Rahu – Astrological Characteristics of Rahu

Rahu – The Dragon’s Head – North Node

North Node or Rahu is on number eight in Planets in Astrology. Rahu is a reference point in the sky, not a real planet like Sun or Mercury. Notwithstanding not having real physical nearness, its effect is profound and ground-breaking. North node represents realism and fiendishness.

It speaks to interest with remote, travel abroad, specialized callings, older individuals, burglary, hypothesis, unfortunate propensities, progressive inclinations, black market, and smoke. At the point when the North node of moon is negative in a horoscope, it causes disappointment, materialistic inclinations, fears, contorted mental cosmetics, and dreams. Rahu and Ketu are shadowy planets in astrology.

Transit in Each Sign18 months
DirectionNorth lunar node
DayWednesday, Saturday
ColorBlack, Smokey
Ruling Body PartUpper Body
Astrological Characteristics of Rahu

Essential Details About Rahu

Own SignCancer
Exalted inTaurus
Debilitated inScorpio
Mahadasha Period18 Years
Relation In-lawsAncestors
ProfessionsSpeculation, stock brooking, diplomatic work, physiotherapy, poisons, alcohol trade & manufacturing, photography, Xerox, homeopathy, information technology, politics, etc.
Astrological Characteristics of Rahu

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Astrological Characteristics of Rahu

Similarly, like Ketu, Rahu doesn’t have a physical shape or mass like a planet. It is a point in the sky, where Sun’s evident way converges with Moon’s track in the divine circle while moving from North to South heading. Then again, when Moon crosses the ecliptic during its development towards the North, the purpose of convergence is called Ketu. These focuses are not still in the sky, there is a slight development in their situation on a yearly premise, roughly 19 degrees and 30 min. Rahu is known as the North Node of the moon and the leader of the mythical beast in Hindu Mythology. It takes around 18 years to finish its transformation around the zodiacal circle and remains in each sign for around 1 ½ years.

Significance of Rahu in Hindu astrology

North Node identifies with oblivious wants, desires, delights, dread, and uncultured conduct. It works a lot like Saturn and can bring unforeseen misfortunes, adversities, disappointment, and dissatisfactions throughout everyday life. This planet is bestial in nature. It grants the individual with common solaces, sudden achievement, gains, wealth, influence, and quality.

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When situated emphatically in a horoscope, it gives triumph over foes and resistance as well. Yet, the issue is that there is constantly a feeling of disappointment. Rahu makes you perpetually discontent with your aspirations, gains, achievement, cash, and way of life. There is an unquenchable yearning for additional. It suffocates the local into oblivious wants, which he can’t fathom yet tenaciously seeks after. This prompts addictions, fanatical conduct, excessively eager nature, ridiculous desires, and dreams.

North Node is firmly connected with mysterious sciences. Additionally to the clouded side of human character. It is progressive in nature, remains against the standards, and shows. It speaks to the unlawful and the dull. The component of remote additionally becomes an integral factor. Rahu likewise identifies with profound vitality on the other hand. It gives information on the higher parts of life, the mysterious and otherworldly. It gives solid instinct and top to bottom comprehension of brain research.