Sun – Astrological Characteristics of Sun or Surya

The Sun

Sun is on Number one in Planets in Astrology. The Sun is the life provider, as it is the light supplier. Western and Vedic Astrology lay preeminent accentuation on the Sun, wherein it is considered as one of the significant planets, answerable for giving shape, character, and future to actual existence or an occasion.

The planet of Sun is otherwise called an illuminator and a star in Astrology, and is said to speak to oneself, a person’s character and sense of self, the soul, and the uncommon, interesting attributes, which make an individual one of his sort known to man. The Surya is known to make one’s character and face. According to Vedic Astrology, the Sun likewise connotes one’s innovative capacity and the ability to address the ordinary difficulties that life delivers.

Energy Type Masculine
Time Spent in every Sign 30 Days approximately (one month)
Element Fire
Nature Hot and dry; passionate and fiery
Ruler of the Sign  Leo
Ruler of the House Fifth house
Imparts Health, warmth, life, ability to deal with challenges, authority, attractiveness, ambitions
Astrological Characteristics of Sun

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Astrological Facts About Sun

Ruling Body PartHeart, bones, eyes, hair, head, and overall health
Status in ImperialStars
Friends Jupiter, Moon, Mars
EnemiesVenus, Saturn
Own SignLeo
Exalted inAries 10 Degree
Debilitated in
Libra 10 Degree
Mool TrikonLeo 20 Degree
Mahadasha Period6 Years
ProfessionsGovernment sector jobs, gold, copper, physicians, politicians, medicines, wheat, and ruby related.
Astrological Characteristics of Sun

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Astrological Characteristics of Sun – the existence supplier, the guide of light…

The Sun is considered as a quick-moving planet and an individual planet in astrology when perusing the developments of the planets and the Horoscopes. It is called a quick-moving planet as it requires some investment to cover the Zodiacal circle. The Surya takes roughly 30 days to finish its stay in every Zodiac Sign. The Surya and its situation in one’s Horoscope (just as the Moon) is a powerful apparatus, utilized by the Astrologers for ages, to peruse and comprehend a person’s brain science and character – the qualities, the shortcomings, and so on.

One’s normal dad, spouse, authority figures, and other significant male impacts are additionally said to be managed by the Surya. Additionally, an individual’s introduction to the world of youngsters is implied by the Surya. The Sun’s vitality is viewed as commanding and powerful. What’s more, it favors an individual with characteristics like position, the capacity to lead, and imaginative quintessence. Normally, the Sun additionally implies an individual’s inward embodiment, their center being. Through the desire of this planet, we can figure out how to show ourselves on the planet.

The Surya is lofty, and with regards to its glorious air, it rules sovereignty and higher office. This circle additionally rules over our well-being and prosperity. The Sun’s brilliant shine is a crucial life power that instills us with quality, vitality, and a will to succeed. The Sun invigorates different planets, which is the reason this planet involves a key job in Vedic.