Types of Hands


Perusing the types of hands is the least difficult strategy in palmistry. The sort of hand shows one’s fundamental character and qualities, just as the way and mentality of get things done. In the event that there is any distinction between the investigations aftereffect of the sort of the hand and different methods for palm perusing, the outcome ought to be dependent upon the previous.

In China, in view of Chinese Five Element hypothesis, hand types are isolated into five sorts: Metal Hand, Wood Hand, Water Hand, Fire hand and Earth Hand. Following are the definite hand highlights, character, profession and love investigation of the five kinds of hands. Check what kind of hand do you have now.

METAL HAND — Types of Hands

Metal Hands Belong to the peoples who have the ability to lead and work hard.

Highlights: square palms, fingers and nails; white, dewy, plump and versatile palm.


Metal hand is the first types of hands. People of metal hands are down to earth, not influenced by vanity, solid willed and well behaved. They are competent and gifted in initiative, have the feeling of decency and equity, as to secure as opposed to menace the feeble. When they are helped, they will take care of. Additionally, they are reluctant to let down or exploit others, and will in general respect the powerless however not to the solid. Individuals of this hand type have the mental fortitude to get through the negative circumstance, withstand the weight and change the earth to control their own fate. Here and there, they are dynamic to such an extent that individuals around feel the extraordinary weight.

Love Relationship

They are determined at this point unromantic, and can’t acknowledge the enthusiastic misdirection or the reckless and easygoing darling talking sugared words. Rather, they incline toward the forceful and proficient. In the event that you need to begin a relationship with somebody of metal hand type, you have to demonstrate your affection with the commonsense activity.


No issue which industry they pick, they have to build up the official capacity and do the presentation arranged work, for example, pioneer, supervisor, official and lawful expert. This sort of work requires correspondence, coordination and collaboration, and is objective coordinated, for which they can deal with all the more effectively and better arrive at their maximum capacity.

WOOD HAND — Types of Hands

Wood Hands Belong to Emotional, Esthetic and Creative People

Highlights: Oblong hands with long fingers, very much characterized knuckles, and extreme thumbs hard to twist.


Wood hand is the second types of hands. People of wood hands are obstinate and autonomous and lean toward getting elevated to being smothered. With no complex of reliance however restrictiveness, they frequently keep secretive to other people, loathe cliquism, become acclimated to the fixed life design and can scarcely adjust to the evolving condition. They know their own psyche unmistakably and are bold to be and communicate. In the interim, they can embrace the due commitments and deal with the powerless. Being considerate and thoughtful, they are regularly contacted without any problem. In addition, they are interested, typically get to the base of things and show their uncommon ability in religion, workmanship, reasoning, brain science, and so forth.

Love Relationship

Wood hands are sentimental and will in general have the Platonic love. Of high taste, they won’t be flipped except if the darling is ideal both inside and outside and has the prominent demeanor.


No issue which industry they pick, they have to take part in the static work requiring thinking, for example, open organization, advertising, culture and craftsmanship, scholastic research, innovation and creation, theory and religion, and non-benefit business. This sort of work is soul arranged and requires ability, perfect and fixation.

WATER HAND — Types of Hands

Water Hands Belong to Resourceful People, Sentimental and highly Talented

Highlights: Wide, full and smooth palms with squat fingers, round fingertips and long nails.


Water hand is the third types of hands. People of water hands are brilliant and capable quick students who have sharp perception and like to investigate reality behind things. They are clear-disapproved and gloat the novel judgment and scientific capacity. In spite of the rich creative mind, they absence of execution and activity and regularly enjoy void talk. Additionally, they can adjust to the general condition in various jobs and change the condition regardless of how extreme it is.

Love Relationship

They may go gaga for individuals from various foundations and draw in one another for the novel and various emotions. Be that as it may, the psychological hole should be survived. They are bound to begin a relationship with the one with minimal normal focuses however numerous distinctions.


No issue which industry they pick, they for the most part take part in the reasoning focused brain-work, for example, administrator contemplating activity procedure, business staff pondering deals increment, explore faculty considering specialized forward leap, advertising staff contemplating market advancement, and craftsman considering work creation. This kind of work is mind fueled and requires consistent reasoning, key examination and inventive creative mind.

FIRE HAND — Types of Hands

Fire Hands Belong to Charming and Emotional People of Professional Proficiency

Highlights: Long palms and fingers, not well characterized knuckles and rosy nails.


Fire Hands is the fourth types of hands. People of fire hands are snappy masterminds with 3-minute enthusiasm. They are enthusiastic and clear about what to love or despise; they are happy to forfeit for the one they love yet would prefer not to have any contact with the one they abhor. As keen quick students, they are keen on numerous things and can talk honestly with confirmation yet absence of constancy.

Love Relationship

With great looks, they regularly experience passionate feelings for from the outset locate and build up the relationship rapidly. Be that as it may, the sweetness won’t keep going long and they for the most part surrender in midway since it is hard for them to keep up a similar enthusiasm from start to finish. In this manner, in the event that you are hanging tight for the wonderful love, you may shroud away your outer magnificence to locate the correct one who cherishes your spirit instead of face.


Full of ability, insight, fortitude and power, fire hands can embrace the errand alone and they like to have space and stage to progress courageously instead of the fixed example. Their superb exhibition regularly causes others to feel they are asocial. For them, the most significant thing will be the even turn of events, correspondence and coordination.

EARTH HAND — Types of Hands

Earth Hands Belong to Down-to-Earth and Rational People of Good Executive Capability

Highlights: Thick palms and fingers, enormous wrists, coarse skin and palm print, thick muscle at the thumb base.


Earth type is the fifth types of hands. People of earth hands are eager to forfeit themselves to ensure others. They are surrendered to the circumstance and can acknowledge others, having a place with the savvy instead of the know it all. They are accommodating yet somewhat dull, and have numerous important sentiments yet never proclaim haphazardly. Since they don’t care to guarantee credit, their commitments are frequently overlooked. When they leave the first post, their significant job will be figured it out. With a solid feeling of self-security, they make it difficult for others to way to deal with their internal world. Additionally, they never surrender effectively for the things they hang tight, in this manner somewhat obstinate.

Love Relationship

When all is said in done, they really like somebody effectively yet regularly falls flat. Their focal points and internal magnificence are regularly found after quite a while in relationship.


Earth hands have a place with the individuals who work quietly, hang on directly to the end and never flaunt yet make phenomenal accomplishments with the aggregation of experience. They lean toward accomplish their own function admirably to oversee others. In spite of the fact that they absence of multi-utilitarian turn of events, they can generally dedicate to their expert field with incredible endeavors and hang on when others surrender. With the gathering of understanding, they make the vital worth.

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