you got the symbol of the bridge in your cup.
ButterflyButterfly indicates success and pleasure are coming into your life soon.
CandleCandle Symbol is the biggest sign of enlightenment.
CarSymbol of the car approaching wealth in tea leaves reading.
CastleCastle indicates mysteries and an unexpected fortune (monetary or otherwise).
CirclesGot a circle in your cup of tea or coffee means unexpected money or presents.
how to read tea leaves — reading tea leaves meaning

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CloudsClouds bring serious troubles and problems unless surrounded by dots! (This also means monetary success.)
CloverClover’s symbols are the sign of very good luck; prosperity and happiness in tea leaves reading.
CoffinCoffin means lengthy sickness or maybe the death of a loved one.
CompassesIt indicates business travel in tea leaves reading.
CowThe symbol of a cow appears in your cup means prosperity.
CrossThe Cross is the indication of delay or death and troubles in tea leaves or coffee reading.
CrownThe Crown is the symbol of success and honor.
DaggerDagger means that you will get help from good friends.
DragonDragons indicate transformations. (large and sudden changes)
EagleThe Eagle symbol is the indication of honor and wealth achieved through a change of house (Migration to new lands).
ElephantThe symbol of an Elephant means luck and good health in tea leaves reading.
FishFishes mean good news coming from another country.
FoxFox symbol indicates backstabbing from close friends.
GoatThe symbol goat is the sign of enemies in your life.
GreyhoundIt means hard work will pay off soon with good fortune.
how to read tea leaves — reading tea leaves meaning

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GunGuns symbol in the teacup indicates disharmony and slander in tea leaves reading.
HammerHammer symbol means to overcome challenges.
HatYou will get success in life soon if you got a hat sign in your cup of tea or coffee.
HeartThe heart symbol in the teacup indicates that good things are coming towards you, such as money (if surrounded by dots) or happy marriage (if with a ring)
HorseshoeIt is the indication of a life partner, you will be successful in choosing a partner, a lucky trip.
HourglassImminent danger is waiting for you if you got the hourglass symbol in your teacup.
HouseHouse symbol shows success in business.
Kettleit is the indication of death.
KiteKite is the sign of a long trip leading towards prosperity and honor.
KnifeThe knife means to fight. It indicates disaster because of fighting and hatred in tea leaves reading.
LadderThe symbol of the ladder is the sign of travel.
Letter (square or rectangular leaves)Indication of news, initials nearby signify the bearer of the news; dots with the letter means money. But if the symbol of the dots is cloudy, it means loss of money.
LinesLines appear in teacup means journey, and the direction of the journey (when reading with nearby symbols); wavy lines indicate difficult journeys; straight lines indicate happiness and long life.
MoonIndication of happiness and success, if you got moon symbol in your cup. A crescent moon shows prosperity.
MountainMountain symbol means a powerful friend. If more than one mountain appears in the cup, it means powerful enemies.
how to read tea leaves — reading tea leaves meaning

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MushroomThe symbol of the mushroom indicates a sudden separation between the lovers and following a fight.
OwlIt means poverty, sickness, and warning against starting a new job business if you got the Owl symbol in a teacup. It also means deceit in love and some other unlucky events.
PearIt indicates wealth and social status. Possibly a business move or marriage which will bring financial benefits in life.
PeopleHuman symbol varies with what are they doing, but the symbol of peoples is usually good.
PigThe symbol of Pig indicates a selfish lover and jealous friends.
Pine treeIt means contentment in tea leaves reading.
RabbitThe rabbit symbol in teacup means success in the city.
RatLosses through the enemies or employees are the meaning of rat symbol in tea leaves reading.
ReptilesReptiles symbols mean arguments with lovers and other family members.
RingThe ring symbol shows the marriage. If a letter is nearby, it may be the initial of the future lover or spouse. if the ring is at the bottom, it means delay and the marriage will not take place soon. If the ring is surrounded by the clouds, it signifies an unsuccessful /unhappy marriage.
SawIt means the trouble from strangers.
Scales (old-fashioned, weight-measuring ones)The scale’s symbol that appears in the cup means a lawsuit.
ScissorsScissor symbol means to fight, arguments, a break-up, or illness.
SharkMust be careful if got shark symbol in a teacup because it is an indication of the danger of death.
SheepSheep is the symbol of prosperity and success in life
how to read tea leaves — reading tea leaves meaning

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ShipThe symbol of a ship in a cup means a successful and beneficial journey.
SnakesSnakes mean a bad omen. You must be careful!
SquaresIt means comfort and peace.
StarStars mean good luck. if surrounded by dots, honor, and wealth.
SwanSwans symbols show good luck and a happy love life
SwordSigns of Swords means arguments, especially between partners/lovers. A broken sword means victory of the enemy.
TreesTree symbols indicate good luck; prosperity and happiness. If surrounded by dots, Good Luck will be found in the home country.
TrianglesIndication of good luck or an unexpected inheritance.
UmbrellaThe Umbrella symbol shows difficulty and annoyance.
UnicornIndication of scandals in tea leaves reading.
WheelThe symbol of the wheel means inheritance.
WormsIf worm symbols appear in a teacup it means secret enemies.
how to read tea leaves — reading tea leaves meaning

Placements of Tasseography Symbols

The placement of a tasseography image in the cup often adjustments its meaning, whether or not barely or completely. Here are examples of this:

A clover close to the pinnacle of the cup manner desirable good fortune will come soon, however the nearer it receives to the lowest manner the extra remote the good fortune is.

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A canine symbolizes desirable buddies if close to the pinnacle of the cup, untrue buddies if close to the center, and mystery enemies if at the lowest.

How the symbols engage with other, close-by symbols can alternate their meanings, as well. For example, arms are interpreted in relation to what’s close to them, together with what they’re pointing in the direction of or attaining in the direction of.

Also, the general placement of symbols withinside the cup can alternate their meanings. Some readers divide the cup into sections to study with regard to the desire or query the reader has centered on for the reading. Here are a few techniques of this:

Divide the cup into vertical halves (left and proper), using the take care of to the proper as an anchor point. The symbols at the left facet are ability bad outcomes, whilst the symbols at the proper are ability tremendous outcomes.

Divide the cup withinside the equal way, however, use them to answer “yes” or “no” to the query of the querent.

Divide the cup into horizontal halves (pinnacle and backside). The backside 1/2 of indicates the beyond and the pinnacle 1/2 of indicates the future.

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