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Jupiter in different houses

Meaning of Jupiter in all twelfth houses

Jupiter is the third planet that I am going to discuss with you today. In this article, I’ll explain everything about Jupiter. I’ll tell you the meaning of Jupiter (planet of knowledge and wisdom) in different houses.

Jupiter in Lagna / Ascendant / First House

First House is called self-house, it is related to ourselves, our personality, our general health condition.
Jupiter is also called the planet of blessings. It is the most beneficial planet in astrology. Jupiter is related to knowledge and wisdom, philosophy law, spirituality, elderly peoples, teachers, religion, and literature. It also indicates the husband in the girl’s chart.

Jupiter in the first house indicates a knowledgeable person, the person will be famous in his society, friends, and social circle because of his vast knowledge and wisdom. His/her knowledge makes him/her honorable and respectable in society. Even if the peoples having Jupiter in the first house are not highly educated but they have good knowledge about everything. They can talk on any topic without preparation. These peoples have the natural talent to become a teacher or professors.

Philosophy has a great impact on their personality. Jupiter’s aspect to the 5th house from Lagna is made the person creative and a good businessman. These peoples concentrate a lot on their children’s education. They want to see their kids highly educated and knowledgeable. Sometimes the kids and spouse become the tools to get knowledge and wisdom for these peoples because of Jupiter’s aspect 7th house also from Lagna /first house which is related to marriage and partner.

And the last Jupiter aspect to 9th house, 9th house is also a house of spirituality, pilgrimages, and wisdom. This is a very strong position for education. This position makes a person highly educated; they can get a doctorate degree in any field. They are true philosophers, there education and knowledge level are very high.

Jupiter in different houses — Second house

The second house is related to finance, money, social values, family, speech, and throat.
This position of Jupiter makes a person religious and spiritual. A person may belong to a spiritual or religious family. These peoples can earn a lot of wealth because of there knowledge. They learn the religion; they practice the religion and also, they preach the religion over the seas.

Jupiter aspect to the 6th house from this position, the sixth house is related to obstacles, enemies, and legal matters. In this position, these persons defeat their enemies with their knowledge and wisdom. In the last aspect of the 10th house, this house is related to career and profession. Career-related to law and education is suits them.
Aspects of the 8th house make the person interested in the occult and hidden knowledge and mysticism.

Jupiter in different houses — third house

The third house is related to Short distance travel, skills and hobbies, inner courage, things related to business, information and communication skills, marketing skills, and younger siblings.
This position makes a person a sweet communicator. The third house is related to communication and Jupiter is related to knowledge and wisdom. So, this position indicates a person who can communicate really well with his great knowledge. They can be preacher or salesman because they can easily convince others.

They can become good businessmen but because Jupiter is in the Upachaya house so these peoples can’t get much success in early life. But they will easily be settled after the age of 35-40.
Aspects of the seventh house show some struggle in marriage life, so these peoples have to work on their relationship.
Opposition to the 9th house shows that they can go against their gurus or teachers some time.

The last aspects of the 11th house show a very social person, who has lots of friends, they have a large network circle. They will be lucky in accumulation wealth. The best result of this aspect can be seen after the age of 35.

Jupiter in different houses — fourth house

The fourth house is related to home, mother, vehicles, property, peace of mind, homeland, and school friends.

The fourth house is the natural house of cancer, cancer is an exalted sign for Jupiter. So here Jupiter gives its best results, it also depends if Jupiter is in 4th house and also in cancer sign. Jupiter gives lots of property, lands, houses, luxury vehicles, and wealth. The person will be highly attached to their mother. A person may get his early education from their mother too.
Jupiter aspects to the 8th house show the person will get benefits from his in-laws, they can get in-laws property or assets. These people learn occult things in their childhood.

Jupiter in different houses — 5th house

The fifth house is related to intelligence, stack market, education, romance, kids, sports, creation and innovation, gambling, and happiness.
This house is related to knowledge and Jupiter is also related to knowledge and wisdom. So, this position gives dual-energy to the person, they can achieve their educational goals very easily. They can get a good degree without many efforts. These peoples are natural gurus and highly educated. They travel to foreign places to learn more and more. It also indicates that they get a doctorate degree from any well-reputed foreign university.

This position makes a personal guru of gurus. They will be more prosperous than their teachers or gurus.
Aspects of the 9th house show higher education. And aspects of the 11th house is opposition, so these peoples can hide their knowledge from their friends. It also shows the gain of wealth with the help of knowledge.

Jupiter in different houses — 6th house

The sixth house is also called dushtana house and also the Upachaya house. This house is related to enemies, legal issues, obstacles, debts, routine life, disputes, colleagues, and diseases.
This placement of Jupiter makes a person very good in the law field. They can become very good judges and lawyers. Here a person can use his knowledge and wisdom to solve all kinds of legal disputes and other matters. This position also shows a teacher or professor in the law field. His colleagues or co-workers treat him like a guru or teacher. These people can get success in the second half of life because the 6th house is a Upachaya house. So, it’s better to wait for a good time.

