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Types of Boobs and their Spiritual Meaning

How Many Types of Boobs and What They Tell Us About Someone’s Personality and Relationship?

Everybody realizes that boobs can be either huge or little, yet did you likewise realize that they can be lopsided, chime molded, or side set? There’s a possibility you don’t have the foggiest idea what a portion of those words mean with regards to figuring out what types of boobs you have, and it would seem there are a lot more descriptors past the size.

There are words to portray nipple position, where precisely your boobs sit on your chest, and what course your boobs even face when they’re out in the wild (otherwise known as not in a bra).

Would you have at any point speculated that there are Nine unique kinds of boobs on the planet?! Indeed, concurring Expert’s breast shape word reference, ladies have one of nine unique arrangements of breasts.

All boobs (and nipples) are absolutely typical, however, distinguishing your careful shape can think that you are the best bras for your shape. Furthermore, Experts additionally suggest the most fitting styles for each breast shape. Here are the nine sorts of boobs on the planet…

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types of boobs asymmetric
type of boobs

This alludes to sets of boobs where one is bigger (or more modest) than the other. Push-up bras with removable cushions would most likely work best, as you can level out your breasts by eliminating or adding cushions.

Meanings: Asymmetric boobs shows different mindset. The girls who have these types of boobs are difficult to deal with. They always think differently from their partner. These girls always try to be dominant on their partners.


type of boobs

In the event that you were pondering, you don’t need to be an exceptional competitor to have athletic boobs. These breasts are more extensive, stronger looking, and have less tissue. A remote bra is ideally suited for more extensive boobs — it’ll give solace and backing!

Meanings: These girls have a strong and active body but they do have not many sexual desires. They are mostly feeling cold in a relationship. They don’t want a lot of sexual relations and always try to maintain their physique.


east west
types of boobs

Likewise, that your nipples point in inverse ways outward, you most likely have east-west breasts. Third Love suggests push-up bras, as they will help accumulate your breasts to the front of your chest.

Meanings: These girls have no compatibility with their partners. They always dislike the things that their partner likes.



For the casual kind, your boobs ordinarily hang downwards and have remiss tissue. However, a T-shirt or push-up bra will give your young ladies a little lift, it’s absolutely fine to embrace your boobs as they are.

Meanings: These types of boobs can be mostly seen in married girls, who are have no more desire for any other relationship. They are chaste and faithful to their partner.

Bell Shape

types of boobs bell shape

Chime shape breasts are slenderer at the top and fuller at the base. As anyone might expect, they look like chimes! A comfortable, lifting T-shirt bra would turn out best for your shape.

Meaning: This can be easily seen in mothers. Ladies who use to feed their kids by themselves. These ladies have a smooth relationship mostly, but sometimes they can cheat their partner also for someone else.


types of boobs slender
types of boobs

Having a thin shape doesn’t really imply that you wear a more modest cup size. It simply implies that your boobs are on the slenderer side — they likely don’t take up your whole chest. Bras with a profound dive can help assemble your breasts towards the middle.

Meanings: A teenager who has many boyfriends. She loves to date but is not interested in lots of physical relations.

Side Set

type of boobs

Your boobs can be called side set in the event that you have a little space between your breasts. A front-close bra — one that affixes toward the front — would be great for your breast type!

Meanings: These girls may have extramarital relationships. They love to be physical with different people.


type of boobs

Similarly, as you would expect, round boobies are the sort that is completely roundabout, and equivalent at the top and lower part of the breasts. Fortunate for you, you can basically pull off any style of a bra with this shape.

Meanings: A fertile lady who loves kids. She likes to build a family and look after them her whole life.

Tear Drop

 tear drop
types of boobs

Like round breasts, the teardrop shape is roundabout, yet your boobies are somewhat less full at the top. You can likewise shake any style in the event that you have this sort!

Meanings: A sad lady who had lots of physical relations but all guys cheated on her and use her physically for their own desires.


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