Love Marriage Signs in the Palms

Sir can you please tell me whether I have love marriage or arrange marriage in my palm? Being a Palmist, i answers this question to almost every person. Marriage have an great importance in life, it is a new start of life so almost everyone is curious to know about this. Everyone want to know about his/her future marriage.

In this blog i’ll told you about some indications and sign in your palm about love marriage.

English Letter “V” sign in Palm

Heart line is a biggest indicator of love and union in palm. If there some branches upward from heart line it shows some good interaction or love relationships in life. But when a branch start from heart line and goes upward to Mount of Jupiter, it shows a happy love marriage. Because blessings are add in the love relationship and it convert into a legal marraige.

in case fate line merge into heart line and throw a branch towards the mount of Jupiter it also gives the same results.
It also shows a religious person and will get a beautiful and religious partner also.

Sign of Cross on Mount of Jupiter

Cross signs on the mount of Jupiter also indicates a successful and happy love marriage.

The person who have this sign will get a charitable, loving and caring spouse.

Influential Line on Mount of Moon

If a line start from the mount of Moon and meet the fate line it indicates a love marriage. It is also a sign a good luck marriage. Person will become very lucky after marriage.

But it depends on the condition of Moons mount, fate line and mount of jupiter.

Some other signs can change the reading also.

A Branch joining the Heart line and Sun line

A Branch start from heart line and meet the sun line shows a happy Love marraige. These person will get great wealth high fame in society after the marraige.

It also depends on the good and deep sun line and Heart line.

Influence lines meets the heart line

Parallel lines to the Life line are called sister lines, mars lines or influence lines. These lines have great influence on the health and spouse.
If these lines are strong, deep and clear, it means spouse health will be good.

Branches upward from influence lines or from mount of Venus and meet the heart line indicates a truly happy love marriage.

Lines starts from Mount of Venus

If a line starts from mount of venus and meet the fate line it also shows a love marriage which will bring a lucky charm in your life.

St. Andrew Cross Sign

If a well shaped cross appear on mount of venus and there are also a cross on mount of jupiter it indicates a successful love marriage.

This cross has some religious importance also.

Trident on the Heart Line

If a trident is appear on the start of heart line and a star is also on mount of Venus and a cross on the mount of Jupiter, it shows a good compatibility between couples and well balances and happy love marriage.

This sign also shows that you will meet your soul-mate or twin flame in life.

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