Girdle of Venus


Situated over the Heart Line, Girdle of Venus is the angled line encompassing center finger and ring finger. It’s additionally viewed as the sister line of Heart Line which is frequently observed on the delicate palms. Individuals with the Ring of Venus highlight solid feeling of excellence and ability in workmanship and creation. They are exceptionally bright and will in general have infatuation; they care about the other gender without a doubt, express their affection fastidiously, get injured effectively and respond viciously to cherish.

Support of Venus is otherwise called the radiation line since it is generally observed on the palms of those working in the radiation condition, for example before PCs for quite a while.

girdle of venus


The bend formed and away from of Venus, beginning among file and center fingers and consummation among ring and little fingers, with no break is the best. Individuals with such kind of Ring of Venus are astute and of incredible feeling of magnificence, so it is regularly found on the palms of celebrities and specialists.

On the off chance that the Mount of Venus is brought up in the interim, it demonstrates desire and scattered propensity; if the Mount of Venus isn’t self-evident, it shows a high righteousness and a magnificent name.

On the off chance that the Heart Line is additionally very much characterized, it infers satisfying the desire with the assistance of others; if the Heart Line is not well characterized, it suggests passionate misfortunes and falling into enticement.


The straight Girdle of Venus near the Heart Line is likewise viewed as the monetary line which shows the good karma for benefit and startling fortune; individuals with the undeniable line are acceptable at money related administration and reasonable for clerk, bookkeeper and different occupations and can get both notoriety and riches; individuals with the muddled and chaotic line will in general have poor karma for riches and be occupied with life throughout the day.


In the event that the Girdle of Venus is in waves, it shows apprehension, nostalgia, negative character, disappointment in bearing upgrade, over-reliance on others and hesitant demeanor.


Individuals with various Rings of Venus are interested and curious on anything; they are anxious to do well in all things and now and then purposely to make things look baffling. Individuals with numerous equal and clear rings are wistful, efficient and promising. Individuals with confused rings are flighty in warmth, have poor discretion and will in general fall flat in light of unfortunate propensities.


Individuals with broken Ring of Venus are enchanting yet unfaithful in a relationship and regularly change about; they can share weal yet no misfortune, in this way the normal perilous darling.

Individuals with the messed up Ring of Venus in the center are nostalgic and affectionate.


Individuals with short Ring of Venus are suspicious, rigid and wavering, absence of security and split hairs.

Near the Heart Line

In the event that the Girdle of Venus is excessively near the Heart Line, it demonstrates being dependent on affection and cynical; if the Ring of Venus is clear and unblemished, it suggests the great turn of events; it the Girdle of Venus is shallow and chaotic, it shows getting injured in adoration and individual money related misfortunes.

Associate with Heart Line

On the off chance that the Heart Line scopes to the territory between the file and center fingers and crosses with the Girdle of Venus. It demonstrates being over the top, going off to some far away place and loss of riches and distinction. In spite of the fact that individuals with this sort of line are keen, they will in general be demolished by their own knowledge, unflinching and have negative behavior patterns however will have a smooth existence in later years. Additionally, they are excited, over-subject to other people and ensnared by the companions made imprudently.

Associate with Marriage Line

On the off chance that the Ring of Venus compasses to the Mount of Mercury and meets with the marriage line. It infers the insecure marriage helpless against the outsider or stepping in the relationship of others. In the event that the Head Line is inadequate, it proposes the wild desire and naïveté.


On the off chance that the Ring of Venus has an island, it infers the late marriage; in any case, the early marriage will prompt skeptical disposition and non-recuperating malady. Despite the fact that the individuals are eager and liberal, they are frequently nonsensical and influenced by feelings.


On the off chance that the Girdle of Venus is hair-molded toward the end. It demonstrates the yearning, energetic and critical character and trouble in achieving high-flying profession. If the entire Ring of Venus is hair-formed. It proposes the flighty inclination will get progressively genuine with the age, and the inability to make incredible accomplishments and take the expending wants leveled out.

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