Infertility Signs in Women’s Palms

What are signs of infertility in Palms???

After the marriage, every couple and their families wait for the good news of children. It is a dream for every girl to become pregnant and conceive kids. Some women become pregnant easily and conceive kids but, in some cases, women become pregnant after many years of marriage. And also, some couples aren’t able to get kids. In this article, I’ll try to explain all the symbols, signs, and symptoms in women’s palms which can tell us that she will have a problem in pregnancy or conceiving kids. These infertility signs in women’s palms will help you to find out the problem and you can get treatment for this.

Curve sign in Bracelet

In ancient times, Palmist and astrologer use this sign mostly in the girl’s palm to find out whether she will be able to conceive or not. This sign is known as the biggest Infertility Signs in Women’s Palms. But it is only for women palms because during my practice I have read many males with this sign who have kids, so we can’t say that this sign makes man impotence also.
This sign is located on the bracelet lines near the wrist. The last line of the bracelet is curved towards the palm. (As you can see in the picture below)

Mount of Venus

Mount of Venus is also the biggest indicator of love life, romance, sexual relations, and happiness, and fertility. It also shows the intimacy and romance and love. It tells us how much the person is active in her/ his physical relationships.
In astrology, Venus is called the planet of love and if Venus is in its debilitated sign or aspect with malefic planets can make a person sexually weak. Especially if Venus is very close to the Sun, it makes Venus combust and weak.

In palmistry, if a person has a net of lines on the mount of Venus it is the infertility signs in women’s palm. It can also indicate a miscarriage or having a problem in conceiving kids.

Island on Bracelet Lines

Island is known as a bad sign in palmistry. If an island appears on the bracelet lines it is called the infertility signs in women’s palm. Bracelet lines are also related to the physical health of the person so an island on the bracelet can make a person sexually weak which can cause trouble in pregnancy and conceiving kids.

The line starts from the mount of Venus and cross the LifeLine

If a line starts from the mount of Venus and crosses the lifeline it indicates sexual diseases in females like PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) and other ovary problems. It doesn’t make a girl permanently infertile but this sign can delay the pregnancy and they need medical treatment for this problem.

Cross on the Saturn Mount

A cross sign on the mount of Saturn also indicates the very late marriage and late pregnancy. These peoples got kids in old age mostly. Because Saturn is a planet of delays and obstacles.

Cross sign on Mount of Venus

A cross on the Mount of Venus indicates some sexual diseases. These peoples may have a low sperm prostate gland problem. They can recover with proper treatment.

Narrow LifeLine

If the lifeline is narrow and finished on the mount of Venus, it also shows an impotent or infertile person.

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