Cord Cutting

What is Cord Cutting?

Many peoples don’t know about cord-cutting. Peoples think that it is a physical thing but it is not. Today I am going to discuss everything about the cord and I’ll share the methods to cut the cord.

The cord is the energy which we can’t see but we can feel. Cords are basically developed between two persons when they are in a relationship or in love. I have read many different things about cord but according to my research and knowledge cord is an energy and it is an unseen spiritual thing. When two peoples are in love or in a relationship, they exchange their feelings and energy with each other. This exchange of energy may be in different forms.

Many peoples think that we need to cut the cords after breakup or divorce to remove our partner’s energy and thoughts from our minds. But it is a half-truth because not only from the mind. We have to remove it from our chakras, and also it is true that we can’t permanently remove memories inside us. But cord-cutting helps us to keep everything separate in the depths of our chakras.

Cords are concealed vitality ties that interface you to another human, pet, or an article. Vitality ropes can be solid, or unfortunate. For instance, when we experience love, we are “corded”, and on the off chance that it is a sound love connection, at that point, the ties of vitality are viewed as solid, and the vitality will be reflected as light, splendid, regularly white, and shimmery and additionally lively. In any case, on the off chance that the affection is of an addictive nature, at that point, the lines are unfortunate, and might be viewed as dull, thick, thick, or potentially in any case undesirable.

These strings regularly speak to the dread or the antagonistic connection or snare, that we include created inside that relationship to the next individual or some of the time to an item. What’s more, recall, strings speak to a “stream” and the stream moves to and fro between two (or now and then more) spirits. In this way, cord-cutting must be finished such that demonstrations to discharge from all gatherings.

Cord Cutting and Chakras relation

As we know that all of our energy is stored in our spiritual chakras. So, here chakras are work as a mediator. Now I’ll be told you a little bit about all chakra’s role in the cord energy.

Crown Chakra: – When two persons are in a relationship the mental energy which is stored in crown chakras. Crown chakra is related to knowledge and consciousness. So, couples change their wisdom, knowledge, and consciousness with the help of crown chakra.

Third Eye Chakra: – Third eye chakra is related to intuition and lucidity. Here couples can exchange their energy and their spiritual gifts. I have seen in many cases that mostly peoples become more spiritual after the relationship and marriage. But it’s all about compatibility which I’ll share further in this post.

Throat Chakra: – This chakra is related to communication and creativity. Relationship and marriage bring up lots of positive or negative changes in humans. Many peoples are more organized and disciplined after the relationship or some peoples becomes unorganized and undisciplined.

Heart Chakra: – Heart Chakras is related to love, emotions, and feelings. It is the most important chakra in the cord because a person is badly hurt emotionally after the breakup in a relationship. Then they need to cut the cord to remove past memories and overcome the stress and loneliness.

Solar Chakra: – Solar Chakras is related to strength and determination. These days everyone needs a sincere, loving, and caring partner, and everyone wants to give their 100% in the relationship. So, couples do promises to live and spend whole life with each other. this energy is stored in solar chakra.

Sacral Chakra: – Sacral is also a most important chakra in cord and relationship. It is related to kids and physical relationships, sensuality, and pleasure. When couples do sex, they exchange their energy and their energy is stored in the sacral chakra.

Root Chakra: – Root Chakra is the last spiritual chakra. It is related to energy and stability. Some peoples have the ability to absorb positive energy and discharge of negative energy. Root chakra help peoples to get rid of their negative energy.

Why I discuss about chakras in Cord Cutting???

Well, it is a good question. As we all know that all our energy is stored in chakras so when we are in a relationship. We exchange energy every time in different forms like mentally, intuition, communication, emotionally, strengths, or physically. So, chakras have such an important role in the cord.

Why we prefer a Compatible person for a relationship?

We prefer a compatible person for relationships is the base of energy. When two peoples have the same energy, their chakras have no worry to make separate blocks to store another energy. And when the couples are compatible, they have no issues after the breakup because they have no opposite energy stored in their chakras. Energy is stored in the shape of blocks in chakras, chakras have to make different blocks to store different types of energy.

Why do we need to cord-cutting after the breakup?

It is most important to cut cords after the breakup if you plan to move on. Cord-cutting can clear the energy, remove the feelings and emotions from a past relationship and it helps in the future relationship. The peoples who don’t cut cords before starting a new relationship, they will be stressed emotionally and remain unhappy in a new relationship. Their chakras are not able to accept new energy. In case if their chakras accept it they mix-up the energy with the past relationship energies. So, it’s better to cut the cords before starts a new relationship.

How can you cut the cord?

There are several ways to cut the cord. Today I am going to share some easy and effective methods with you which will definitely help you.

It’s critical in the first place a consecrated or clear space, one in which you won’t be upset for 20 – 30 minutes or more. To clear and favor your space, set an aim and envision utilizing either white light vitality to occupy and clear the space or use and consume sage or Angel Wood to favor the space. Make sure you understood and favor any instruments that you are utilizing, for example, precious stones, also. Preceding start, ground yourself, and set a goal to “cut strings” of vitality that are done serving your most prominent great, or the best great of those whom you are “corded” to and wish to clear. It’s critical to build up uprightness and to express that you are taking activities that are helpful for all spirits associated with this procedure. Presently you are prepared to start.

