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Sun in Different Houses

Meaning of Sun in all twelfth houses

Sun is the first planet that I am going to discuss with you today. In this article, I’ll explain everything about the sun. I’ll tell you the meanings of the sun in different houses.

Sun in lagna / Ascendant / First House

First House is called self-house, it is related to ourselves, our personality, our general health condition.
Planet Sun represents our self-esteem, ego, issues related to the rulers or government, higher authorities, and main positions. Sun is also the significator of Father in the chart.

Let’s explain how Sun behaves in the first house. In the first house, the sun makes a person highly confident and a leader. The ego is high and the person wants to rule on everyone. The person acts like a king. This type of planet position shows an egoistic natured person. This position of sun also shows the matter related to father; this planet has lots of impacts on the father’s life.
This is a fiery planet and the first house is related to head so it impacts on hairs or head. These peoples are mostly short-temper and become aggressive very quickly.

Because of aggressive and egoistic nature, these people can’t work in a team. Or if they lead the team, they are really strict and make their team unhappy. These types of peoples mostly want to do work alone. In Business, they can do work in partnership because they always want to be dominant on their partner so this thing can spoil business.
In First house sun aspects 4th, 7th and 10th house. It is good aspects for property, mother, home, vehicles, and career but not so good for marriage life.

Sun in Different houses — Second house

The second house is related to finance, money, social values, family, speech and throat.
The Peoples who have sun in second house behave egoistically with their family and finance. They become proud because of their forefathers and love to share their glorious past history with everyone. This planet aspects to 8th house from here which show deep interest in occult things and these peoples always talks authentically.
Sun can cause trouble in family relationship here, specially in childhood. Ego battels can destroy the environment of home. This type of peoples mostly like to live far away from home.

Sun in Different houses — third house

Third house is related to Short distance travel, skills and hobbies, inner courage, things related to business, information and communication skills, marketing skills and younger siblings.
This position makes a person brave and courageous. Sometimes the skill take time to improve so the person will be arisen after the 30-35 years of age. Third house is also called upachaya house so here planets take time to give good results.

Sun in third house is not much beneficial for younger sibling, it maybe possible that the person has no younger siblings. And also, this position of this can afflict younger siblings.
Good placement for career and business. A person have really good communication skills and they will become a good salesman and marketing experts. Working in a group may cause trouble for them but after the age of 35 they realize the importance of team and they learn how to work with the team. They get the ability to control their aggression and ego. And will become successful after the 30-35 years of age.

Sun in Different houses — fourth house

Fourth house is related to home, mother, vehicles, property, peace of mind, home land and school friends.
Sun in fourth house becomes the peoples proud about their home land, home and specially mother.
In this position the planet sun lost its directional strength, so the role of father is minimum in the life. Mostly father remains absent from life and mother take over everything. Mother is more dominant than father and takes all responsibilities of home and kids. Sun in fourth house shows not good relationship with mother.
In career, sun aspects the tenth house from fourth house. So, it shows an authoritative position, the person can get government job.

Sun in Different houses — 5th house

Fifth house is related to intelligence, stack market, education, romance, kids, sports, creation and innovation, gambling and happiness.
This position of sun shows famous peoples like celebrities. Fifth house is natural house of zodiac sign Leo and Leo is home of sun as sun is the ruler of Leo. In case if the are not famous or celebrity they act like celebrities.
These peoples are really proud about their hobbies, interests and intelligence. They can achieve a lot with their intelligence and creativity and this will make them highly confident and relax.

But when a fiery planet is in fiery sign it shows problems regarding to kids and education. They face lot of troubles in love life also because of their egoistic nature.

Sun in Different houses — 6th house

Sixth house is also called dushtana house and also upachaya house. This house is related to enemies, legal issues, obstacles, debts, routine life, disputes, colleagues and diseases.
This placement of sun lot of things like struggle in career, suffering from debts, problems from enemies. Peoples with sun in 6th house becomes more confident when they defeat their enemies. Father of the person can also face problems in job or business.
As I said that 6th house is upachaya house so the person will suffer in early half of life with fighting their enemies but sun will give really good result after the second half of life.
Peoples have sun in sixth house can become very good and successful Lawyer, Judge and Doctor.

Sun in Different houses — 7th house

Seventh house is related to Spouse, marriage, partnerships, marital happiness and market place.
Seventh house is the natural house of Libra which is the debilitated house of sun. Here sun have to face the opposition of relation and ego. These two things can’t stay together so relationship of the person suffers a lot. Physical fights can also be happened with partner. Same situation with business partnerships.
Sun is exalted in first house and debilitated in 7th so sun lost its confidence in this house. These peoples try to gain their confidence whole life. They must do their own work or business; job will not suit them.

Sun in Different houses — 8th house

8th house related to death, re-birth, in-laws, secrecy, occult or hidden things or knowledge, shared properties or wealth with spouse and transformation.
8th house is related to obstacles and ups and downs and sun is confidence. Peoples tried hard to overcome these ups and down with their confidence in early life, but many peoples or events hurt their ego. But they will rise again and they gain their confidence and become successful in later age.
They learnt a lot from their early life mistakes. They will be good secret services, intelligence and research organizations. These peoples have some conflicts with in laws, specially mother in law. They need to work on this.

Sun in Different houses — 9th house

Ninth house is related to philosophy, religion and beliefs, teachers and gurus, knowledge and wisdom, spirituality, house of fortune, law and faith
In this position the person will get higher education, it maybe a foreign degree or Expert in any field. Peoples get lots of confidence because of their knowledge and wisdom. They can become spiritual teacher, guru or head of mosque.
These peoples are highly spiritual and gifted. They have lot of knowledge about hidden and occult things. They have the connection with other world. These peoples are very religious. They can become professors, teachers or lawyers very easily.
But here are some negative effects of Sun also, This can affect the relationship with father and teachers. These peoples don’t respect their teachers and father.

Sun in Different houses — 10th house

10th house is related to government, king, self-esteem, ego, career, father, top position and higher authorities
Sun in tenth house can give a person settlement in career. Person will reach on very high position very easily. They can get lot of favours from government, it could be a government job, scholarships or any other benefits. This position makes a person perfectionist, they can do everything with perfection. They can become a very good administrator or leader. They have strong leadership skills.

10th house is natural house of Capricorn which the house of enemy for sun, so it will create problem for sun again in early life. But with the age person will be settled. This position also shown conflicts with father and boss.

Sun in Different houses — 11th house

11th house is the house of gains, it is also related to income, elder siblings, social circle, friends, income, earning, huge and large companies and firms.
Sun in the eleventh house serves humanity. The person can gain a lot in career and life. This position makes a person wealthy and powerful. These peoples serve in large and multinational organizations on a high post. It doesn’t matter the person who has the sun in the eleventh house born poor but they will never die as a poor. They will earn a lot in life
Results may be delayed because of Upachaya house but after the age of 35 they will arise definitely.

Sun in Different houses — 12th house

12th house represents foreign lands, losses, expenses, hospitals, jails, isolation, and Asylums.
This is called the houses of losses, so every planet even exalted planet also doesn’t give good results here.
Sun in the twelfth house shows a lack of confidence. They can get a chance to go foreign. They can earn from foreign countries or they can work in foreign firms from their homeland too. These peoples have to face a lot of struggle at the start of a career if they choose a career in abroad but they will be settled with time. They gain confidence and get success.

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