Phases of the Spiritual Journey: Complete Guide About Spiritual Journey

Five Phases of the Spiritual Journey

Generally talking, there are around five phases of the Spiritual Journey. I allude to these as ‘Phases’ and not stages on the grounds that the Spiritual Journey is definitely not a straight interaction that has a beginning and end: it is recurrent.

It resembles the moon. It’s a spiraling dance of energy that is consistently developing and evolving.

Here are the five phases. We’ve additionally connected to the different ‘parts of each stage that we’ve both remarkably found and characterized after numerous years on the way:

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1. Soul Finding

This stage is separated into the accompanying two sections.

  1. The Spiritual Calling

  2. Opposing the Path


Phase one of the Spiritual Journey starts with a profound needing and yearning for something more than unremarkable everyday life.

There might be a feeling that life has gotten a dry, ruined, pointless, and fruitless no man’s land without some sort of otherworldly measurement. This kind of existential emergency can emerge unexpectedly, because of a horrendous circumstance, mental or actual medical problems, or basically because of one’s touchy personality.

The outcome is a quest for importance, reason, and more noteworthy profound association – for sure is regularly known as soul finding.

Phases of the Spiritual Journey 2

2. Spiritual Awakening and Learning

This stage is isolated into the accompanying two sections.

  1. Discovering Guidance

  2. Beginning the Journey


Awakening and learning is the following period of the Spiritual Journey. Whenever one has paid attention to the ‘call to experience’ and has started looking for answers, the feeling of inward deadness and stagnation lifts.

The cloak is pulled from our eyes. We stir to new conceivable outcomes, new skylines, and profound bits of knowledge. There is restored trust, overjoyed get-up-and-go, upbeat expectation, and the enthusiasm to learn, investigate, and develop.

Maybe the sun has at long last risen up out of its sleep and we’re washed in the unfolding light of otherworldly arousing.

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3. Death and Evil Presences / Demons

This stage is separated into the accompanying two sections.

  1. Turning Inwards

  2. Confronting the Darkness


As our Spiritual Journey develops, we in the end face a junction. To keep developing, we should enter through the entryways of our own Underworld and face our evil spirits. We discover that the Spiritual Journey is delightful, yes.

But at the same time, it’s requesting. In case we’re genuine about true profound development, we need to enlighten our inward haziness, investigate our shadow selves, and recuperate our covered injuries. This passing of the otherworldly ‘high’ of the past stage can prompt a lot of dread and disarray.

The outcome is regularly an encounter of the Dark Night of the Soul where we get out of the ‘daylight and rainbows’ reality into the twilight universe of phantoms and devils.

Phases of the Spiritual Journey

4. Rebirth and Reward

This stage is isolated into the accompanying two sections.

  1. Illumination

  2. Traps and Pitfalls


Eventually, we arise out of the opposite side of the Dark Night of the Soul. We have been through the wringer – we’ve had our hearts torn open and psyches exhumed.

Yet, we emerge triumphant with Souls blasting brilliant and recently discovered inward strength. This resurrection and award frequently bring about recently discovered clearness, mysterious encounters, snapshots of Satori (Enlightened mindfulness), and the turn of events or rediscovery of different profound gifts.

We go through another degree of enlivening, this time at an enthusiastic level by means of an encounter known as the Kundalini awakening. Notwithstanding, this experience isn’t all adoration and light. There are many sneaking shadows and profound snares to be careful about.

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5. Enlightenment and Sharing

This stage is partitioned into the accompanying two sections.

  1. Integration

  2. Rebirth


After the body, heart, and brain go through this purifying and cleansing excursion, a more profound degree of Illumination is capable. We start to incorporate every one of the exercises we’ve learned and gifts we’ve created, bringing them into our day-by-day lives.

This is the second where we really begin strolling the discussion. All things considered, there is a powerful urge inside us to share our own ‘mixture’ and hard-procured astuteness with the individuals who need support.

We might take on the job of educator, guide, or tutor – or something else, embrace better approaches for helping other people. Maybe the key characterizing nature of this stage is a solid association with one’s True Nature. There’s a cozy, internal knowing about the Divine as one’s actual face, real pith, and extreme home.

Once more, the over five phases are in no way, shape, or form direct or static. They are recurrent and consistently extending. This is the idea of life where we bit by bit find that we are Life itself.

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