Crystal Wand

This technique is one that I use regularly, and you can do it two different ways. You may utilize a genuine precious stone wand or you can charge your left (or non-prevailing) hand, and use it as though it were a gem blade.

Take your precious stone wand (I have 2 that I love, one is Selenite, a salt-based gem, and the other is Fluorite, calcium fluoride, a halide based gem), or envision the non-predominant hand as a gem blade, and mix or charge it by clearing and gift the gem. At that point set an aim that it be utilized with the end goal of a “mending cord-cutting”. Continuously request help from your holy messengers, aides, and Universal source vitality to assist you with cutting and discharge vitality cords that are not for your most noteworthy great. You can do a body output to feel or observe where the vitality of a string might be associated, or you can do a whole body-line cutting.

To begin with, envision having the individual, pet, or article that you need to “cut cords” with, before you.

Start at the highest point of your head, where your Crown chakra is, and move tenderly descending. Pass the wand before the body right down to the toes to cut the lines that might be connected.

Repeat this three times.
Presently, envision moving to the individual, pet or item before you, and clear the wand down before their body, head to toe. Envision cutting all the lines of low recurrence vitality that are connecting you.

To contend the procedure, envision a light emission descending from above and fixing in the entirety of the recuperating vitality of positive association; the positive stream that you have simply restored. See the vitality shaping an air pocket around you, streaming under your feet, and around your body, and afterward leaving a little opening right over your head for the profound association. Do this to the pet or individual before you too, being mindful so as to consider the to be as discrete.


Scrub and set up the pendulum as in sync 1 above. Tenderly holding your pendulum without moving it, and keeping in mind that your elbow is balanced out, request that the pendulum show you a “yes” on the off chance that it is prepared to “cut cords” with you. In the event that it is prepared and offers you a positive response, at that point continue. If not, you may clear further, and set expectations, or change to another string cutting strategy.

Request that the pendulum helps you by setting up the progression of vitality bearing of the chakras (a few people’s vitality streams clockwise, and some counter-clockwise.) Then request that the pendulum set up a “cutting” course (and it will show you either clockwise turn or counter-clockwise pivot.) Use the “cutting” revolution to cut lines, and afterward utilize the contrary pivot to mend and seal the chakra vitality in the wake of cutting the cords.


Ponder and envision associating with your higher-self. Envision an excellent circle of white light vitality floating over your head, and maneuver the vitality into your body to interface with your higher self. Or on the other hand, you can envision venturing outside of yourself and confronting yourself to the interface. These are two techniques that I use with customers that are compelling. Presently envision calling the higher self of the other individual into a full-length reflect before you.

Tell the higher-self of the individual that you might want to have a solid vitality stream with them. Approach them to pardon you for any past agony or hurt that you may have caused them. Apologize for that or whatever other errors that you may have had. At that point, with the assistance of your Angels, envision clearing your quality’s (the vitality field around your body), and freeing the emanation from any corded vitality. See the strings snapping ceaselessly and disengaging as you clear from head to toe.

You may likewise envision having them either clear their vitality field/atmosphere or potentially hauling the cords out to cut them with a brilliant pair of shears. After you have cut the lines, utilizing white light, envision streaming the light around and through your vitality field to mend and seal in the solid stream that has been restored. At that point envision the cords that have been discarded getting the light emission light, similar to a laser, and see them turning out to be debris and vanishing. Or then again you may utilize a violet “fire” and spot the cords into the fire of violet light. See the lines being devoured by the violet light of the vitality, vanishing.

Archangel Michael

Inside a sacrosanct space, interface with your Angelic Realm and request Archangel Michael to approach to enable you “to cut cords”. Don’t hesitate to utilize your Advanced Reiki Symbol for separation mending to interface with Archangel Michael in the event that you are a professional. Envision the individual, pet, or item before you. Presently, envision Archangel Michael utilizing a “vacuum” like a hose to tidy your body up all things considered.

See the vacuum moving from the highest point of your head to your toes, and clearing all cords multiple times. At that point envision seeing the procedure rehashed with the spirit before you. Lead celestial host, Michael will cut and clear all cords and afterward help you to seal in the mending, solid progression of the vitality inside your body and the body of the individual before you. You can likewise request help from your Guardian Angel, different Archangels that you are lined up with.


For Reiki Practitioners, check your chakras from crown to root, and find any strings. This can feel like a thick vitality, or a cold or problem area, or you may feel particular shivering. Make sure to set your goal that you feel the vitality of the strings before examining. Utilizing your Advanced Distance Symbol, associate with the individual, pet, or item that you need to cut lines with and envision them before you.

Set the aim that the lines be cut for the most elevated and most prominent great of the two gatherings. Once more, you can envision a brilliant pair of shears cutting the lines of low recurrence vitality between you both. Favor the cutting and the spirit before you. See the cords snap and discharge, and as they tumble to the ground, envision a light emission laser light vanishing them, or see them falling into a light purple or violet fire.

Proceed after the line cutting, by utilizing the image for recuperating on both you and the spirit you have cut cords with, and envision fixing the restored progression of solid vitality. Do this for you first, and afterward for the other individual, keeping each “bubble” of vitality for fixing, independent.

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