Indications of Wealth in Palm: Signs That Can Make a Person Billionaire

Wealth signs on Palms

Everyone is curious to know about his/her future financial condition or wealth. Because most of peoples feel insecure about their finance. They are worried when they think if they they will have money in future or not, they can fulfill their dreams and desires or not. That is the reason today i am going to discuss some very important signs and lines that will help you to know about your financial condition in future.

A vertical line on the Mount of Mercury

The planet mercury is related to communication and business. A vertical line on mercury mount shows a business oriented person. if a person have this line, he/she will become wealthy from his/her business. These peoples have natural talent to make money in trade and business, they can easily earn lot of money and will become more successful in life.

This line also shows a settlement in life after marriage if this line starts from the marriage line and goes up to the mercury mount.

Indications of Wealth in Palm
wealth line in palm

Triangle on the Life Line

According to some palmists if a person have triangles on the life line he/she will get lot of wealth in this age. But the triangle must be well shaped. Bigger the triangle can get the bigger benefits.

Indications of Wealth in Palm
Indications of Wealth in Palm

Money Tri-angle on Palm

If a line start from fate line upward and goes upto the head line it is called money triangle on palm. This triangle shows a person have magnetic abilities to earn money.
This shows the earning money from their mental abilities also.

money triangle
Indications of Wealth in Palm

Eye Sign on the Thumb — Wealth

Eye sign on the thumb show good wealth. If it is well shaped and clear and on a strong thumb it shows a money saver person, they can earn a lot and know how to save the money.

eye sign on thumb
Indications of Wealth in Palm

Fish sign on Palm — Wealth

Fish is such an important sign on the palm. It have different meaning on every line.

If a fish sign is appear on start of fate line, it shows the person will get money at any stage in his life, they will get a money boost in some stage.

A Fish sign is appear on mount of mercury it shows great profits in business.

in case a fish sign is on head line it means the person will reach higher with his/her mental abilities.

Fish sign on mount of sun is shown lot of fame and wealth in life.

fish sign on fate line

Star sign on the mount of Sun

All the symbols on palm have an important role. if a star is on the mount of sun or the sun line it shows a rich person. These person can get huge wealth with a lottery or gambling.

star on mount of sun - Indications of Wealth in Palm
Indications of Wealth in Palm

Inheritance Lines — Wealth

A small vertical line that appears between the little and ring finger is called the inheritance line. This line shows to get money from the forefathers, they can get parental wealth and will become rich in life.

Inheritance Lines - Indications of Wealth in Palm

Triangle of Earning — Wealth

Triangle made from Headline, Fateline and Mercuryline is called triangle of money. It is an excellent sign of accumulating huge wealth.
Amount of wealth depends upon the shape of palm and triangle size.

Triangle of Earning - Indications of Wealth in Palm
Indications of Wealth in Palm

Trident on Saturns Mount

A trident on the end of fateline is a very clear indication of wealth. These type of persons gets wealth with more than one source of incomes. They are multi talented, highly skilled and hard working.

it depends if the fate line reach on the mount of saturn.

trident on fate line - wealth line in palm
wealth line in palm

Alphbetic M Sign on Palm

Letter M made by the line of life, line of head, and the line of heart indicates huge wealth in palm and financial settlement after marriage.

If it is well marked and clear it means the person will become wealthy after getting married or the lady luck will favour him.
marriage serves these persons as a motivation, they will become good manager and organizers.

m sign on palm - wealth line in palm
Indications of Wealth in Palm

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