Best Foods for Spiritual Awakening

Does our diet effect on spiritual awakening?

Many peoples are curious to know about this. In a daily routine, a lot of peoples ask me what are the best foods for spiritual awakening? And how does diet affects our spiritual awakening? These are good questions, because like everything food is most important. Doctors suggest some good foods/soul food in every disease and also tell us to avoid some foods. in this article, I’ll try to explain the best foods for spiritual awakening and what are foods you should avoid on your spiritual journey.

Peoples do lots of meditation and healing for awakening but don’t control their diet. And it is the biggest mistake. For Example, if a person has a stomach pain because of gastric problem, he visits the doctor and doctor give him some tablet, capsule, or syrup for acidity relief. But when he reached home, he eats spicy and oily foods, then take medicine, what do you think the medicine will work or not? Obviously, the answer is NO. Because precautions are the most important than medicine. The doctor gives him the medicine to reduce his stomach acids but he uses the food which increases its stomach acids, so how will the medicine work.

Spirituality awakening process is just like that. We must use a normal and simple diet to keep us relax and comfortable. We must use the foods that can fulfill the energy requirements of our body and keep us healthy and active.

Water and Fluids

Water and other fluids are very important for a healthy diet. Drink water, juices, milk, or eat the things which have a lot of water are really helpful in spiritual awakening. It can help us to raise our energetic frequencies. Fresh fruits like Orange, apple, banana, watermelon, strawberry, pineapple, etc. And green vegetables can make the digestive system fast and keep you relax and comfortable.

On the other hand, oily and spicy foods, dried fruits, nuts, alcohol, meat, coffee, and the things that have a lot of sugar can make your diet slowly. These things can make your diet slow and will make you uncomfortable. And you can’t focus on your meditation. These things can also reduce the energy level and make you lazy.

Healthy Fats

Healthy fats are a very important part of the diet. The fats we got from plants are essential to a spiritually-motivated diet. Avocado, plant-based oils like Sunflower oil, palm oil, and nut-based oils like peanut oil, almond oil are great sources of fat. Coconut and coconut oil, hemp seeds, and pumpkin seeds all contain healthy fats. Your brain and body need healthy fat to compute and have energy and don’t get enough healthy fat, you’ll find yourself fatigued and foggy. Most of the people think that all of their energy comes from protein, they often don’t know they actually need more healthy fat.


Protein is also very important in our daily diet. We can get protein from many sources. Mostly animal sources of protein are such as fish, meat, eggs, poultry, and dairy deliver all the amino acids that our body needs. The plant-based protein sources are such as beans, grains, vegetables, and nuts often lack one or more of the necessary amino acids.

There are non-toxic forms of protein located in vegetation. All plant life has some protein, agree with it or not! Rice is 4% protein and quinoa is 14%. The maximum stage of protein is without a doubt located in spinach! You can also get protein from inexperienced peas, beans, nuts, tofu, and mushrooms. It’s crucial to reduce out bad processed meals and meals that have a long aspect list with strange gadgets you can’t pronounce. Those items strain your filter organs so that they have a tougher time removing hormones from your body, that may throw off your emotional balance and decrease your frequency.

Healthy Herbs

There are so many tremendous herbs that assist ascension, intuition and awakening.

Fresh herbs and herbal teas have this type of sturdy and powerful vibration themselves, so use your intuition to guide you to the right herb at the proper time.

Herbs assist you to enlarge your consciousness, heal your body, enhance your psychic capabilities and raise the frequency of your vibration. In fact, herbs are super at helping you to transport through into a better stage of consciousness.

Spiritual Nutrition: Eating to Nourish the Chakras

Root Chakra

Root chakra color is red. Red food are good for this chakra, Like cherries, grapes, beets, strawberries and meat.

Sacral or Polarity Chakra

Sacral or Polarity Chakra color is orange. Orange color foods, such as yams, salmon, sweet potatoes, papaya, and wheat are good for this chakra.

Solar Chakra

The solar chakra color is yellow. Yellow color foods, especially corn, also grapefruit, and squashes are the best foods for spiritual awakening for this chakra and can make it strong.

Heart Chakra

Heart chakra color is green. Green color foods are good for heart chakra, such as green vegetables and fresh fruits and sauces.

Throat Chakra

The throat chakra color is blue. Blue color foods, such as berries, as well as all spices, which stimulate the mouth, are the best foods for spiritual awakening and throat chakra.

Third Eye Chakra

Third eye chakra color is purple. Purple color foods, such as grapes, and vision-inducing substances like wine, tobacco, and organic cocoa are helpful to make this chakra strong and clear.

Crown Chakra

The Crown chakra color is white. White color foods, such as parsnips, white asparagus, and fish; ceremonial substances like wormwood (used in absinthe), kava, salvia, wine and bread (as in communion); sacred herbs, including sage and lemongrass are really best foods for spiritual awakening for this chakra.


These foods can help you to connect with the higher dimensions and make you spiritually strong. But not only foods can make you spiritual, but you should also use meditation and healing and use this diet with the meditation. I hope you will connect with a higher dimension with less struggle. Spiritual awakening is a painful process and many peoples leave it at the start. So, think with the cold mind before starting your spiritual journey. You can join me on my Facebook page if you need my help. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about this article in the comments. I’ll apricate your suggestions and reviews. Stay Blessed 😊

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