Do you know what is the Palmistry???

Palmistry, likewise called Chirology, is the otherworldly specialty of perusing people groups palms to decide their fortunes and karma. The expression Chirology originates from the Greek words kheir manteia interpreted as “hand divination”, and that is actually what palmistry is. Various frameworks of palmistry can be found in numerous societies everywhere throughout the world including European and Asian. The most conspicuous incorporate the palmistry techniques and practices found in Romani Culture, in Hindu/Vedic Astrology, just as Chinese otherworldly practices.

Palmistry has consistently been viewed as a sacrosanct and regarded science, and even incredible chronicled pioneers like Alexander the Great would pick their officials for directing soldiers in fight dependent on those competitor’s palm readings. Shockingly, the Catholic Church and numerous Protestant Christian gatherings have for the most part seen perusing palms as a taboo workmanship and as a blasphemous and superstitious practice. Standard Islam likewise considers palmistry as haram or illegal by strict law and custom. Numerous cutting edge researchers dishonor palmistry and think its superstitious garbage.

The TRUTH is, in any case, that there IS power in your grasp!


One of the primary driving standards behind Palmistry is that in light of the fact that the Universe is made by a preeminent being, this creation is like a showstopper show-stopper. Like all craftsmen, this preeminent maker being would in all probability leave a mark or some likeness thereof inside the creation that fills in as a proof of work.

This thought is the encapsulated otherworldly idea of the Doctrine of Signatures which has existed since the medieval times. Significantly more established than that is the mysterious guideline of As Above, So Below which essentially implies that at each degree of scale inside the Universe, there is a closeness and correspondence with the other degree of scales. This correspondence exclusively emerges in light of the fact that the Universe is a great and delightfully made and made structure.

In this way, the divinatory specialty of Palmistry, is the information picked up from taking a gander on account of a made living being, a perfect work of art of GOD, and perceiving the examples showed inside this creation. It is realizing that a distinct individual’s destiny, future, karma, character and related parts of oneself are impacted and combined with the sky above and the earth beneath and that there are indications of such things inside the hands of this subject. Realizing how to observe these signs can permit you to comprehend these characteristics and improve significance and comprehension of life occasions and one’s future.

The most effective method to READ PALMS:

There are numerous approaches to peruse an individual’s palms. When perusing an individual’s palms, you will need the individual who is being perused to grip both their hands into a tight clench hand while you catch the two clench hands with your hands. Together, gradually have the individual open two hands while you hold them. You may need to rehash this procedure a couple of times. This permits the wrinkles, overlap, and lines of the hands to turn out to be progressively conspicuous and simpler to perceive.

Dominant Hand

Prevailing Hand: When understanding palms, it’s essential to distinguish the predominant hand of the individual being perused. There are numerous minor departure from the importance of your prevailing hand versus your nondominant hand with palmistry. The most widely recognized translation is that the nondominant hand speaks to qualities you are brought into the world with, and the predominant hand speaks to traits you develop for an incredible duration.

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