Divisional Charts: How Can We Predict Divisional Astrology Charts

Divisional Charts in Astrology

For a definite examination of the horoscope, we need to consider the Divisional Charts. These are read for two purposes. Right off the bat, we study them to see the quality of a planet by watching its arrangement in different divisions. In the event that it is put in its own sign, its mooltrikona sign, or its commendation sign in a large portion of the divisions, it is treated as solid. Its situation in the vast majority of the divisions in its indication of incapacitation renders it feeble.

A planet which is feeble in the natal chart doesn’t improve its situation by possessing benefit, worship, or own sign in the divisions. Be that as it may, wearing a gemstone in a properly chosen propitious time can reinforce those planets, which are frail however practically positive for an individual.

The Divisional Charts in Astrology accept incredible and bigger significance for horoscope examination as per the Vedic framework. The Divisional Chart is additionally called a Varga Chart. The credit for the achievement of Vedic crystal gazing overall different frameworks accessible in the current world goes in no little measures to the arrangement of symphonious Vargas or Divisional Charts.

Types of Divisional Charts

The Vargas holds the way to forecasts and portraying a horoscope for an exhaustive investigation. in the event that the benefic planet is lifted up in the Natal Chart (D-1) however, weakened in the separate Divisional Chart neglects to give any beneficial outcome in regard to the implication spoke to by the planet concerned.

For Example, if the leader of the tenth house is magnified in a Natal Chart (D-1) and any crystal gazer without examining the applicable Varga Chart has anticipated that you have incredible karma as to your calling, such expectation in everything is probably going to fall flat and misinforming for you if a similar planet is crippled in D-10 outline (Dasamasa diagram).

The examination of Kundli made by the only based on Natal Chart (D-1) as can be seen in the vast majority of the cases. The skipping of Divisional Charts in horoscope investigation or without having exhaustive and sufficient information on Divisional Charts with respect to a stargazer may prompt wrong expectations.

Most importantly, the birth-information ought to be right for investigation of any Divisional Chart. In D-charts we consider the investigation of position changing with a distinction of even one moment in the hour of birth.

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As there is each chance of some measure of blunder in recording the hour of birth even in situations where most extreme consideration has been taken to record the right season of birth, it is basic that Divisional Chart examination is taken up just up to (D-XII). Horoscope investigation is done through the natal chart and the quality of the planets is learned in the Divisional Charts.

In the event that the ascendant of the Divisional Chart contains a mooltrikona sign, the equivalent turns into an extra factor for thought in horoscope investigation. For divisional investigation past (D-XII) just the situation of master of the comparing houses and the regular significator planets ought to be considered in the concerned D outlines. The ascendant just as its master in the Divisional Charts past D-XII could end up being untrustworthy.

The longitudes of ascendant and planets ought to be accurately turned out to be alongside Divisional Charts.

D-1RasiPhysical Matters, Body and All type of General Matters
D-2HoraFamily, Wealth, and Speech
D-3DrekanaCourage, Siblings, Strength, and nature
D-4ChaturthamsaFortune, Mother, Home, Fixed Assets, and Property
D-7SaptamsaLove Life, Sex, Kids, Progeny, and Intelligence
D-9NavamsaSpouse, Marriage, Religion, Luck, Relationships, and Marriage life
D-10DasamsaSuccess in Career, Profession, Status in Society, Demotion and Honour
D-12DavadasmsaParents and Ancestors
D-16ShodasamsaMoveable Assets, Vehicles, Comforts, Happiness, and Travel
D-20VimsamsaInterest in Spirituality and other Spiritual Services
D-24ChaturvimsamsaEducation, Academic, Learning Process and Achievement in Education
D-27SaptavimsamsaPhysical Strength and Weakness
D-30TrimsamsaIllness, Badluck, Failure, and Evil things
D-40KhavedamsaMaternal Wealth and Property, Auspicious things in life
D-45AkshavedamsaPaternal Wealth and Property
D-60ShastamsaKarma and Past Life

What is Vargas?

The zodiac is comprising of 360 degrees or separated into 12 indications of around 30 degrees each. Each sign is additionally partitioned into a number of commonly equivalent divisions, wherein the situation of every planet is planned in each Amsa (Vargas/Divisions) likewise. These are called Divisional Charts (D-Charts) or Vargas. Each Varga speaks to a particular part of a local’s life, similar to riches, instruction, marriage, relationships, kids, calling, and so forth. Maharishi Parashar says that Lord Brahma has portrayed 16 sorts of divisions (Vargas) for each sign. These are –

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Rashi Chart (30 degrees)

D-1 is the essential outline from where horoscopic investigation of predetermination starts. This diagram shows the physical body and its related exercises. The other Divisional Charts are sub-divisions of this chart.

