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The heart line in Palmistry (additionally called love line) is one of the three significant lines in palm perusing. It’s simply over the head line beginning from the edge of the palm under the little finger, stumbling into the palm and consummation underneath the center finger or pointer or where they join.

The heart line for the most part demonstrates an individual’s mentality to love and nature of adoration. Regardless of whether you have a profound friendship or not, your feeling is muddled or straightforward, if your adoration and marriage life go easily and whether you could have a decent close to home relationship would all be able to be reflected from the line.

What’s a Good Heart Line

By and large, if your heart line is profound, clear, bended, whole, not blended or cluttered and stretches out to the index finger or between the pointer and center finger, you have a decent love life and feeling. On the off chance that there are a few forks toward the end, it’s greatly improved. It shows you are dependable, acceptable – hearted, companionship weight and mainstream among companions.



On the off chance that your heart line is short (just reaches out to the center finger) or missing, it shows you are narcissistic, merciless, extremist and like to act self-assertively without pondering the results. Hence, you are anything but difficult to be segregated by the individuals around and turn out to be forlorn. For your affection life, it’s likewise not smooth.

Exceptionally Long

On the off chance that your heart line is extremely long which reaches out to the edge of the palm from both side (as in the image appears), it demonstrates you are excessively clear, would prefer to break than twist. In profession, you could get achievement in spite of the fact that you experience a great deal of hardships. Just if your vocation line is clear without broken, you are fit to participate in hypothesis. In adoration viewpoint, the man is typically sentimental and henpecked. The ladies are for the most part dedicated to their adoration. Be that as it may, you as a rule have some significant changes during the life. When separated with kid/young lady companion, or marriage separates, you will get injured truly.

heart line

Ending at the Mount of Jupiter

As the image appears, if your heart line reaches out to the Mount of Jupiter which is situated underneath the index finger. It demonstrates bounty of adoration, extraordinary dreams and elevated requirements.

Consummation Between the Mount of Jupiter and Saturn

On the off chance that your heart line finishes underneath where the Mount of Jupiter (beneath the pointer) joins the Mount of Saturn (beneath the center finger), it shows the absolutely genuine romance.


Curved Heart Line in Palmistry

  • If your heart line bends upwards, it shows you have incredible verbal mastery. When meeting your preferred article, you are acceptable at making sentimental environment and standing up your adoration to him/her;

  • Owning a descending bent line, it shows a negative and frail character. You typically give others an uncomfortable inclination since you don’t set out to pursue and express your adoration emotions. In this way, there are exciting bends in the road with your affection relationship or marriage life.

Straight Heart Line in Palmistry

A straight heart line shows you are steady, moderate, mellow, incredibly friendly and congenial. In adoration, you are generally timid and assume an inactive job in the relationship. On the off chance that the line is clear, moderate long and without doughnut of break, you could have a steady and amicable family.


Draw vertical lines from the focal point of the base of each finger (aside from the thumb) to the heart line and get the ages at the convergence focuses as the picture appears.

The crossing point purpose of the destiny line and heart line demonstrates the age of 55.

It would be ideal if you note the ages on the heart line don’t demonstrate exact ages. They are estimated ones.

In the event that there is any exceptional imprint around the age as demonstrated, it shows your feeling condition during that period.


  • If your heart line parts toward the end and bends downwards, it demonstrates the ability to forfeit everything for affection.

  • Trident toward the stopping point demonstrates general organization. Be that as it may, in adoration life, you are typically hard.

  • If there are numerous branches toward the end, it shows you are consistent in affection simultaneously could get genuine love.

  • Many upward parts on the line are acceptable finishes paperwork for adoration life. In inverse, if there are numerous descending parts, your marriage is anything but difficult to separate.

  • Two or three upward branches close to the start of the line shows the wealth of adoration and extraordinary appeal to another gender.

  • If the line is twofold forked toward the start of the heart line, it shows questions on marriage.


Islands on the line show enthusiastic misery or changes.

