Life Line: Reveal the Secrets of Life Line in Palms

Place and Meanings of Life Line in Palmistry

The existence line (life line in palmistry) is one of the three significant lines (the other two are head line and heart line) in palm perusing. It begins from the palm edge between the thumb and index finger and reaches out to the base of the thumb. You can locate its precise area from the correct picture.

The greater part of the individuals may think the line is utilized to see an amazing length. It’s an incomplete comprehension. Truth be told, it mostly mirrors an individual’s physical imperativeness and life vitality. Likewise, it appears on the off chance that one will have mishaps or genuine ailments during the entire life.

Can the Length of the Life Line in Palm Predict Long AGE?

No Life Line on Palm: If different lines of your palm are clear and just the existence line is missing, it is anything but a decent sign. It shows an unforeseen weakness and a short life. You are anything but difficult to become ill or have mishaps during the entire life.

Long, profound, delicate and ruddy life line represents that you are exceptionally impervious to illness and brimming with essentialness.

A short life line shows you are defenseless to ailment. It doesn’t mean a short life expectancy. In character, you are an individual of respectability and rational yet somewhat shy. In addition, others can without much of a stretch impact or control you throughout everyday life.

A thick and clear life line shows that you are fit to an existence of physical work and are acceptable at sports.

A shallow and ambiguous life line implies you are anything but difficult to get disease. Female, you are anything but difficult to experience the ill effects of gynecological irritation and male may experience the ill effects of prostatitis. Profession isn’t so smooth during the early age. In late years, it will go to be better.

life line

A swooping half circle life line on palm around the base of the thumb shows that you are brimming with power, vitality and energy

A Straight life line in palm that sticks near the thumb predicts that you have constrained vitality and are anything but difficult to get drained. Additionally, you are mindful with regards to connections.

Multiplied: If you have an optional line running corresponding with the existence line, it shows you have a solid imperativeness. Particularly, you have a solid protection from malady and self recuperation capacity after ailment. Likewise, you generally can get extra quality and backing from relatives.

AGE ON LIFE LINE in Palmistry

It would be ideal if you discover the ages on the existence line from the image.

  1. Gap the existence line into halves, the center spot shows the age of 40. At that point interface it to the center spot of the ring and center fingers.

  2. Attract an equal line to the primary line from the center spot of the record and center fingers to the existence line. The convergence point is set apart as the age of 20.

  3. Attract an equal line to the principal line from the center of nearly nothing and center fingers to the existence line. The convergence point is set apart as the age of 60.

  4. The finish of the existence line is typically set apart as the age of 80.

If it’s not too much trouble note the ages on the existence line don’t show precise ages. They are estimated ones.

Anchored, ISLAND

Chained: An anchored life line demonstrates that you were brought into the world with unforeseen weakness. You will experience the ill effects of broke well-being particularly has a feeble stomach related framework.

Island: If there is an island on the existence line, it shows the sickness, mishap or hospitalization in a specific time. The size of the island shows the seriousness and length of the ailment.


A messed up life line speaks to an unforeseen mishap, threat, catastrophe or ailment during the life. The more noteworthy the interim is, the more extended the disease will last.

● If the two broken parts cover, you could recuperate in spite of the fact that getting a genuine ailment. The covering length shows the recuperation time.

● If there is a short line corresponding with the messed up life line, either above or underneath the existence line or a square associating the two sections, you as a rule can transform threat into security and completely recoup in spite of the fact that endure genuine ailment.


● If there is an upward branch over the existence line, it shows you are constant, hopeful, positive and have a solid hunger for information. You could get an acclaim and renown during the life;

● If there are numerous upward branches, it shows you are driven and have elevated goals. Be that as it may, an excessive number of such lines show you are a visionary and end up no place since you were unable to keep feet on the ground;

● If there are numerous descending branches toward the finish of life line, it demonstrates your state of being is declining. Likewise, you may consistently feel worn out and forlorn;

● If there are diagonals crossing the finish of life line, it implies you will be experienced malady during the later year;

● For the existence line finishes in a fork, it implies you are occupied and stateless during the center and late year. In the event that you decide to build up your profession outside, you can make some accomplishments.

● Tridents toward the finish of life line shows you love venturing out and regularly want to go in life.

● An unmistakable branch descending split from the centerpiece of the lifeline implies you are anything but difficult to isolate with your families and live separated.

Crosses or Short Lines Cutting on the Life Line in Palmistry

Intersections on the existence line or clear short lines cutting over the existence line shows you would have unforeseen risks, ailment or endure disasters during your life. The more clear the cross is or the short lines are, the circumstance is more terrible to you.

Many Short Lines Cutting the Life Line

In the event that there are numerous lines crossing through the existence line, it shows that you as a rule have a lot of stresses, have an unforeseen weakness condition or meet endless troubles during the life.


A star is made out of three short lines, on the off chance that it shows up on the existence line, it demonstrates sickness. On the off chance that the star shows up on your messed up life line, you ought to abstain from experiencing genuine sickness unexpectedly.

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