Hora Chart (15 degrees)

D-2 diagram manages riches, food, cash matters. This chart helps in understanding the riches position and money related issues of a local. Male planets in the Sun’s Hora are taken as gainful while female planets are powerful in the Moon’s Hora. In the event that most extreme planets are in the Sun’s Hora, it is said that the local procure cash because of difficult work however the quantum of riches might be generally excellent. On the off chance that Moons Hora prevails, the gaining will be generally simple. Notwithstanding, this is dependent upon the Dhana yoga shaped in the horoscope.

Dreshkanna (10 degrees)

D-3 chart shows about Co-conceived (sibling, sister). This diagram is significant for the life span examination. Planets falling in 22nd Dreshkona, Sarpa Dreshkona, and Phasha Dreshkona are not viewed as useful for the local and his wellbeing.

Chathurthamsa or Turyeeamsa (7 degrees 30′)

D-4 Chart shows the home, fortune, generally joy, fixed resources, property both as property and common connections

Saptamsa (4degree 17′ 8″.57)

D-7 Chart shows procreative force. Offspring related issues are seen from this chart.

Navamsa or Dharmamsa (3 degree 20′)

D-9 chart is generally significant in prescient Astrology. Its correlative chart to the birth outline wherein planetary quality is evaluated. A magnified planet in the birth chart (on the off chance that it weakens in the Navamsha) may not give awesome outcomes or its belongings can get weakened. In any case, a planet getting enabled in D-9 by getting vargottama or by getting magnified will give great outcomes.

This chart shows about marriage, mate, accomplices, and abilities of the local. In Vedic Predictive Astrology, D-9 Chart is said basically to counsel for the precise forecast. The master of 64th Navamsha from the Moon turns out to be exceptionally significant for the estimation of Longevity and the Maraka dasa.

Dasamsa or Swargamsa (3 degree)

D-10 chart specifies “Mahat Phalam” for example the outcome which shows the standing and status of the local in the public eye because of the cooperation of destiny and activity. Ordinarily, this outline is counseled for getting clear thought regarding Career, Profession, Occupation, Work, and so on. The condition and the strength of the tenth house lord of the birth outline is significant here. Aside from that the Rashi ascending in the tenth place of this divisional chart and the effect on the tenth house has likewise to be thought of, to pass judgment on the calling and any expert development or fall of the local.

Dwadasamsa or Suryamsa (2 degree 30′)

D-12 Chart shows about Parents, their prosperity, wellbeing, life span. In this chart, Sun speaks to the father and Moon speaks to the mother. Effect on the fourth, ninth, and tenth additionally ought to be considered. The Lord of the 88th Dwadashamsha is significant in life span investigation. This diagram likewise is said to uncover whether an individual acquires an illness from his folks.

Shodasamsa or Kalamsa (1 degree 52’30”)

D-16 o Chart shows about Vehicles, Conveyance, Luxuries, Happiness, Accident from Vehicle, Inner quality of the character. In this chart, Venus, 4H, and 4L are to be. Malefic impact on these variables shows stress from Vehicles and so forth.

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Vimsamsa (1 degree 30′)

D-20 Chart tells about Spiritualism and progress in this field, love of divinity, inclining towards a specific organization.

Chaturvimamsa or Siddhamsa – (1 degree 15′)

D-24 Chart is seen for picking up the thought of Education, Learning, accomplishment in rivalry, and so forth.

Bhamsa or Nakshatramsa or Saptavisamsa (1 degree 6’40”)

D-27 Chart shows the general physical and inward quality and shortcoming of local.

Trimsamsa (1 degree)

D-30 chart is counseled to learn the challenges, indecencies, and agonies coming through mishappenings and infections for a specific local. This chart shows the tendency of common qualities dependent on Trigunas – Swatic, Rajas, and Tamas.

Chatvarimsamsa or Khavedamsa or Swavedamsa (45′)

D-40 chart by and large demonstrates the promising and foreboding impacts of horoscope. Matrilineal inheritance is likewise observed from this chart.

Akashvedamsa (40′)

D-45 Chart shows the character of the local. Fatherly heritage is additionally observed in this chart.

Shastiamsha (30′)

D-60 Chart shows Past Karma, reimbursement of deeds of the previous existences. D-1 and D-60 are reciprocal to one another. D-1 chart show when and D-60 explain why occasions occur in the life of the local. Maharishi Parashara has given bunches of significance to this outline and has encouraged us to counsel this chart for each forecast.

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