Aspects of the 10th house indicated to find the right path in early life. In many cases, these peoples have to face trouble choosing the best career for them. So, they should work on it to become successful.

Jupiter in different houses — 7th house

The seventh house is related to Spouse, marriage, partnerships, marital happiness, and market place.
This is the best position of Jupiter for girls, in this position girls feel relaxed and blessed. The partner has a very balanced nature. Spouse has great knowledge and wisdom and they work as guidance for their partner. This placement of Jupiter makes a person a good businessman because the 7th house is related to business and partnerships and Jupiter is related to wealth. So, people can earn a lot of wealth from business.

Aspects of the 11th house indicate to be careful about gains. They must try to learn how to increase and save their wealth.
Aspects of the Lagna/ first house/ rising sign indicate that the person will be recognized because of his/her great knowledge and wisdom.
And the last aspect of the thirds house shows the person to put their efforts in the right areas and choose the right direction as soon as possible.

Jupiter in 8th house

8th house related to death, re-birth, in-laws, secrecy, occult or hidden things or knowledge, shared properties, or wealth with spouse and transformation.
8th house is related to occult and hidden things, so this position makes a person occult practitioner, magician, astrology or healer. This position of Jupiter indicates that the person will get a lot of benefits from his/her in-law like wealth, assets, property.
This placement of Jupiter shows a spiritual healer. These peoples are gifted by birth and they mostly use their gifts in positive ways to the welfare of mankind.

Aspects of the 12th house indicate that the person will be charitable. He/she will donate a lot of money for the welfare of others.
The next aspect is the 2nd house shows that the person has very spiritual and wise speech which will make able a person earn a lot of wealth from religion or spirituality. The family of the person will also be very religious and wealthy.
The aspect of the 4th house shows that person has to learn about mental relaxation and peace.

Jupiter in 9th house

The ninth house is related to philosophy, religion, and beliefs, teachers and gurus, knowledge and wisdom, spirituality, house of fortune, law, and faith
The 9th house is the natural house of Sagittarius, so it is the own house of Jupiter. Here Jupiter increases its power and energy, it is stronger than any other house. This placement makes them highly knowledgeable and mentor. These peoples have their own belief system and they follow it blindly. They love to learn about all religions, no matter what religion they belong to or follow.

They love to travel over the seas and learn about all traditions and religions. These peoples have a lot of knowledge about other religions too. This position also shows a highly educated and skilled person.
The aspect of the first house shows that they have to work on themselves and know about real things about them.
The next aspect is to 3rd house makes these peoples highly competent in marketing or any field related to communication like a salesman, business, etc. Sometimes they become business gurus and share their experience and knowledge with other peoples.
The aspect of the 5th house indicates that these people have to focus on their self-education.

Jupiter in 10th house

10th house is related to government, king, self-esteem, ego, career, father, top position and higher authorities
This position of Jupiter makes a person a leader, CEO, or the boss of a company. These peoples are very wise and highly educated. In their workplace or offices, their colleagues or subordinates always ask them for advice and valuable suggestions. This placement of guru indicates getting wealth from the father or career.

These peoples are true fundamentalists and always impose their thoughts and beliefs on others. They should avoid this for a better career. These peoples are very intellectual.
Jupiter’s aspect of the 2nd house warns them to learn how to handle financial matters and family together.
Aspects of the 4th house make a person owner of houses and vehicles. This position also shows work from home.
The last aspect of Jupiter from the 10th house is to 6th house indicate daily routine work and trouble from enemies. These peoples have to select the right profession for them.

Jupiter in 11th house

11th house is the house of gains, it is also related to income, elder siblings, social circle, friends, income, earning, huge and large companies and firms.
Jupiter in the eleventh house makes a person entrepreneur because Jupiter is the planet of wealth and 11th house is related to gains from social and network circles. These peoples gain and earn from entrepreneurship. This placement makes a person highly rich and wealthy. The result can be seen in Jupiter’s maha or antardasha.

Aspects of 3rd house show that the person will be successful in marketing or telecommunication.
The next aspect of the 5th house indicates gain from educational organizations or professions. These people can become the owner or organizer of educational institutes. This position makes a person a risk-taker and courageous businessman.
These peoples have to set higher goals to achieve to serve humanity.

Jupiter in 12th house

12th house represents foreign lands, losses, expenses, hospitals, jails, isolation, and Asylums.
House of spirituality and foreign lands, when the planet of blessings and spirituality comes in this house it indicates the hidden secrets, occult knowledge, and rare talents. These peoples are highly spiritual and become a healer, meditator, or psychic medium in the second half of life. They are true mentors; they learn a lot and they teach a lot. These peoples share their experiences with peoples. Their peace of mind is hidden in spirituality and meditation.

Aspects of the 4th house show isolation at home. These peoples mostly stay at home and practice spirituality and meditation.
The next aspect is to 6th house indicates the person who is always ready to solve other problems and disputes.
The last aspect of Jupiter is to 8th house indicates some problems from the mystical side, so they have to work on it.

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