Mars – Astrological Characteristics of Mars


Mars / Mangal is on number seven in Planets in Astrology. It is a savage super-hot planet and its vitality can’t be contained. This vitality should be discharged, as a rule through activities and physical methods. Mangal causes us to take up difficulties, battle head-on, and win notwithstanding the chances, with boldness and a serious soul.

Transit in Each Sign 45 days
GemstoneRed Coral
TemperamentHot, Malefic
Ruling Body PartBone marrow and red blood cells
Status in Imperial StarsDefense Minister
Astrological Characteristics of Mars

Astrological Facts about Mars 

FriendsJupiter, Moon, Sun
NeutralVenus, Mercury
Own SignAries, Scorpio
Exalted inCapricorn
Debilitated inCancer
Mool TrikonAries
Mahadasha Period7 Years
ProfessionsSurgery, farming, property, weapon dealing, police, military, sports, mathematics, defense, law, mechanics, automobile, mining, technology, explosives, red grams, iron and steel, and corals.
Astrological Characteristics of Mars

It speaks to all types of physical energies, including sexual. This is the planet that orders you to ascend and take care of your life than pausing. It appears that the expression “activities talk stronger than words” was inferred to remember Martian vitality. Mars surely assists with beginning something without any preparation and make it into something significant, and all because of the soul and aspiration it soaks up in the individual.

Mars in Indian Vedic is synonymous with power. It gives you the drive to win and become the best, be it grinding away or play-field. In any case, remember that Mangal makes you warrior-like, not war-like. Its vitality can be both valuable just as damaging, contingent on how it is utilized, and where Mars is put in a horoscope.

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Astrological Characteristics of Mars

Mars is a sweltering planet, fourth from Sun, and gives off an impression of being red in shading when seen from Earth. It is around 56 million km a long way from Earth. Mars rotates around Sun and finishes one insurgency in 687 days. Mangal turns retrograde, seems to go in reverse from Earth. Its retrogression period is around 60 to 80 days and happens after around like clockwork. What’s more, Mars takes around 45 days in each sign and about two years to finish its hover of the entire zodiac belt.

Signification of Mars in Indian Astrology

With fire as its component, Mars in Indian Vedic is a manly planet implying quality and amazingness. The positive impact of this searing planet is related to mental fortitude, eagerness, movement, youth, essentialness, dynamism, certainty, commencement, advancement, and inventiveness. Its negative impact hints at the presumption, sense of self, outrage, hardheadedness, narrow-minded disposition, and foolishness. Mangal in horoscope can be both positive and malefic relying on its arrangement. It can help beat difficulties, topple rivalry, and prevail upon foes. Then again, its vitality can act naturally damaging also causing hurt, injury, wounds, mishaps, and extreme sexual inclination to the local.

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An all-around put Mars in horoscope can be sure as it makes the individual a righteous warrior. Such an individual as a rule has high qualities and is an equity adoring soul sponsored by aspiration and boldness. They have a decent authority over their forceful senses and use it astutely. Individuals having Mars in Ascendant are typically alluring and look more youthful than their age. Such an individual for the most part has successful organization and authority abilities.

Then again, a distressed Mars can make the individual hesitant and frightful and if Mangal is excessively solid in the diagram, it can make the individual savage and inclined to pointless hostility. Tormented Mangal can likewise make the individual ambitionless. Such an individual may battle to center their energies the correct way. They may likewise experience the ill effects of loss of imperativeness and stamina, strong shortcoming, aggravation, migraine, high fever, and so on. In general, Martians are touchy, love to offer their assessment and win contentions, are very intelligent, and actually solid.

In Vedic Astrology, Mars arrangement is significant in horoscope coordinating as it causes Mangal Dosha.