Remedies For Weak Planets in Astrology

Ill and Negative Planetary Impacts

In this article, we will talk about some Astrological remedies by which you can beat the terrible planetary impacts in your Horoscope. These remedies will help you physically, mentally and spiritually.

As far as Astrology, planets assume a significant part in forming the life of a person. The position of planets in our Horoscope some way or another affects over lives and furthermore decides our future imminent. Truth be told, the entire situation of our life relies upon the position of planets. In the event that a planet is all around set in our Horoscope, the outcomes will be positive. Then again, if a planet is frail or gravely positioned, it will influence our carries on in a negative manner.

As per Vedic Astrology, when the planet is situated well in the birth graph of an individual, it is known as a Good planet or Benefic Planet. While severely situated planets are called as Malefic. Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus are considered as Benefic Planets. While Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are unfavorable planets.

Planets are put in certain terrible houses, for example, sixth, eighth, twelfth, it additionally gives negative outcomes.

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Remedies for Sun

The strong Sun is the significator of our Soul. It is regularly called the King of the apparent multitude of planets. The awful situation of Sun in the birth outline of individual outcomes in lethargy, general body torment, salivation emission, and issues in finding an administration line of work. The best solutions for make your Sun solid are:

  • Spend some time in Sun-Light every day, it assists with satisfying the might Sun

  • Continuously start your day by eating something sweet and drinking water

  • Drench Jaggery and wheat in the streaming in any event once in seven days

  • Maintain a strategic distance from the admission of salt particularly on Sundays

  • Wearing Ruby Gemstone is enthusiastically suggested

  • Do Some Special Prayers and Donations on Sunday.

Remedies for Moon

Moon is the planet of the brain and feelings. It is answerable for all the state of mind changes in an individual. In any case, the terrible arrangement of the Moon brings about Mental disease, disposition swings, absence of interest in busy, issues in adoration life, fight among relatives. The best solutions for disposing of terrible planetary impacts of Moon are:

  • Keep up great associations with relatives particularly your mom i.e do nothing against her desire

  • Devouring Milk in silver utensils assists with disposing of the terrible impacts of Moon

  • Do Some Special Prayers and Donations on Monday.

  • Continuously wear white garments on Mondays

  • Wearing Pearl Gemstone is exceptionally gainful

  • Keep a glass loaded with water close to your head around evening time during rest.

Remedies for Mars

The Red-hot Mars is the planet of energy and fortitude. It is regularly called as Commander-In-Chief of the heavenly bodies. Malefic Mars can offer ascent to knee torment, ill-advised course of blood, dark circles around eyes, unpredictable feminine cycle, crimes. Best solutions for make your Mars Benefic are:

  • Do Some Special Prayers and Donations on Tuesday.

  • Keep quick on Tuesdays

  • Wearing Red Coral Gemstone is energetically suggested

  • Give some food to the poor each day in a copper vessel

  • Submerge Jaggery in the streaming water

  • Continuously convey a Red shading tissue or napkin.

Remedies for Mercury

Mercury is a young planet that rules over your insight, aptitudes, and intelligence. Terrible situation of the Mercury brings about teeth related issues, a decline in sexual propensity, feeble sensory system, issues in discourse and correspondence. To defeat the awful planetary impacts of Mercury, follow these cures:

  • Do Some Special Prayers and Donations on Wednesday.

  • Feed animals with green grass or grub

  • Give milk and rice to any sanctuary close by

  • Wearing Emerald Gemstone is strongly suggested

  • Give blessings to the unmarried young ladies

  • Keep up great relations with your cousins and kin

  • Solutions for planets and their belongings

Remedies for Jupiter

Jupiter is Guru and speaks to educators, training, and getting a handle on capacities. On the off chance that Jupiter is available in the sixth, eighth, or twelfth houses, it can cause a negative effect on the locals who may need to confront a few troubles. You may confront an immense misfortune in business, regular hair fall, issues in marriage, and so forth the best solutions for make your Sun solid are:

  • Do Some Special Prayers and Donations on Thursday.

  • Don saffron or yellow-shaded garments on Thursdays

  • Apply a combination of saffron and turmeric glue on your brow.

  • Wearing Yellow Sapphire Gemstone is strongly suggested

  • Love Greenery consistently

  • Eat yellow shaded natural products particularly Bananas

  • Wear a strong gold neck.

Remedies for Venus

Venus speaks to magnificence, delight, sentiment and furthermore a significator of connections. In any case, if your Venus is feeble you may confront issues with your significant other, skin illnesses, issues in rest, low sperm check, diabetes, and so on To make your Venus solid, here are not many solutions for you:

  • Do Some Special Prayers and Donations on Friday.

  • Burn-through more Ghee and Amla

  • Give a bovine in good cause.

  • Continuously keep a coin in your pocket

  • Attempt to keep up a decent connection with your life partner.

  • Wear clean white garments

Remedies for Saturn

Saturn or Shani is the God of Karma that speaks to train and difficult work. Notwithstanding, the combination of Saturn with Sun makes plenty of issues in your day to day existence. Malefic Saturn can cause mishaps, successive hair fall, disease and weight reduction, quick maturing, misfortune in business. A few solutions for disposing of terrible planetary impacts of Saturn are:

  • Do Some Special Prayers and Donations on Saturday.

  • Feed the feathered creatures with water or some light nourishment for 21 days

  • Pour mustard oil or liquor on the floor in the first part of the day after dawn or nightfall.

  • Totally try not to eat non-veggie lover

  • Generally, wear dull green garments

  • Try not to drink milk during the evenings.

Remedies for Rahu

In Vedic Astrology, Rahu is considered as the shadow planet and it advances an individual towards all the virtual and realist stuff. Nonetheless, if Rahu is Malefic it advances squabbles at the working environment, restless evenings, issues in adoration life, loss of work. Some Astrological solutions for conquering the awful planetary impacts of Rahu are:

  • Do Some Special Prayers and Donations on Saturday.

  • Love God to elegance Rahu

  • Hold sugar in your sack under your pad when resting.

  • Wear dull blue shaded garments generally

  • Continuously blend some milk into the water each time you wash up

  • Give some food to the poor on the silver plate each day

Remedies for Ketu

Ketu is the second shadow planet after Rahu and speaks to otherworldliness, inspiration, contemplation, and benevolence. Be that as it may, Malefic Ketu can make torment in knees, stones in kidneys, urinal issues, absence of confidence in religion, and so forth Best Astrological solutions for Ketu are:

Give white and dark cover made of fleece in a strict site or sanctuary.

  • Love GOD and Prophets. 

  • Give sweet food to vagrants

  • Sport Yellow or Lemon shaded garments

  • Eat food generally on silver plates

  • Do Some Special Prayers and Donations on Tuesday.

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