During your life, there are some base people blocking you. Notwithstanding your difficult character, it’s difficult to get extraordinary accomplishment and love life is anything but difficult to separate.

On the off chance that the island shows up under the ring finger, it connotes issues with eyes, for example, childishness or feeble sight.


A broken heart line implies incredible difficulties in passionate life.

  • If the line has an enormous hole, it demonstrates outrageous hardship in the relationship and shakiness or separation for the marriage.

  • If the line is broken under the little finger, it shows an excessive amount of weight on cash and material life. Throughout everyday life, you as a rule are difficult to have genuine romance in light of this conviction. Likewise, your relationship or marriage may separate as you were unable to adhere dependably to your accomplice through various challenges.

  • If the line is broken under where the ring finger and little finger joins and finishes beneath where the pointer and center finger joins, for females, it demonstrates a bombed marriage throughout everyday life. Notwithstanding, after the marriage, you can claim genuine romance and appreciate another glad marriage life. It likewise shows you normally go through inefficiently and difficult to set aside cash.

  • A line breaks underneath the center finger and the two sections are not in an orderly fashion shows an ailment or troubled marriage life. You are anything but difficult to separate on account of wastes of time;

  • If the two isolated parts are in a line, you are anything but difficult to experience the ill effects of malady on account of the poor dissemination of blood. In the event that your hand is fat, you should pay considerably more about your blood dissemination. You are proposed to accomplish progressively high-impact exercises to help the course.

  • If the line goes discontinuously, it shows you are fanciful, somewhat hypochondriac, and indiscreet. You are difficult to appreciate a cheerful love life.


  • Some individuals may discover they have no heart line on the palm. It has a place with the circumstance of complete coverage for the heart line and head line which is called Simian Line, Simian Crease or Single Transverse Palmar Crease. In the event that you have a place with this sort of line, it shows an incredibly obstinate character. It’s generally a decent sign for the male and an awful one for the female. The greater part of the male having such a wrinkle could get extraordinary achievement in vocation under their exertion. Be that as it may, the female would hurt the family members around or have an awful effect on her better half.

  • Another circumstance is that the heart line and head line has two focuses after crossing point. This is known as a bogus broken palm. In the event that you own such lines, your relationship as a rule has a great deal of high points and low points. During your middle age, marriage is anything but difficult to separate.

Tied Heart Line in Palmistry

In the event that your affection line has a state of iron chain, it shows you are wistful.

Once there are a ton of chains, you would have a great deal of passionate ensnarements. Particularly during your middle age, you may endure marriage emergencies.


Triangle on the heart line is an unpropitious sign. It shows illness, injuring, mishaps or the mediation of the third one in adoration life.

  • If it shows up over the line, it shows you are whimsical and like to meddle into other’s marriage life as the third one. Likewise, it shows heart-related sickness.

  • If it shows up underneath the line, it demonstrates wounds of the heart or coincidental wounds when excursion with your affection.

  • A square on the line demonstrates passionate despondency and agonies. Some of the time, you may have self-destructive thoughts simultaneously have an extraordinary dread of death.

Multiplied Heart Lines in Palmistry

It shows you are acceptable at communicating love and are active in adoration on the off chance that you have multiplied love lines. In any case, it likewise shows you could acknowledge two connections simultaneously. You are normally capable, lovely, or attractive, drawing in the other gender incredibly.


  • If there are quill-like wrinkles toward the start of your heart line, both above and beneath the line, it shows you are each enthusiastic.

  • If such wrinkles just show up over the line, it shows you are clever, responsive, and brimming with assets in any crisis.


On the off chance that you discover there are many short lines cutting the heart line, it is anything but a decent sign. It shows torments, despondency, and disappointment of adoration life. The profession is difficult to advance in view of the impedance of some base people. Particularly after your middle age, you would have a hard existence. Also, you are anything but difficult to experience the ill effects of hypertension or diabetes at a mature age.


On the off chance that there is a swear on the life line, it implies your profession, study and life are normally secured by your affection. Your affection accomplice may tend to pass on as a result of you.

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